Gulf Coast Animal Alerts

2008 News
And Action
Katrina's 4th Anniversary
  • This Is For You
  • From 8/29/05 to 8/29/09
  • A Scream Rose… go to alert
Katrina's 3rd Anniversary
  • Reflection: 8/29/05 to 8/29/08
  • Anniversary Events
  • Volunteer For Disasters… go to alert
NOLA Animal Memorial
  • Honoring Animals Lost
  • Authors, Celebrities, Awards
  • New Orleans Events… go to alert
Fear On The Streets
  • Lakeview Cats Still Need Homes
  • Katrina's Lost: Where Are They?
  • Mississippi Animals… go to alert
Your Last Hard Day
  • Justice? St. Bernard Shootings
  • A Miracle Named Sabrina
  • Get Animals Out Alive… go to alert
Time To Remember, Act
  • St. Bernard Parish Killings
  • For Buddy: Cruelty Law
  • Rescuer Arrested… go to alert
New Witness, SBP Killings
  • New Witness In SBP Dog Slaughter
  • Day In Court For LA Dogfighter
  • New Year ARNO… go to alert
Done? SBP Massacre
  • Two Cases, One Sheriff's Office
  • Dogs Gunned Down. Case Closed?
  • Street Slaughter, Video… go to alert
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2007 News & Action
Scared And Lonely
  • Searching For Their People
  • Looking For Love In Lakeview
  • Give, For Animals … go to alert
Thanksgiving Hope
  • Feeders, Trappers, Fosters Needed
  • Still Roaming And Hungry
  • Katrina Reunions… go to alert
Many Still Roam
  • Katrina's Unending Impact
  • Reunited After 2+ Years!
  • Katrina's Homeless… go to alert
Two Years And Counting
  • ARNO Refuge For Animals
  • Animal Evac Training
  • The Katrina Promise… go to alert
August 29, 2005 - 2007
  • When Two Years Equal A Lifetime
  • Still Loved, Forever Missed
  • Never Again… go to alert
Prep For Hurricane Dean
  • Congress Okays Pet Evacuation Act
  • Batcher Wouldn't Fight, Left To Die
  • Keep Reunions Alive… go to alert
We Hear Your Cries
  • Don't Forget Katrina/Rita Victims
  • Attention Katrina Adopters
  • Sassy's Miracle… go to alert
Alive But Homeless
  • Cat Or Rat: Food/Water Debate
  • Kansas Floods Update
  • They Still Need Us… go to alert
No Justice: SBP Murder
  • Torn From Life, Shot Dead
  • Investigation, Indictment, Lawsuit
  • Their Terror Unseen… go to alert
Alone After Katrina
  • Shannon Moore: 7/22/69 - 5/31/06
  • Spare Survivors From Death
  • Food/Water In NOLA… go to alert
Endless Animal Impacts
  • Plaquemines Animals Need Way Out
  • Urgent: Feeders For Section F
  • Ban Cockfighting Now… go to alert
For The Animals' Sake
  • Online Movies About Katrina Animals
  • New Orleans Sweeties Need Homes
  • Spay/Neuter Law… go to alert
Story: Hope And Despair
A wheat-colored dog runs toward our vehicle. A curious Shepherd mix follows. A man walks behind. We are at his Chalmette warehouse, where he's lived since police evacuated him for Katrina. He had refused to desert Buddy and Baby Girl. "These dogs are my family," he says. But an officer aimed his gun at Baby Girl, forcing the man to leave or watch his dog murdered. So he left both dogs on an upper level with water and food. Water rose 8 feet… go to story
Landscape Of Loss
  • 40-Puppy Adoption Transport
  • Missing Since The Storm
  • High-Kill Hammond… go to alert
Kinship Circle To NOLA
  • Plaquemines: Fosters For Kittens
  • SBP Deputies Plead Not Guilty
  • Overcrowded Shelters… go to alert
Born Amid Ruins
  • Operation Outta Here
  • Find A Way Home For Katrina Dogs
  • Uncertain Fate… go to alert
Gift Of Life
  • Sending Team To New Orleans
  • Left Behind In Lakeview
  • Sweethearts In Need… go to alert
New Year For Animals
  • Someone Must Know About Milo
  • Louisiana Statewide Conference
  • Home Again In 2007… go to alert