Aid More Animals Like Baby Noah

In Plaquemines, Katrina tossed buildings and cars as if they were toys. East and West Bank levees crumbled. Damaged oil tanks spilled millions of gallons of black crude. Still, life persevered. Dogs and cats swarmed National Guardsmen for food and water. Bewildered horses tried to rise in swampy fields. Cows floated in mucky water. Kinship Circle contacted New Mexico National Guard to gain access into no-go Plaquemines and found a kindred spirit in Major Kimberly Lalley. Soon teams led by Chris and Sarah Stevens, with Terri Kelley, cleared security checkpoints via permission from Colonel Dick Almeter – as the first out-state rescuers in Plaquemines.

Today, it's eerily quiet. Sprawling FEMA trailer parks are home to most in lower Plaquemines. A detached school roof hangs over empty rooms. Shredded toys wait for a child. Here, animals survive.

Adopt From P.A.W.S.

Ramona Billot  ~  P.A.W.S., the only no-kill shelter in Plaquemines Parish, is completely full. They seek out-of-state, no-kill shelters that can take animals. Depending upon location, P.A.W.S. can assist in transport.

As long as P.A.W.S. remains full, animals go to the pound, where they are killed. View More Animals For Adoption

Contact P.A.W.S. To Help
Plaquemines Animal Welfare Society
9596 Highway 23 South  /  Belle Chasse, LA 70037

Donate To P.A.W.S. Relief Fund
P.O. Box 83  /  Belle Chasse, LA 70037
PAWS is a tax deductible 501c3.

Contact Ramona Billot: 504-606-3116
102 A Omega  /  Belle Chase, LA 70037

This Is Baby Noah…

A no-name kitten at Plaquemines Animal Welfare Society (P.A.W.S.). His name reflects the NOLA term of endearment Baby, and the epic floods, Noah. Kinship Circle's Brenda Shoss adopted the tiny tuxedo, who came home as part of the group's transport for out-state adoptions. It's all new for this kitten of Katrina, born among residents unable to cope with animals as they rebuild.

Plaquemines is a narrow penninsula bound by the Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico. Katrina winds struck at over 150 mph. Levees crumbled and water gushed in at 20 feet or higher. Recovery here seems slower than elsewhere. Sugar cane fields stretch for miles. Oil rigs cast shadows on the sky. Huge ships glide into Gulf ports. Vast, empty regions – barely repopulated – are a nightmare for starving animals. Schools, homes and businesses are skeletal remains.
Jana, a sweet Shepherd mix at PAWS, needs a forever home 241x241 Gus, a beautiful orange tabby with white belly, needs a forever family 241x241

ARK, Animal Rescue After Katrina

Donate To NOLA Independent Rescue
Key NOLA rescuers, Katrina evacuees themselves, pay for trap-neuter-release (TNR), medical, adopt/transport, rescue, food/water.

ARNO & Independents
Traci Kestler, 504-975-5971
P.O. Box 55284  /&nbsnbsp; Metairie, LA 70055-5284

Lakeview Cats Roaming
Kathy Sweeney
Jeanette Althans, 504-734-7771
333 Vinet Ave  /  Jefferson, LA 70121

Plaquemines Cat Action Team
Ramona Billot, 504-606-3116
102 A Omega  /  Belle Chase, LA 70037

Donate Via Kinship Circle
Kinship Circle, a 501c3 nonprofit charity, has arranged to accept donations on behalf of NOLA rescuers.

Donate Online or Donate By Mail
Kinship Circle Disaster Aid Fund
7380 Kingsbury Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63130
State which NOLA rescuer your donation goes to.

Urgent, Feeders In Section F

Reply To: Maria Alvarez, 504-512-0306
Stewardship For Strays,

5/5/07  ~  Feeder needed to take over Section F. Major bounding streets are Bullard to Parish Road and Morrison to Hayne Boulevard in New Orleans.

