Gulf Coast Animal Alerts

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2006 News & Action
We Are Rescue
  • Leads? To Bring Them Home
  • Holiday Prayers For Animals
  • Survival And Reunion… go to alert
In Katrina's Wake
  • In Deserted Streets, I See Eyes
  • Can You Make A Difference?
  • Strays Of Lakeview… go to alert
15 Months After
  • Bonded For Life Surrenders
  • Day 445, New Orleans Recovery
  • Looking Since Katrina… go to alert
Nothing But Goodbye
  • Mid City, NOLA Cat Poisonings
  • Dog BF030 Is Mine. Can't I Get Him?
  • Who Can Return? go to alert
Hoping For Familiar
  • Found Tied To A Tree
  • Pittie Girl Lost In Katrina
  • Lost In System… go to alert
The Long Way Home
  • Nat'l Pet Evac Law Enacted
  • Help Them Get Home
  • Love A Katrina "Leftover" go to alert
Won't Give Up
  • Update: Luna's Homecoming
  • Justice For Lucy, After The Storm?
  • Roicy Death Deadline… go to alert
Action = Their Refuge
  • Nat'l Plan For Evacuating Animals
  • Help Bring Simba Home
  • The Story Of Chance… go to alert
Lost Animals Of Katrina
  • ARNO Cofounder's Katrina Dog Hit
  • Foster/Adopt Hurricane Survivors
  • Horse Cruelty In MS… go to alert
Name: Unknown
  • SOS From New Orleans
  • St. Bernard Massacre Lawsuit
  • Keep Miracles Alive… go to alert
NOLA Adoption Fairs
  • Out-State Adoptions Key To Survival
  • 3 Cats Poisoned, Survivors At Risk
  • Pups Cheza, Elvis… go to alert
Hope And Help Needed
  • Bubbles: Her Unsinkable Will To Live
  • SBP: Animal Massacre Timeline
  • Isabella's Katrina Saga… go to alert
Katrina's 1st Anniversary
One year ago Katrina cast people and animals adrift in a sea of despair. When levees broke… go to alert
One Year Later
  • Blind Katrina Survivor Needs Home
  • After You Cry, Tell Someone
  • RIP Roger, Rescuer… go to alert
Animals Lost In System
  • Congress Okays Pet Evacuation Act
  • Batcher Wouldn't Fight, Left To Die
  • Keep Reunions Alive… go to alert
From Floodwaters To?
  • Miracle For Mikko And His Family ♥
  • Pulled From Water, Family Unfound
  • Katrina-Stressed ARF… go to alert
5 Minutes For Animals
  • Call Shelters, Local Animal Rescue
  • Volunteer: Animal Care, Food/Water
  • Help = Happy Endings… go to alert
ARF Cries For Help
Katrina wiped out the lower third of Alabama. Still, ARF was a base for animals, supplies, … go to alert
In Memory Of Shannon
  • Big Fix Rig In Orleans Parish
  • Racist, Snob Or Animal Defender?
  • Chance, Survivor… go to alert
If I Leave, They Leave
  • Animals Left: Reasons Vary
  • Mississippi Animal Rescue League
  • When An Animal Dies… go to alert
Safe Haven For Animals
  • SBP Free Spay/Neuter Clinic
  • Home For Severely Abused Dog
  • Found: Calico Kitten… go to alert
Have You Seen Me?
  • Evacuee Sues To Get Poodle Back
  • Help St. Charles Parish Shelter
  • Homes For Horses… go to alert
Category 5 Miracles
  • Katrina Pony Gets New Leg
  • St. Bernard, Plaquemines, Orleans
  • Equine Disaster Prep… go to alert
Hungry And Alone
  • Prep For 2006 Hurricane Season
  • Have You Seen Me? Cat Samantha
  • Avondale Pit Phoenix… go to alert
NOLA Pet Evac Plan
  • Hurricane Alberto Makes Landfall
  • NOLA Pet Evacuation Plan
  • Volunteers Sought… go to alert
For Shannon, Always
  • Shannon, I Forgot To Tell You
  • Unchaining The Avondale Pits
  • In Shannon's Memory… go to alert
Hope Rises
  • LA Pet Evac Bill Passes In Senate
  • Nat'l Pet Evac Bill Passes In House
  • Feline Frenzy… go to alert
Story: From Katrina Ruins
A Category 5 hurricane cast people and animals adrift in a sea of loss. Almost one year later, I am still involved in the disaster relief that forever changed my perception of people and animals. For thousands of displaced animals, rescue often relied upon a volunteer network in the right place at the right time. This is what saved Spike, an 11-year-old Yorkie left behind in evacuee Brenda Johnson's flooded New Orleans East apartment. Spike became the face of all animals, alone… go to story
Out-State Or In, Needed
  • 2 Katrina Dogs Lost, Same Home
  • Humane Society Of Avoyelles, LA
  • Many More Left Behind… go to alert
Gulf Coast Needs/News
  • Desperate: Hammond, LA Shelter
  • Retreat: Katrina Animal Rescuers
  • Some Died… go to alert
Leads? Katrina's Missing
  • Zeus, Male Lab-Chow-Pit
  • Raffie, Gray/White Shorthair Cat
  • Missing Since Katrina… go to alert
In The Arms Of Love
  • Dobie Found In Trash Dies
  • Alley Cat Allies: Feline Frenzy
  • Lobby For SB-607… go to alert
Tears, Signs & Senators
  • LA Legislature: Pass SB-607!
  • John Bozes Tells Angel Girl's Story
  • Animal Evac Bill… go to alert
Hurricane Rescue News
  • Find Katrina Dog Thrown From Boat
  • 9th Ward Evacuee Looks For Dogs
  • ARNO Food/Water… go to alert
For GiGi, Lola, Robert
  • Who Shoots A Tiny White Pup?
  • People-Pets March To State Capitol
  • Attend SB-607 Hearing… go to alert
Louisiana Pet Evac Bill
People and their animals march in solidarity for Pet Evacuation Bill SB-607. If I leave, they leavego to alert
Hurricane Rescue Needs
  • Volunteers To Transport Hay
  • Forced To Leave Animals
  • Never Stop Searching… go to alert
New Resident ARNO
Shift To Local Leaders: Animal Rescue New Orleans formed as Lamar Dixon closed. A coalition… go to alert
Horses, Cows Still Suffer
  • Vermilion Animal Aid
  • Hopeful Haven Equine Rescue
  • Rescue Ranch… go to alert
Your Time & Heart
  • Original ARNO Through Feb
  • Volunteer For Care, Rescue, F/W
  • Celebration Station… go to alert
Because Of Reagan
The Lores hadn't seen Reagan since they rode out Katrina. They searched for her and two more cats… go to alert
Be A Hero To Horses
Horses and cows couldn't outpace a surge 28 miles inland. Pastures became animal graveyards… go to alert
Story: Acts Of Cruelty
It was a day like any other, except for a flash of hot pain. An arrow shredded the cat's gallbladder, spleen, lungs, intestines. Since Hurricane Katrina stole his home, the black and white cat had burrowed invisibly under debris near a St. Bernard Parish school. He'd blended with the dark, just another shadow among thousands of displaced pets and strays in the New Orleans area. No one knows how long the cat lived with a hole through his body… go to story