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For inspiration as to why we still call all angels for Katrina's lost and un-reunited, watch this Camp Lucky Tribute about those rescued, sheltered, and reunited from Camp Lucky, St. Bernard Parish, LA. Katrina's effects, more than two years later, are still seen in the faces of scared, lonely animals who populate overcrowded shelters. Adoptions are rare, while surrenders increase for people without means to care for their own animals.

Muffie wore a black collar and rabies tag when rescued Sep 2005 from her home in New Orleans, LA 70117 and taken to Camp Lucky in St. Bernard Parish 268x207

Lost In System: Muffie

  • Breed: Long-Hair Calico
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: About 3+ years
  • Distinct Features: Right eye cloudy, distorted from old surgery

Description: Muffie wore a black leather collar and rabies tag when rescued 9/05 from her home on N. Roman St., New Orleans, LA 70117 and taken to Camp Lucky in St. Bernard Parish. On 9/28/05 Muffie was aboard a plane to Desert Springs, CA but never arrived like other animals on that transport. It is believed Muffie was immediately adopted upon arrival at the airport. Her New Orleans family misses her dearly and would like to know that she's safe in California.

Contact: Katrina Animal Reunion Team (KART), 985-893-6456
P.O. Box 1156
Mandeville LA 70470-1156
Beaumont, a male Rottie Australian Shep mix, was found in Sep 2005 around Lourdes Street, in New Orleans 268x207

Found: Beaumont

  • Breed: Rottweiler-Australian Shepherd Mix
  • Colors: Black/Mahogany Coat
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: About 5 Years, At Rescue

Description: Beaumont has a black body, brown on chest and leg bottoms. Brown spots above eyes. Docked tail. Beaumont (shelter name) gets along with other dogs but was very skinny when rescued, with both ears bitten up.

Last Seen: Found in Sept 2005 around Lourdes St, New Orleans 70129 (New Orleans East, Village D'Est).

Contact: Katrina Animal Reunion Team
985-893-6456, findkpets@yahoo.com
Little is a Toy Poodle girl apparently rescued with her bud Wee, a Terrier-Lhasa, in Chalmette, LA the first week of Sep 2005 268x207

Found: Little

  • Breed: Toy Poodle
  • Colors: Gray/White Coat
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: About 5-6 Years

Wee is a Terrier Lhasa Apso girl apparently rescued with her bud Little, a Toy Poodle, in Chalmette, LA the first week of Sep 2005 268x207

Found: Wee

  • Breed: Terrier-Lhasa Apso Mix
  • Colors: All White Coat
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: About 4-5 Years

Description: Little and Wee were rescued the first week of Sept 2005. Little was covered with some sort of toxic muck when rescued and has gone blind from damage sustained in both eyes. She has a cataract in one eye but this did not cause her blindness. Little and Wee are inseparable.

Last Seen: The shelter was told they were rescued together in Chalmette, LA (St. Bernard Parish). They are bonded.

Contact: Katrina Animal Reunion Team
985-893-6456, findkpets@yahoo.com
Spot, a puppy, was shot in New Orleans East, an area still in ruins two years after Katrina 293x558

Spot And The Shot No One Heard

Animal Rescue New Orleans, Charlotte Bass  ~  One can only imagine what Spot, a rambunctious 11-month puppy, suffered after he was shot near midnight on 12/7/07 in New Orleans East, an area still in ruins two years after Katrina. Why did the security guard who shot him (due to an admitted fear of dogs) leave Spot to slowly die? We may not have answers, but we do have Spot — the newest resident at Animal Rescue New Orleans no-kill shelter in Harahan, LA.

Spot Lay Bleeding For Hours…
When found by rescuers, the dog was rushed to a veterinary clinic for stabilization wtih fluids and pain meds. Spot faced costly surgery to amputate his right front leg. The other option was euthanasia. A kind clinic employee stepped in to adopt Spot, once his former caretakers determined they didn't want the burden of bills or a three-legged dog. Spot's new caretaker searched for anyone willing to help Spot.

Many closed doors later, Spot's guardian angel wound up on ARNO's front step. ARNO had no funds or space, but wanted to give Spot a second chance at life. Spot's Fund was created through the collaborative efforts of one caring person and ARNO. As Spot's story circulated, donations poured in. A gunned-down dog left to die opened many hearts. Spot's home at ARNO is filled with love and attentive care as he adjusts to life on three legs. ARNO will ensure Spot's adoption into a loving forever home. And with your help, ARNO will help the next Spot who comes along! Learn about ARNO's work: animalrescueneworleans.org

Animal Stats From ARNO

Animal Rescue New Orleans
Lise McComiskey  ~  During 2006, ARNO saved nearly 2,292 animals (euthanizing less than 5 animals for severe illness, disease or trauma). ARNO's expenses for the year of 2007 came to a total of $224,517.72. ARNO received $175,354.58 in donations and income and HSUS paid $65,020.00 to veterinarians on ARNO's behalf during the year of 2006.