48 stations need food/water weekly. At some stations, cats wait by empty boxes and water pans from prior week. It is with sad regret that I no longer can do it. Hungry and thirsty animals thank you!

Roicy Animal Control: Help Post Flyers And Foster Animals

Roicy Duhon Animal Control
613 W. Pont des Mouton
Lafayette, LA (Off North University or I-49 N to Carencro)
337-291-5645, fax: 337-291-7051
See Roicy Animals:

Roicy Duhon Animal Control is a rabies control (vs. adoption) facility in Lafayette Parish. They kill by gas twice weekly. All animals are on death row.

Contact: Debbie,

Cat adoptions are very low. Without rescues such as AHS, the cats wouldn't have a chance, especially adults. Many wonderful mature cats are in need of good homes. Girly Girl is super friendly and rubs her head against your hand to give herself a massage. She is already spayed! The Tortie is another very friendly cat with beautiful black fur and rust highlights. The black/white Tux kitty is a really loving cat as is the big Tabby with the pink nose. Two litters of Tabby babies remain as well.

A black Tabby just grabs your heart with his sweet disposition.This week there is a Siamese kitten, Russian Blue mix kitten, and gray and brown tabby babies.

Poor Smokey, a female Russian Blue, is the heartbreak story this week. Smokey's disabled homeless guaridan tearfully surrendered her when he realized she needed to get vaccinations and he couldn't afford to care for her properly. He loved her but was unable to provide for her. Please help make this man's wish come true: for Smokey to find a new loving home.

Last week was pretty good for dog adoption/rescue but kennels are full once again. Hold overs include a darling Min Pin who sits on his hind legs just waiting to learn new tricks; a light brown Catahoula Terrier baby with unusual blue markings and a darling face; and Loving Look, a little Terrier mix who is a bit shy but already coming around with a soft pat and kind words.

A medium size Terrier mix who seems to have Husky markings without the longer fur has a great personality and is about 40 lbs of love. Poor Mitch is a Chocolate Lab only 4 months old. There are 2 new Black Lab pups and one is so depressed he'll hardly even get up to to be petted. How tragic.

Another small Poodle, cinnamon colored, will be a gem with a good bath and haircut. A very pretty young Husky Shep mix picked up as a stray would make a great family pet. A very sweet but shy, scared Sheltie Terrier mix is a great little dog waiting for someone to love her. A Basset Lab mix looks like a red Basset with a white chest, a great dog with very unusual coloring.

And last, but certainly not least, an adult Chocolate Lab who knows commands, so has some training. Now he just needs someone to love him. Thanks to all who get the word out about these animals.
Holly, Priscilla and these beautiful kittens at ARNO all need loving homes 390x432

Give New Orleans Sweeties Another Chance In New Homes

Holly: Female, Young Terrier Mix
Beautiful Kittens: Domestic, Medium-Hair, Cream Or Ivory
Priscilla: Hemingway/Polydactyl

Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO) has ongoing need for foster homes to give animals a safe and loving environment until transport, reunion and adoption can be arranged. Help us save animals from the streets of New Orleans and surrounding parishes. Your support enables ARNO to trap/rescue more animals from kill shelters.

Nearby parishes have experienced a drastic increase in Katrina surrenders, as many people cannot find new places to live that allow pets.

Adopt From ARNO
Petfinder  ■  Save-A-Pet

Need Local/Out-State Volunteers!
Animal Rescue New Orleans
271 Plauche Street  /  New Orleans, LA 70123

Donate To ARNO
  1. Donate Online
  2. Give By Mail: 1219 Coliseum Street
    New Olreans, LA 70130
  3. Gift Cards: or
  4. Supplies Drop-Off:
    ARNO Warehouse
    271 Plauche Street
    New Orleans, LA 70123
chickens are wandering in Katrina debris, Upper 9th Ward West, New Orleans 480x470

Louisiana Cockfighting Bill Progresses

Louisiana SPCA
701 Thayer Street  /  New Orleans, LA 70114
504-368-5191, fax: 504-368-3710, 504-368-5191 ext 200

5/3/07  ~  For the first time in Louisiana's history, a bill to outlaw cockfighting made it favorably out of the House Agricultural Committee. HB 108 was amended to reduce the proposed phase-out period from three years to 18 months. We continue to discuss the phase-out issue and work to strengthen an enforceable bill. We expect HB 108 to soon move to the full House floor where amendments may be added prior to a vote. Senator Lentini's Senate Bill 39 is not yet assigned to committee.

