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SANTA ANITA FIRE: A wildfire nears Los Angeles, forcing 1,000 to evacuate in the Sierra Madre area.

Lead agency Pasadena Humane Society assists evacuees with animals at a Red Cross shelter. Some forced from homes opt to sleep in vehicles with their animals, rather then board them at the Pasadena shelter. Khee Chan’s images,
spacer Santa Anita fire nears Los Angeles as 1000 evacuate

Flames Edge Los Angeles, But Fire Is Contained

4/27/08, SIERRA MADRE, CALIFORNIA — A wildfire nears Los Angeles, forcing 1,000 to evacuate in the Sierra Madre area. Lead animal agency Pasadena Humane Society assists evacuees with animals at Red Cross Shelters. Some opt to sleep in vehicles with animals, rather then board them at the Pasadena shelter.

    Evacuation restrictions are scheduled to be lifted as of April 29. At this time people with proof of residency will be allowed back into the evacuation areas. Road blocks are scheduled to be removed on April 30. Acres burned have increased to 583 acres.

    There are 1055 firefighters working on the Santa Anita Fire. 150 homes are still evacuated. The fire is 57% contained, expecting full containment May 2.
APRIL, 2008
Animal Report From Sierra Madre Fire Zone
REPLY TO: MuttShack Rescue,
15981 Yarnell St. #188 / Sylmar CA 91342
730 Orleans Ave, 2nd Floor / New Orleans, LA 70116

MUTTSHACK ANIMAL REPORT FROM SIERRA MADRE — The Santa Anita fire began on 4/26/08 and has burned under 400 acres of wild land urban interface. About 1000 people are evacuated from Oak Crest Dr. across Carter Ave. to East Mira Monte Ave., continuing down Mountain Trail Ave. over Grandview to Santa Anita.

4/27/08, 4 DOGS AND WEDDING PARTY EVACUATED BY HELICOPTOR FROM ADVANCING FIRE — A 45-person wedding party for Ken and Julie Grady, including four pets, were asked to shelter in place at Sturtevant Camp. Sierra Madre Search and Rescue, coordinating with LA County Sheriffs, safely evacuated them the next morning. The dogs were flown out by helicopter along with their humans, in a series of 5 trips to get the entire group back to the Chantry Flats Ranger Station.

EVACUEES WITH ANIMALS — Sierra Madre’s lead animal agency, Pasadena Humane Society, ably assisted evacuees with animals at Red Cross Shelters. MuttShack Animal Rescue visited sites and spoke with evacuees. Some opted to overnight in vehicles with their companions, rather than send them to Pasadena Humane. Caroline Ingles and her golden retriever Jay relaxed on a blanket under shade trees. Mark Crawford planned to camp in his car with Glory, a black lab. Shannon M. (who lost two Ninth Ward homes in Katrina) was with Rumbero, a blonde Havanese. She said her cats were safe with friends.

American Red Cross Shelter, 626-799-0841
MuttShack met with Red Cross Shelter IC Cesar Aviles and John and Mary Valencia who had worked on shelter setup since dawn. They were very helpful to people with animals. Leashes, dog food, cat food, crates and bowls were on hand at the entrance to the shelter. APRIL, 2008
Pasadena Humane Takes In Animals
361 S Raymond Ave / Pasadena, CA 91105
Pasadena Humane Society: 626-792-7151,

Pasadena Humane will shelter companion animals whose caregivers are evacuated due to the ongoing fire. The organization has cleared out its board room and other spaces for about 30 animals at this point, Pasadena Humane spokeswoman Ricky Whitman said. The animals were picked up at 2:30am from Red Cross shelters in Sierra Madre.

  • Hart Park House, 222 West Sierra Madre Blvd.
    Congregational Church, 170 West Sierra Madre Blvd.
  • Red Cross officials will coordinate with Pasadena Humane to ensure guardians find shelter for their animals.
  • Pasadena Humane has over 200 volunteers on standby at the society’s offices at 361 South Raymond Avenue. Source: Pasadena Star-News

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