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spacer FEB 2013
Nanook Reboot: The Little Dog Who Survived Sandy
Hurricane Sandy: Nanook survived Sandy’s giant waves on a second floor with his family. That’s how Kinship Circle came to know the wee Chi-Dachshund, weak and despondent after his ordeal. But in Feb, his person-mom Christy sent images that show Nanook in full reboot! Goofy poses, lap time and love. Though the family still lives in a hotel after Sandy left them homeless… full report
spacer FEB 2013
Kinship Circle Invited To Statewide Animal Emergency Workshop
Hurricane Sandy: Kinship Circle did search-rescue and crisis aid as one of the first animal response groups on the ground. In FEB our Disaster Management Director, Bonnie Morrison, attended a New Jersey Animal Emergency Working Group for officials and responders to brainstorm for animals in future disasters… full report

spacer AUG 2012
Hurricane Isaac - We Are On Standby, With Reports From Ground
Kinship Circle is on standby for Hurricane Isaac animal evacuations and disaster aid. We are monitoring the wide storm, with Disaster Animal Response Team members in key Gulf Coast areas to provide ongoing reports. Isaac is expected to make landfall over Louisiana shores on 8/29/12 — the 7-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina… full report
spacer APR 2012
Indonesia Quakes Stir Tsunami Fears As Far As Thailand
Kinship Circle contacted colleagues in Thailand after an 8.6 earthquake struck Indonesia’s Aceh province, with forceful aftershocks and a second undersea quake that stirred tsunami alerts as far as Thailand. From Nov 2011 to Jan 2012, we worked in Thailand to save animals in epic floods and want to ensure our animal and human friends are okay… full report

spacer NOV 2011
Thailand Floods: Assessment & Resources For Animal Victims
BANGKOK: Worst flood in 75 years. Animals stranded. On rooftops. Adrift in cages. They wait. Rotting skin and pus. Starving. We need funds for trucks, boats and water gear, trained teams, emergency shelter rent, vet and animal care supplies… Your gift to our Animal Disaster Aid Fund helps save them! full report
spacer SEP 2011
Japan Quake-Tsunami: Fate Of Animals Uncertain
Japan government officially stopped quake-tsunami aid on 9-11. But animals remain at risk. Fukushima’s nuclear reactor is still unstable. Radiation zones are still under police blockade. Wind driven hot spots still prompt new evacuations. As long as people cannot return home, animals are stranded. Kinship Circle’s Adrienne Usher in her Sep-Aug trip to Japan… full report
spacer SEP 2011
USA: Flood, Wind And Fire Sweep Eastern Coastal States
Animals are lost in the chaos of Texas wildfires and Northeast U.S. floods. Kinship Circle is monitoring conditions in fire-stricken areas and has offered animal relief to emergency agencies in flooded parts of New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts. Animals remain homeless even as floodwaters recede and fires are 50 percent contained… full report
spacer AUG 2011
Hurricane Irene: Kinship Circle Deploys For Emergency Sheltering
Kinship Circle volunteers and animals are hunkered down for Irene’s hit. We’re in New Jersey to aid animal sheltering operations at an Atlantic County Red Cross shelter, a nearby racetrack serving as an animal shelter…and headed to two Monmouth, NJ evacuee sites with animals. Need quick-deploy volunteers now… full report
spacer AUG 2011
Japan Quake-Tsunami: Animals Left In Nuclear Crisis
Dogs roam. Cats wait along roads. Chickens and cows hang on till our next food drop. A radiation no-go zone is still sealed with animals inside. Individuals recently entered the 20km zone. They went under the government-authorized Veterinary Association for Fukushima Animals. JEARS and Kinship Circle are in touch with VAFA… full report
spacer JUN 2011
Arizona Wildfires
Kinship Circle is monitoring 3 Arizona wildfires for animal impacts and response: Horseshoe Two wildfire in southeastern Arizona; a 30,000-acre blaze near Sierra Vista; a fire in Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest; and a New Mexico blaze. Strong-force winds accelerated all the allegedly human-caused fires… full report
spacer MAY 2011
Joplin, Missouri Tornado
A multiple-vortex EF-5 tornado ripped a wide stretch of Joplin, MO, leaving more than 150 dead. Bonnie Morrison, Kinship Circle Disaster Management Director, is in Joplin for assessment and to offer our assistance for animals. Some displaced people are reclaiming animals. Others without means have temporarily surrendered their companions… full report
spacer APR-MAY 22 2011
Alabama Tornado • IL/KY Floods • Mississippi River Floods
In the aftermath of a devastating tornado, Kinship Circle has convened a standby team to assist with emergency animal sheltering in Tuscaloosa, AL. We are on Alabama VOAD conference calls and in touch with agencies housing abandoned, orphaned or lost animals. Kinship Circle will deploy a team, as needed… full report

