Hurricane Katrina

We Will Remember

Memorial For Lives Lost
1/30/08  ~  Rescuers from Animal Rescue New Orleans, Pasado's Safe Haven and Katrina Animal Rescue Team met at P.G.T. Beauregard Middle School to remember 33 dogs and cats murdered there. The school's front yard filled with flowers from around the U.S. and Canada. Kelle Davis, from Houston, said: "This is the first time I've been back to this school since the day I saw the carnage. I didn't think it would effect me so profoundly." Out-of-towners arrived for what should have been Minton's trial on 1/29, only to find charges had been dropped. Englande's trial was scheduled for 2/14/08. Felony charges carried jail time up to 10 years. Charlotte Bass Lilly, ARNO

Message From David Leeson, Dallas Morning News
"Unbelievable. Lack of evidence? I wondered what had happened to this case. It was supposed to go to trial in November but I never got a call from the state. I assumed it was postponed. But I had also heard about the change in the DA and rumors that it could affect the case. And, so it did. I'm sorry. I wish I could've done more. If I'd only followed up that day by returning to that neighborhood to shoot more, it might have helped. If only my footage of the black dog trotting alongside our vehicle as we were leaving had turned out. I thought the tape was rolling but it was not. It was this dog who caused me to stop so we could feed him. I would have missed the shootings entirely if not for my desire to feed this beautiful dog."

"On my tape (not included in the edited version) I say, I was going to feed that dog, and then you hear my colleague say, And they shot him. I've always wished that tape had been rolling because it would have clearly shown that this was a very friendly animal simply looking for some help. Thanks for keeping me informed, David Leeson" Pasado's Safe Haven

Katrina Left Survivors
Animals struggled to outlast winds, flooding, and abandonment in southeast Louisiana. Long after humans were rescued, thousands of animals roamed the streets in search of food and family, while thousands of others, secured in homes and other buildings, faced dehydration and starvation as their food sources were depleted. While every animal rescued was worth every effort, every cost, thousands of animals died as time ran out…

As rescuers opened feeding stations for those they were unable to immediately rescue, there were others, the sick gun-toting "officers of the law," who, during a time of complete chaos, joyfully took matters into their own hands, using pets as target practice…

Their lame excuses: They claim they had to shoot street dogs for their own safety. Dogs greeted these deputies, ecstatic to see a human, tails wagging: "Maybe my family, maybe these humans brought food." Officers claim it was more humane to kill the dogs than let them starve. Animal rescuers were everywhere, while thousands of pounds of pet food poured into the area… These "mercy" killings were not instant death…as video footage depicts the slow death of one dog, struggling to stand after shot, while deputies watch. We'll never know all the atrocities afflicted upon animals.

But then the most horrific animal torture of all, St. Bernard school shootings… The suffering these helpless animals endured is unimaginable. In addition, these brutal acts are relative to the insanity demonstrated by serial killers. With video footage, photos and witnesses (including camera crews and military,)along with the intense brutality of the crime, how could this case be thrown out? What good are animal protection laws with corrupt politics? Pam Leavy, Baton Rouge, LA

We Will Take Action

  1. Action Alert ~ Pressure LA Attorney General
    Justice In St. Bernard Parish Shootings (No longer online)
    Demand justice from Attorney General James "Buddy" Caldwell, whose office dropped charges against Minton and Englande.

  2. Video Alert ~ Justice For Pets Murdered In St. Bernard Parish
    View and forward this YouTube video to everyone in your address book. Source: Susan Bongiorno, St. Bernard Parish Animal Shelter

  3. Tribute ~ St. Bernard Pet Massacre, A Memorial
    From Pam Levy: Don't let them die in vain. Watch and forward this video. On 1/30/08, a memorial was held at one of the St. Bernard schools were 33 cats and dogs were brutally tortured and killed.

  4. Action ~ Web Petition
    Public Demands Investigation Into St. Bernard Parish Dog Murders

  5. Action ~ Post Reward
    From ARNO: If you live, work, trap or feed in St. Bernard Parish [or New Orleans area] post the $25,000 Reward Flyer from Pasado's website. There were people on the street, including National Guard, who witnessed these abominable crimes against animals.

  6. Clarified Information ~ 2 Shootings, 1 Agency
    St. Bernard Parish Street And School Shootings: Gives history and clarifies the two separate cases: 1) Dogs gunned down in the street and 2) Animals killed execution-style inside an SBP middle school.