Differences In 2007 Louisiana Cockfighting Bills
All bills have the same misdemeanor punishment: $1000 fine and not more than 6 months in jail. However, in SB 39, if person is caught second time, he can have all property seized and sold at auction.

Positive Aspects Of SB 39, Senator Lentini's Bill
  1. Removes clause in current cruelty statute which says "fowl shall not be considered animals."
  2. Addresses gambling, organization, and promotion of fights.
  3. Addresses seizure of property after second offense. We can also seize animals on first offense since it falls under the cruelty statute. We can ask the handler to post bond in order to hold birds longer than 15 days.

Suggested Amendment To SB 39  ~  Include possession of paraphernalia (gaffs, knives) along with roosters as evidence a person intends to fight. This aids law agencies if someone is arrested for transporting roosters. Paraphernalia helps prosecution prove intent.

What We Do Not Like About HB 108, 101
  1. Neither bill addresses cruelty to animals' statute. Thus, birds remain with the abuser. The only penalty is a fine and/or jail. It does not repeal 14:102.1(d) that exempts fowl from the state's cruelty of animals' statute. Essentially, if a person is arrested for cockfighting, a cockfighter may consider it the "opportunity cost of doing business."
  2. There are no consequences for 2nd offenses.
  3. Does not address gambling or the promotion, organization, or financial aspects of cockfighting.
  4. It does not address transporting birds with intent to fight. A person must be caught in the act of fighting birds. An analogy in human terms: You'd have to catch a person in the act of murder to prove guilt. How often is law enforcement present when an actual murder occurs?
  5. It does not include paraphernalia.
  6. HB 108 allows a 3-year phase out.

Nationwide: Ban Cockfighting For Good

5/14/07, Pam Leavy  ~  We have a window of opportunity to pass the anti-cockfighting bill, but desperately need phone calls to the Senate. Cockfighters have a large lobby that want the blood-sport to continue. Louisiana is the only state that still permits this barbaric practice. The entire country came to our aid after Katrina. We remain in the spotlight and cockfighting is a huge blemish to our reputation.

Sample Phone/Email Comments:
I wish to express my support for Senate Bill 39 by Senator Lentini, without amendment. This bill calls for an prompt ban and lets chickens be defined as animals. In addition to the welfare of birds, I'm concerned about cockfighting ties to bird flu, which endangers our entire nation. Please note that I do not support HB-108 by Senator Ritchie, with its unacceptable one year phase-out. Plus, amendments were added to the Ritchie bill that exclude animals farmed for food from animal cruelty laws [for example, it is legal to skin or boil live animals, abuse, neglect, etc.] Passage of this bill would be a huge step backwards for Louisiana.

Contact Information
Main Senate Phone: 225-342-2040;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Help Buras, Louisiana Where The Eye Of Hurricane Katrina Hit

Reply To: Emergency Communities
36342 Hwy 11  /  Buras, LA 70041

4/20/07  ~  Katrina's 30-mile wide eye hit Buras, LA. F5 tornadoes struck between here and Port Sulphur, 20 miles north. All was annihilated. Recovery is just now gaining foothold. Residents struggle for bits of normalcy. The closest grocer is 25 miles away. School children board busses at 4:00am for transports. In this rural area, everyone has dogs. Please donate pet meds, food, shampoos, etc. Emergency Communities has a distribution center open all week. Help is appreciated!
Noel, Jimmy and others are founding canine members of Pits Are Love Inc 480x470

Katrina Rescue Inspires Pit Bull Group

Top Left Photo: Noel, the first official PAL rescue who I drove 30 hours from New Orleans. She was recently adopted which tore my heart out. Bottom Left: Jimmy, pulled from a Virginia shelter, will need his front leg amputated. Right: Me with a pit bull in New Orleans. (Althea McLaughlin/PAL).