spacer JAN 2010
Mass Earthquake Hits Haiti, Animal Responders On Alert
On 1/12/10 a 7.0 earthquake shatters the impoverished Caribbean nation of Haiti, leaving tens of thousands dead. Some 5 million farmed and wild animals are harmed. Companion animals face starvation, wounds, disease… Kinship Circle joins leading animal organizations worldwide to form Animal Relief Coalition Of Haiti (ARCH), a unified response led by… full report

spacer OCT 2009
Floods, Quakes, Tsunamis, Cyclone…In Asia-Pacific
A typhoon, floods, tsunami and earthquake overlap six Asia-Pacific nations, leaving millions displaced and animals stranded or dead across the Philippines, Samoa and Tonga, Indonesia. The Philippines sees its worst floods in 40 years. Parts of Manila are 6 feet underwater. Philippine Animal Welfare Society races to help animals. Elsewhere… full report
spacer SEP 2009
Animal Flood Recovery In Soaked Southeast USA
Kinship Circle is monitoring floods in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, Kentucky and Mississippi. Volunteer staff have contacted emergency agencies to offer support from our disaster animal response network. Rescuers are needed to pull from flood-crowded shelters now, to stop euthanasia… full report
spacer MAY 2009
Santa Barbara Fire — Send Supplies/Donations For Animals
The "Jesusita Fire" in Santa Barbara, Calif. area burns 8,733 acres with 9,625 people affected. An estimated 1,000+ animals are displaced as Santa Barbara Humane Society, County Animal Services, and other groups activate rescue teams and emergency sheltering… full report
spacer MAR 2009
North Dakota: Icy Waters Endanger Thousands Of Animals
Icy floodwaters climb to a record crest of 43 feet, with North Dakota’s Red River expected to crest at about 52 feet. Kinship Circle volunteers are on alert if additional aid is requested. A mix of freezing temperatures, plus Fargo’s worst flood in 100 years, endangers thousands of animals with exposure and drowning… full report
spacer FEB 2009
Victoria Burning: Animals In Deadly Australia Bushfires
As 31 fires burn dry brush, the domestic and wild animal death toll climbs over 1 million. Rescuers prep for the largest disaster operation in regional history. Kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, dogs, cats, goats, horses and more animals are already in emergency care. Sam and Bob, two burned koalas who bonded in rehab, bring hope… full report
spacer JAN 2009
Hamas-Israel War — Animals Caught In The Crossfire
Violence erupts in Gaza, with animals once again caught in Middle East crossfire. Israeli and Arab groups recover them in war zones, where abandonment is epidemic. People leave animals behind to die from thirst, hunger, bombs, bullets. Constant battle elicits the worst in humankind, with acts of animal cruelty on the rise… full report

spacer AUG 2008
From Research Lab To Kindness Ranch…Help Make A Miracle!
Kinship Circle was asked to raise funds so 8 sheep can leave a Calif. laboratory and begin new lives at Kindness Ranch in Wyoming. Please support this miracle by donating to their relocation and care. "Retirement" from animal research usually means death. These "used-up" animals get a second chance… full report
spacer MAY 2008
China Quake, Myanmar Cyclone, Chile Volcano Animal Aid
Int’l animal groups are negotiating with Myanmar’s (formerly Burma) rigid regime to gain access to animals stranded by mass floods from a cyclone. A 7.9 earthquake decimated parts of China, with 50,000 people dead. Animal victims are dually at risk from disaster effects and government culls…
full report
spacer MAY 2008
Santa Cruz Fire: Emergency Aid For California Animals
A wildfire burns over 3,000 acres in Santa Cruz Mountains, California. Wind-whipped flames threaten homes and prompt evacuations. Local animal groups save dogs, cats, rabbits, ducks, chickens, birds, horses…and even displaced fish. As the inferno grows, more animals are expected… full report
spacer MAY 2008
Mother’s Day Tornadoes Hit Missouri, Oklahoma, Georgia
Tornadoes strike midwest and southeast U.S. states over Mother’s Day holiday, leaving at least 23 dead. Joplin, Missouri reports many animals dead, with survivors first emerging from rubble three to four days after the storm. Many have returned to battered homes in search of companion animals, hoping they are alive… full report
spacer APR 2008
Santa Anita Fire Burns Through Brush Near Los Angeles
A wildfire skirts Los Angeles, forcing 1,000 to evacuate in the Sierra Madre area. Lead animal agency Pasadena Humane Society assists evacuees with animals at a Red Cross shelter. Some forced from homes opt to sleep in vehicles with their animals, rather then board them at the Pasadena shelter… full report
spacer FEB 2008
Tennessee: Tornado Tragedy For Animals
Destructive tornadoes tear through Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi and Kentucky — leaving a trail of homeless people and animals. Tennessee bears the brunt, with 31 human fatalities. Area volunteers are on the clock 24/7 for animal search-rescue, but lack of temporary shelter in some areas stalls aid… full report
spacer JAN-FEB 2008
Animals & Bombs • Washington Flood • Mortgage Crisis
Animals in war-torn Lebanon live amid smoke and burning embers. With bombings are on the rise, they need secure homes anywhere around the globe. A home is trashed by owners before a bank forecloses on it. Huddled in the shadows is a recurring victim of the U.S. mortgage crisis: a starving dog left behind… full report
spacer JAN 2008
Crisis For 400 Abused Animals In Los Angeles Area
Some 400 neglected animals are seized from a Lancaster, CA property. A Gentle Barn rescuer: "As we got closer, we saw cages made out of chain link with animals in wretched condition. The stench almost knocked us out. We saw hundreds of little eyes filled with loneliness and heartbreak, begging for help…" full report
spacer JAN 2008
Indiana Floods: Wildlife Groups Reach Out For Aid
Surplus rains leave parts of Indiana swamped with water and mud, lots of mud. Exotic Feline Rescue Center and Indiana Coyota Rescue Center need tons more gravel to get animals safely out the muck. At $200 per truckload, wildlife rescue centers ask the public to donate to flood recovery… full report

