Hurricane Katrina

Dismissed? Dogs Shot Execution Style

This month's big news: Dismissal of all charges against former St. Bernard Parish Deputy Sheriff Mike Minton and Sergeant Clifford "Chip" Englande in the street shootings case. While the SBP school massacre case is still open, this sets a bad precedent for justice in post-Katrina crimes against animals.

Dr. Pia Salk, a clinical psychologist, co-founder Animal Rescue New Orleans  ~  "It takes a very sick individual to assert his power by abusing the defenseless. And it takes a diseased system to justify and permit this. As long as a culture deems particular beings to be of less worth, whether because of their gender, ethnicity or in this case species, it will then allow for violence against those beings. This is the root of all social injustice."
images from street and school animal massacres in post Katrina St Bernard Parish 492x300

Take Action

  1. Get The Facts, Clarified Information ~ 2 Shootings, 1 Agency
    St. Bernard Street And School Shootings

  2. Action Alert ~ Pressure LA Attorney General
    Justice In St. Bernard Parish Shootings (No longer online)
    Demand justice from Attorney General James "Buddy" Caldwell, whose office dropped charges against Minton and Englande.

  3. ABC26 Blog ~ Comment
    Dog Shooting Case Dismissed In St. Bernard Parish
    Did Attorney General Caldwell do the right thing?

  4. Earth Times ~ Comment
    Animal cruelty charges dropped in Katrina dog killings (not online)

  5. Action ~ Web Petition
    Demand further investigation of SBP dog slaughter

New Witness To SBP Dog Massacre Steps Forward

Eyewitness To Killings
Susan Michaels, Pasado's Safe Haven  ~  A man called Pasado's who was an eyewitness to St. Bernard Sheriff's officers shooting dogs and cats approximately on August 30-31. He and his wife remained in their house for 11 days in St. Bernard Parish with no food or water. All of their pets, 2 dogs and 3 cats, eventually perished.

He and his wife heard shots from boats in the floodwaters. He saw men "wearing St. Bernard Sheriff uniforms" whom he claims he can identify in a photo line-up. He and his wife hid from the men, for fear they'd shoot their animals.

The officers "picked off those dogs and cats who swam to rooftops for safety," the man said.

This man saw Susan Michaels' interview in the Times-Picayune, in which she spoke about dismissal of the street shootings case. He called to report what he'd witnessed. When asked why it took so long for him to come forward, his said:

"I just assumed with all the evidence, a conviction would be forthcoming." He was angry the men "got off without a single charge." This man will be interviewed in Baton Rouge.

New Development
Pasado's Safe Haven paid for school shooting necropsies and hired a private detective to hunt down two eyewitnesses key to charges in the school slaughter case. "We won't give up," says Susan Michaels, Pasado's Cofounder. "We're committed to seeing these cases through and ensuring that those responsible pay."
Zena is a Rotteiler girl rescued from her home in late Sep 2005, but now lost due to botched paperwork 268x558

Lost In System: Zena

  • Breed: Rottweiler
  • Colors: Black/Mahogany Coat
  • Gender: Female
  • Lost IDs: PF59374, PF62592, PF62946  /  Found ID: PF35650

Description: Zena was rescued from inside her home late September 2005. She was transported to Lamar Dixon, where her paperwork was lost. Zena is a large female rottweiler. Her coat is black and mahogany. She has worn front bottom teeth. Zena is very friendly and loves kids. She relishes tummy rubs, rolls in the grass, and long car rides. When she hears her leash she comes running.

Last Seen: Rescued from 1045 Jourdan Avenue in the Lower 9th Ward. Happy Tails says that they did not receive Zena, there was a mix-up with the paperwork.

Contact: Zena's Guardian, Adreian Roy  /  Lost Katrina Pets
There is a chance Lynx, a male cream color cat, was rescued from his Chalmette home after the storm since other cats in the same home were rescued 268x558

Missing: Lynx

  • Breed: Shorthair Cat
  • Colors: Cream, Nude, Buff Colored
  • Gender: Male

Description: Bit of the darker tan on his back and around his ears. His guardians are not sure about breed, but he looks like a flame point. He was neutered prior to Katrina. His hair is short, not rough, but not very smooth.