Memorial for companion animals slaughtered after Hurricane Katrina in St Bernard Parish streets and schools 334x909 Proceeds from the Paws For A Moment pendant fund recovery for Humane Society of Louisiana shelter, destroyed in Katrina 284x252

Humane Society Of Louisiana

Fleur De Lis Paws For A Moment Pendant
Jeff Dorson  ~  This exquisite piece, created by celebrated Indianapolis designer Marc Aronstam of Aronstam Designers & Fine Jewelers, is for sale! 30% of each pendant sold is donated to Humane Society of Louisiana. Proceeds help fund recovery for our NOLA shelter, destroyed in Katrina. Sterling silver design captures Big Easy spirit. Fleur de lis symbol on a tapestry background in a stylized shield. Inscribed ribbon: Help Us Rebuild. A paw print references animal victims of Katrina. Cost: $85. Contact Aronstam Jewelers to order: 877-808-1188 or 317-817-9000,

Animal Rescuer Arrested While Trapping Cats

Arrested New Orleans Rescuer Needs Attorney
  • Kim J. was arrested while trapping cats in New Orleans for spay/neuter.
  • Help Kim find a pro-bono attorney and a contact at the National Guard.
  • Email Kim at if you can help or know someone who can.

Kim Johnson  ~  I was arrested Sunday night while out cat trapping in New Orleans. I need an attorney. Does anyone know an attorney who might be willing to do pro-bono work on my case? I could also use a high-ranking contact in the National Guard. I don't want to post the details, but if anyone knows an attorney, please email me directly and I'll fill you or the attorney in on the details. Thank you, Kim J.

Diane Michell  ~  Kim J. has helped animals on the streets of New Orleans since Katrina. She is a dedicated animal rescuer in New Orleans soon after Katrina. I met Kim while at Celebration Station working with ARNO and Best Friends. Kim coordinated maps and logs for over 2,800 animal feeding stations throughout New Orleans and surrounding parishes. This past summer, Kim helped colony caretakers trap and spay/neuter hundreds of cats as part of the Best Friends/HSUS Big Easy Cat Trapping project. Kim continues to trap feral cats for surgeries so that ever-increasing populations can be humanely controlled. Kim is analyzing the data to track patterns and populations of roaming cats for possible future programs to address these needs.
Kinship Circle  ~  Katrina blew the lid off a Pandora's box of antiquated laws and social systems. With animals, we saw neglect, abuse, and weak anti-cruelty laws. Many learned that some animals needed rescue long before the storms. Mississippi animal cruelty laws are among the most lax nationwide. Senate Bill 2499 upgrades animal abuse to a felony, punishable by up to five years prison and a $10,000 fine. SB 2499 directs the court to order psychological evaluation of convicted abusers.

Act: Pass SB 2499, For Buddy
Buddy, a 16-week-old Labrador retriever, was left for dead inside a diaper box on a road in Gautier. The puppy's eyes, ears, throat and mouth were covered in PVC pipe glue. Because MS animal cruelty law lacks felony penalties, the perpetrator will get just 6 months incarceration or a meager fine.

In Gautier, MS, 16 week old Lab, Buddy, was left for dead, his eyes, ears, throat and mouth sealed in PVC pipe glue 268x300

For Buddy: Pass Felony Cruelty Law In Mississipi

Ask For A Committee Hearing And Passage Of SB 2499, To Create A Felony Animal Cruelty Law In The State Of Mississippi

Senator Gray Tollison
Senate Judiciary Committee, Division B Chairman
Room 409A, P.O. Box 1018
Jackson, MS 39215
Source: Mississippi Senate Roster

Senator Michael Watson
Senate Judiciary Committee
Division B Vice-Chairman
P.O. Box 1018
Jackson, MS 39215
Source: Mississippi Senate Roster

Contributing Source Of Background Information  ~  American Humane Association
Kane, a Lab Shepherd Chow mix boy, was rescued on Louisa Street in New Orleans 268x261

Found: Kane

  • Breed: Lab-Shepherd-Chow Mix
  • Colors: Black With White Tips
  • Gender: Male

Description: We are not sure what breed Kane is. He's smaller than most labs, could have some chow but no black on his tongue. Kane is black with white patch on chest, white on the tips of his toes, and white on inside of one front paw. Some patches on his coat look brown/gold in the sunlight. Kane was very scared when rescued and wouldn't let many people near him. He now runs and plays but sort of tiptoes when he walks.