spacer DEC 2007
Northeast USA Floods: Animal Situation & Resources
PACIFIC NORTHWEST USA: "Rescue calls come in a flurry today, partly because people are able to get back to their homes, or at least able to try. That’s when they find animals left behind have met the floodwaters head-on. Some have died." Severe flooding in Washington and Oregon killed at least 7 people and left flooded homes, fallen trees… full report
spacer NOV 2007
Ethiopia Cave Dogs Saved From 30-Foot Abyss
ETHIOPIA TO HOUSTON: "My name is Anteneh. I have been involved in a rescue of dogs from a cave in Ethiopia. The dogs went without food or water for two months, in a cave about 20 to 30-feet deep. Even after rescue, they still might have been killed or homeless…" full report
spacer OCT 2007
California Fires: Flames From San Diego To Los Angeles
Fires burn over a vast swath of Southern California, with thousands of displaced and homeless cats, dogs, horses, cows, goats, chickens… Unpredictable winds bring flames and smoke to farmed animal sanctuaries Gentle Barn and Animal Acres, with large-scale evacuations underway… full report
spacer AUG-SEP 2007
Hurricanes Felix, Henriette, Dean • Peru Quake • Storm Erin
An 8.0 magnitude earthquake slams Peru’s central coast, killing over 500 people. Animals, abandoned when caregivers fled, are wounded and starving. Mexican communities in Hurricane Dean’s path suffer wind damage and storm surges over 20 feet. Animals urgently need vet aid…
full report
spacer AUG 2007
Peru Earthquake • Dean Veers To Mexico • Beirut Animals Of War
ASPPA reports animals "injured and lying helpless on streets" after a mass earthquake in Peru. "We are doing as much as possible, along with veterinarians and volunteers." Hurricane Dean tears through Jamaica and hones in on Mexico. BETA updates the fate of animals amid Lebanon’s ongoing war… full report
spacer AUG 2007
New York Shelter Flood • Texas Flood Updates
Heavy downpours leave New York’s Animal Center of Queens severely flooded and structurally damaged. Emergency housing needed for cats and dogs… Kat 5 Animal Rescue reports an outpouring of help for animals displaced in North Texas floods, but aid still needed in Haltom City, Texasin Haltom City, Texas… full report
spacer JUL 2007
Floods, Fires And Animals Across TX, KS, OK, CA
Rain-swollen rivers cause flash floods in Texas. Homes are underwater in Kansas. Oklahomans flee as floods and an oil slick push down the Verdigris River. A Kansas refinery leaked some 42,000 gallons of oil.Thousands are affected in KS, OK and TX. Rescuers search street by street for stranded animals… full report
spacer MAY-JUN 2007
Kansas Tornado: Aid For Hundreds Of Animal Refugees
Silence follows a fatal tornado in Greensburg, KS. Only the screech of trucks and ambulances break through, as first responders search for the wounded and dead. By early next morning, animal rescue workers share the streets — waiting and looking for animals to crawl out from endless tangled debris… full report
spacer MAY-JUN 2007
Tornado-Torn Florida: Help Animal Survivors
An unexpected tornado tears across Central Flordia, leaving hundreds of people and animals homeless in its path. Local animal organizations unite to provide relief for abandoned animals and those with displaced families… full report

spacer SEP 2006
California Fires & Morehead, Kentucky Pound Flood: Animal Aid
There are horrible fires underway in Lockwood Valley, CA near Los Angeles, and a woman can’t get into her home to rescue her 4 cats and 3 dogs… The Rowan County Pound in Morehead, KY goes underwater when floods strike the area. Volunteers are up to their knees in rising waters, trying to move out animals… full report
spacer JUN-JUL 2006
Northeast USA Floods: Animal Situation & Resources
NORTHEAST USA: Flooding swamps thousands across Mid-Atlantic and Northeast states including Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Ohio. With more storms on the way, chained dogs, cats and farmed animals are at risk. Drowned farmed animals are estimated in the tens of thousands… full report

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