Louisiana SPCA
LA-SPCA took in 4,008 animals in 2006 and saved 1,884 animals (euthanizing 2,124 animals). LA-SPCA completed its $8 million dollar phase one shelter. Additionally, LA-SPCA will build phases two and three of their new facility, including a veterinary clinic, with all but $1.9 million of the additional $9.9 million in funding they have received. Finally, LA-SPCA is the sole agency contracted by the City of New Orleans, at nearly $2 million annually, charged with the responsibility of animal control.

Jefferson Parrish Shelter Authority
Eastbank and Westbank shelters took in nearly 14,000 animals in 2006 and while 4,340 animals were saved, some 9,660 animals were euthanized that one year. Although operating expenses and funding are unknown, JPSA was given $1 million dollars to upgrade the shelters, both of which badly needed the improvements.

Donate To ARNO
  1. Online: animalrescueneworleans.org/donate.html
  2. Mail: Animal Rescue New Orleans, 1219 Coliseum Street, New Orleans, LA 70130
  3. PetSmart Gift Cards: www.petsmart.com
  4. Petco Gift Cards: www.petco.com
  5. Supplies: ARNO Warehouse, 271 Plauche Street, New Orleans, LA 70123

Volunteer For ARNO
504-571-1900, ar-no@cox.net
Cats Looking For Their People
People Looking For Their Cats

Dogs Looking For Their People
People Looking For Their Dogs
Two years apart since Katrina, Tigger and Taylor reunite 487x243

Tigger And Taylor, Together After Two Years

Looking For Love In Lakeview

An estimated 200 cats still roam in Lakeview, just one New Orleans area hard hit by Katrina in August 2005 487x243
Forgotten Since Katrina
Many cats still live on the streets of Lakeview, with very young kittens in devastated areas. Our urgent need at this time: Locate homes or fosters for friendly cats/kittens on Lakeview's streets and find people to socialize not so friendly cats/kittens.

Two friendly adult cats are finally off Lakeview streets. Twinkie had an abscess on her head and went to ARNO for treatment. Healed, she waits at ARNO for a home. Old Red's [guardian] was located but she couldn't bring him into her current living situation. Just this week, Old Red was taken off the street and adopted by a former Lakeview resident who now lives outside Baton Rouge. Three adorable juvenile kittens were trapped under the slab of a house on Bellaire and taken to ARNO. They have been socialized and are now in foster waiting for their forever home.

Foster And Forever Homes For Katrina Cats
  • Fosters Needed While We Search For Guardians: Foster friendly adult cats.
  • Foster/Adopt Traumatized Cats: Many adult survivors were former family cats. With patience, love and a stable environment, they can be re-socialized.
  • Foster/Adopt Various Age Kittens: From 2 to 8 months, need gentle attention.
  • Contact: Jeanette Althans, 504-430-6477  /  Kathy Sweeney, 504-343-3683

Kathy Sweeney and Jeanette Althans created Lakeview Cats Roaming to feed, trap, and reunite animals roaming since Katrina. Remote Reunion Campaign, ARNO, Kinship Circle and others provide assistance.

Give What You Can, For Animals

New Orleans, LA ~ Independent Food-Water Volunteers
Maria Alvarez, Stewardship For Strays  ~  Katrina's left-behind, and their 4th and 5th generation offspring, wander parts of New Orleans. Volunteer feeder Maria Alvarez cares for animals at her home, out-of-pocket. Adoptions are rare. "The best way anyone can help is to send PetSmart or Walmart gift cards. Shipment of food is also welcome. There hasn't been food at ARNO for the street animals for months. Every bag of food is purchased with our own money."

Monetary Donations
Send check to registered Louisiana nonprofit:
Support Alliance For Stray Animals
4033 Arizona Avenue  /  Kenner, LA 70065
Memo: food-water, Maria Alvarez

Gift Cards
Mail PetSmart or Walmart Gift Cards
Stewardship For Strays
2905 Taft Park  /  Metairie, LA 70002

Cat/Dog Food
Contact Maria Alvarez to find out where food is needed: tipster@bellsouth.net

Volunteers Needed
Contact Ruby: 504-256-0055. Help distribute food-water and assist with TNR.
Terri Crisp new group after falling out with Noah's Wish 293x330

Terri Crisp's New Group, After Noah's Wish

Animal Resources
Disaster Management Solutions
P.O. Box 17191
Encino, CA 91416
Report Disaster: 530-391-6332

Mission: To help animals during natural disasters and large scale human-caused emergencies.

An American Opera

Awarded Documentary
An operatic vision of the pets, vets, guardians, and adopters as seen through the eyes of those who acted in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Kinship Circle  ~  Brenda Shoss was honored to join An American Opera director Tom McPhee on a discussion panel after the film's screening at the 16th St. Louis Int'l Film Festival. The film received the Gold Camera Award at U.S. Int'l Film-Video Festival, Gold Remi Award at WorldFest Houston, and Jury Award for Best Feature Documentary at Sacramento Film-Music Festival.

About Film  ~  In Hurricane Katrina's aftermath, America suffered the worst domesticated animal crisis in history. Tens of thousands of pets were left to perish. An American Opera is an unflinching look at New Orleans residents forced to evacuate without their beloved animals.
collage of Katrina evacuees reunited with their beloved companion animals 293x652