Last Seen: Kane, (shelter name) was rescued in 1/06 on Louisa St, New Orleans 70117 (North of N. Galvez; Bywater-Florida Ave. Neighborhood).

Contact: Katrina Animal Reunion Team (KART), 985-893-6456
P.O. Box 1156
Mandeville LA 70470-1156
Blue Eyes, a found male Silver Grey Lynx Point Siamese, was clearly loved by someone 268x207

Found: Blue Eyes

  • Breed: Silver Grey Lynx Point Siamese Mix Shorthair Cat
  • Gender: Male

Description: He's a silver grey lynx point Siamese mix with big blue eyes, was neutered, front declawed, around 6 years old and weighs around 14 lbs. He's very friendly and very much an indoor cat who was definitely someone's companion before Katrina.

Last Seen: Blue Eyes showed up in a backyard on Tudor Ave, River Ridge-New Orleans 70123 in late 9/05.

Contact: Katrina Animal Reunion Team

Small Bites

News named Small Bites as a reminder to donate small-bite food (or cat food).
Jerry Wells, 45, of Shreveport, Louisiana appeared in court to face felony dogfighting charges 303x206
Update: LA Dogfight Cases
2/15/08 Debra Barlow, HHERO  ~  New Court Dates In Two Dogfight Cases:
  • Eric Moseley's court date is set for 3/18.
  • Jerry Wells' court date is set for 3/20.
  • The dogs are held as evidence in both cases. Photo: The Shreveport Times
    Read About Cases & Take Action
    Day In Court For LA Dogfighter

Dogfight Hotline: 877-847-4787
National dogfight hotline sponsored by HSUS  ~  Award up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a dogfighter. All information and calls are confidential. Hotline answered 24/7. You can leave a message, talk to an investigator, or get their email address and leave your own.
If a dogfight is underway, call police: 911.
Then call hotline: 1-877-847-4787.
Feeding Ferals In NOLA Area?
Reply To Cat Help Desk  ~  If you feed feral cats, please also trap and spay/neuter those cats to reduce population growth. For guidance or assistance with trapping, such as borrowing traps, learning how to trap or which vets take feral cats for spay/neuter… check out a new local resource for greater New Orleans, including Plaquemines, St. Bernard, Orleans, Jefferson, St. Tammany, Washington and Tangipahoa.
Update: Tennessee Tornadoes
2/9/08 Kinship Circle  ~  After days of research into aid for animal victims of the Tennessee tornadoes, Kinship Circle found no additional requests for out-state help. Monetary support is still needed. We also spoke with contacts at national deployment groups we support (UAN and Best Friends) who confirmed no further call for assistance.

2/15/08 Matt Herlocker, UAN Director of Emergency Services  ~  We've spoken to numerous state and local officials about aid for animals. While there has been some aid within the state, there are few requests for outside assistance. For isolated spots of need, we referred people to the appropriate local emergency management agency. We do not deploy volunteers to disaster areas without a written invitation from the local government. We have a grant program open to assist animal guardians who need veterinary care or temporary boarding.
After 20 months Tiger the cat is home, Nobody knows how Rocket got to high ground from his Katrina flooded home, but he survived and found his family again too 661x310

The Miracle Of Coming Home

Katrina Animals Reunion Team (KART)

Welcome Home Tiger
After 20 months on the street, a neutered front-declawed male cat named Tiger is home. The little guy escaped from his house as family evacuated Katrina. Though spotted in his neighborhood, he evaded trappers. His family had nearly lost hope when a St. Bernard Parish resident found him near death in bushes a mile from his home. The resident, still searching for her own lost cats, looked for Tiger's guardians too. Jessica's determination, along with a volunteer's incredible memory of someone searching for a cat like Tiger, led to the reunion of Tiger and the LaHostes from Mereaux.

Rocket Is Finally Home
Nobody can figure out how Rocket made it to a spot of high ground two miles below his flooded Lakeview home! Still wearing his collar and tags, he moved from Lamar Dixon to Monroe to Pennsylvania. After a long struggle, Rocket came home to New Orleans. In photo above, he is with Byron. Byron's mom never lost hope or abandoned her search for Rocket. He is family.

*Kinship Circle does not use the language of slavery to depict nonhuman animals. Owner, owned, it… are replaced with guardian, him/her, caregiven… or other language that doesn't define animals as things and property. Any failure to modify text is unintended.