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Thailand Floods

Cries From The Water ▼

Bangkok, Thailand — It might take Noah's Ark to save them all. Dogs bark from rooftops. Animals are submerged chest deep. The skin rots, if underwater too long. Some paddle to any object above water. Howls and cries punctuate the night.

Kinship Circle works with SCAD Foundation (Soi/Street Cats & Dogs Bangkok) and Save Elephant Foundation as part of a global coalition including: Soi Dog Foundation, Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT), Pic-A-Pet4Home, Humane Society International, Worldwide Veterinary Service, WSPA. TWP Coalition-Thailand Animal Flood Aid does emergency sheltering, search-rescue, food drops, veterinary aid… Our disaster teams are in Thailand.

Thailand floods accelerated shortly after Kinship Circle, a nonprofit specializing in animal advocacy and disaster rescue, returned from Japan. Animal relief lingered months beyond Japan's historic earthquake and tsunami when radiation evacuations near Fukushima's damaged nuclear plant led to mass animal abandonment.

Director Brenda Shoss activated Kinship Circle when she learned about animals suffering in Thailand's worst flood in 75 years.

"We viewed satellite maps with a water mass from Ayutaya down into Bangkok, a city of millions. One district pumps out water, another fills. Some say sewage water won't recede for months."

"We saw animals marooned on rooftops and bridges, even floating in cages. Monkeys, dogs and other creatures crowded into Buddhist temples. Animals clinging to trees over water…"

Kinship Circle seeks public support for it's Animal Disaster Fund — critically low after nonstop aid for animals in the Chile Earthquake-Tsunami, BP Gulf Oil Crisis, Brazil Mudslides, Japan Quake-Tsunami, Hurricane Irene…

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