Lynx did not have a collar on at the time of the hurricane. Lynx is a friendly cat, but not overly friendly. There is a very good chance he was rescued since one of the other cats in the household was rescued. We checked the house after the storm and found one of our other cats, but there was no sign of Lynx.

Last Seen: At his home, 2500 block of Volpe Drive in Chalmette, Louisiana.

Contact: Lynx's Family  /  Lost Katrina Pets
Humane Society of Louisiana has launched a project to tally and inspect all public and private animal shelters in the state 268x207

LA Sheltering Goals

Jeff Dorson, Humane Society Of Louisiana  ~  HSLA launches project to finally identify all public and private animal shelters in Louisiana. We'll visit, inspect, and photograph shelters and display images on our website. We'll target substandard or mismanaged facilities. No statewide inventory has ever existed, even though an estimated 100+ shelters operate.

Public shelters function without licensing or oversight. Many, especially in rural Louisiana, are a single row of rusty cages. Animals endure weather extremes and disease, malnutrition, and attacks by more aggressive animals. Some use illegal carbon monoxide to gas cats and dogs.

We intend to:
  • Photograph each shelter.
  • Expose conditions and send reports to governing bodies.
  • If upgrades aren't made, we'll rally activists nationwide.

Why is this necessary?
  1. Simple improvements can alleviate animal suffering.
  2. Change won't occur without it.
  3. It's doable. We can mobilize people via internet to demand change.
  4. We've launched the new year with a 3-Point Shelter Improvement Plan for Hammond, LA. It's already begun…

Forgotten animals in Leland, Mississippi need shelter 268x171

Forgotten Animals In Leland, Mississippi

Animal Relief and Rescue Fellowship (ARRF) desperately needs Igloo dog houses, any sizes, new or used. The dog pound at Leland, MS is filled with abandoned, neglected animals. They were in the freezing cold when temperatures dropped. Animals are on cold concrete floors that stay wet due to poor drainage. ARRF has vaccinated each dog and many have been heartworm treated. But now they risk death from exposure. Four puppies were abandoned at the dog pound entrance. No one is at the pound all day, no groundskeeper or office. Three of the puppies froze to death in a storage container with a sweater in it. They were rushed to the vet by when found, but it was too late for all but one.

Donations Needed!
Click Make Donation button.
By Mail: ARRF / P.O. Box 66
Leland, MS 38756

Donate A Dog House To ARRF, 662-378-8817

Help Get Animals In Loving Homes, 662-378-8817
View Animals
Miami, Florida animals face death in a trailer park eviction 303x320

Miami, Florida Animals Face Death In Eviction

North Miami, FL Animals Soon Homeless  ~  Hurricane Pets Rescue Inc. is saving trailer park cats about to lose the only home they've known. A developer bought the land and all are evicted (humans and four-leggers) by 3/1/08. About 200+ cats so far. Most are sterilized. If cats aren't moved by deadline, they'll likely be killed.

Supplies & Volunteers Needed
  • Foster homes and adopters
  • Transporters for animals
  • Runners to pick up supplies
  • Crates for medium, large dogs
  • Carriers
  • FELV and FIV combo kits
  • Spay/neuter sponsors
  • Feline pine litter
  • Metal disposable oven pans
  • Clavamox, Terramicine

To Donate & Help, Contact
Hurricane Pets Rescue Inc
Celene Albano CEO,
2160 Bay Drive West, Suite 14
Miami Beach, FL 33141
Flickr Photostream
Jerry Wells, 45, of Shreveport, Louisiana appeared in court to face felony dogfighting charges 303x206

Day In Court For Shreveport Dogfighter

Source: Hopeful Haven Equine Rescue
In Defense Of Animals, 22 Pit Bulls Seized in Louisiana Dogfight Case
Photo courtesy The Shreveport Times

Alleged dogfighter arraigned in Shreveport Louisiana. Letters demanding maximum penalty sought  ~  On 1/7/08 Jerry Wells, 45, of Shreveport, Louisiana appeared in court to face felony dogfighting charges. On 11/22/07, seven pit bulls, along with dogfight training paraphernalia, were seized after authorities raided Well's home. Since then, five dogs have been euthanized after officials at Shreveport's Caddo Animal Services deemed them uncontrollable. One was released to an animal rescue organization and one is held as evidence. For more information: 318-286-3116.