4/24/07, Althea McLaughlin, Pits Are Love Inc. (PAL)  ~  I was in New Orleans Sept 2005 for rescue and returned in Nov 2005 for shelter work. I've transported animals from New Orleans and Mississippi to forever homes in the Northeast (I live in Boston). Because of my experience, I adopted a pit bull. I now have two and started a pit bull education, advocacy and rescue group in Boston, a city with BSL. The first pit rescued was Noel, a dog at Southern Animal Foundation in NOLA whom Anne Bell couldn't get transported because she is a pit. Noel is now in a wonderful forever home. All because of the hurricanes. People like me nationwide were changed forever, doing things they never thought possible before that fateful day. We need funds for mounting vet bills and the vital work of education and advocacy. Beyond rescue, education is key to stopping the spread of BSL and slaughter of these wonderful dogs. We are a certified therapy dog team and visit hospice patients in a nursing home.

Pits Are Love, Inc. (PAL)
P.O. Box 30123  /  Boston, MA 02130
We are a nonproft education-advocacy-rescue organization, Boston based with a nationwide network, that works on behalf of the misunderstood pit bull. We believe an inner city presence, especially a city with breed specific laws (BSL), is crucial to dispel stereotypes and end BSL.

Killed In The Hands Of Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter

Lucy, the cat of Katrina rescuer Maria Alvarez, was senselessly killed at Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter 591x306 Maria Alvarez, Stewardship For Strays  ~  In memory of Lucy, 1996-10/30/04, gassed at Jefferson Parish Animal Control before serving her time. Lucy, I knew your injustice would be exposed one day and I know you are loving those 13 little dogs as much as you did Susie [with Lucy in right photo].

4/26/07, Leigh Schmitt  ~  This report explains how several dogs at the Jefferson Parish Animal control facility were poisoned to death because an employee carelessly sprayed pesticide into their water bowls. We must demand reform at the facility now!

4/26/07 Times-Picayune, Insecticide spray kills 13 dogs at shelter  ~  Write letters to Aaron Broussard and members of Jefferson Parish Council advocating reforms to the Jefferson Parish Shelter. We must honor the lives of these poor dogs by demanding this negligent cruelty never happens again. In addition, we must seek measures to reduce the kill-rate, to support TNR efforts, and to stop the gassing! Call for the hiring of a new animal control director with a strong animal welfare approach, along the lines of Nathan Winograd's No Kill Solutions organization. Click Here To Get Contact Information For Jefferson Parish Council Members.

4/26/07, Stewardship For Strays, Maria Alvarez  ~  This is no surprise. Sad, however, it took 13 more lives and 34 days to finally expose the horrors at Jefferson Parish Animal Control. This was not a chemical error. This was a chemical terror. Why would any animal be sprayed with anything toxic? And why would any chemical be used in kennels while dogs and their water are in the kennels?

"The No. 1 tragedy here is that these animals lost their lives," Smith said. "But secondarily, I am worried about all the good employees there. There will be some in the public who will think this is a brutal place run by people who don't care about animals. Just the opposite is true."

The No. 1 tragedy are hiring practices for this facility and the lack of control by previous/present directors – either because they have no power, they don't care or both. This facility is a disgrace to the Parish of Jefferson. I've seen neonatal kittens left in cold cages without even a sheet of newspaper between the metal and their tender bodies and without a drop of formula. How can a "truly caring staff" sit in the break room knowing a neonatal is laying on a cold surface screaming with hunger pain? But as Mr. Smith said to me twice during his tenure, "We are not a humane society. We are animal control."