Take Action
Urge the fire department to terminate man with dogfight charges for second time. Caddo Animal Services officers who raided the Shreveport home of firefighter Eric Mosley seized 22 pit bulls and equipment used to train dogs for fighting. The dogs were confined by heavy chains, with no food and only filthy water. Mosley, 42, was arrested on one count of felony dogfighting and taken to jail, but soon released on $10,000 bond. This is the second time Mosley has been charged with felony dogfighting. After a year-long undercover investigation, authorities raided Mosley's home in 2005 and seized a total of 37 dogs and dogfighting gear. However, the courts ultimately acquitted him of the charges. The 22 pit bulls seized last month are being cared for at the Caddo Animal Services shelter. Meanwhile, Caddo Parish Animal Control and Shreveport Police Department are conducting a joint investigation of the crime. The Caddo Parish Fire Department has placed Mosley on paid leave while conducting their own internal investigation.

Contact Information
Interim Fire Chief David Glass: 318-673-6655
Deputy Fire Chief Mack McCoy:
Caddo Parish Fire Department
263 North Common
Shreveport LA 71101
Ask fire department to terminate Eric Moseley's job.

Paul Carmouche, District Attorney
Office of the District Attorney
Criminal Division
501 Texas Street
Shreveport, LA 71101
Ask Shreveport's DA to seek the maximum penalty for Mosley and others implicated in felony dogfighting.

Donate Cages  ~  We need more large cages, 48" cages only, to house smaller dogs so we can use regular runs for pit bulls contained as evidence. More cages will stop euthanasia of other dogs when we bring in pit bulls. Order cages:

Send Cages Or Money To:
Debra Barlow, Animal Cruelty Investigator
Hopeful Haven Equine Rescue
12193 Providence Road
Shreveport, LA, 71129
Spot, a puppy, was shot in New Orleans East, an area still in ruins two years after Katrina 293x558

See Spot Happy!

Animal Rescue New Orleans  ~  Remember Spot, the 11-month puppy shot (12/7/07) in New Orleans East, an area devastated 2+ years past Katrina? A security guard shot Spot and left him crumpled in blood pools for at least 8 hours before rescuers rushed him to a veterinary clinic. Spot underwent surgery to amputate his right front leg and found a second chance at ARNO. Update: An Ohio State University veterinary student adopted Spot at Christmas!

Volunteer For ARNO
ARNO volunteer form

Donate To ARNO
  1. Give Online
  2. Give By Mail:
    1219 Coliseum Street
    New Olreans, LA 70130
  3. Gift Cards: or
  4. iGive: 26% of your purchase for ARNO
  5. Supplies Drop-Off: ARNO Warehouse
    271 Plauche St, New Orleans LA 70123

Spot's Fund
Sponsor A Companion Animal  ~  ARNO created Spot's Fund to let donors sponsor an animal who needs extraordinary medical care. Donations pay for life-saving surgery, medical treatment and rehabilitation. If you can help financially, please donate now via PayPal link at any page top on our website, or you can mail a check and mark Spot's Fund in the memo section on the check.

Animal Rescue New Orleans, Spot's Fund
271 Plauche Street
New Orleans, LA 70123

Small Bites

News named Small Bites as reminder to donate small-bite food (or cat food) for animals.

Kevin Bacon Volunteers At ARNO  ~  On Christmas Eve day, Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick and their 2 kids volunteered at ARNO! Over 4 hours they walked dogs, painted cat cage pedestals. They even saw the ARNO team in action. The Bacons had Styx and Journey nextdoor and one of them, we won't say exactly who, wasn't quick enough at the gate. Styx and Journey took off running. Without a word, we sprang to action. Kyra said it was like a SWAT team. We made sure to let them know they were now part of a special elite group: ARNO volunteers.

Wildlife and Fisheries has sighted numerous collared dogs in undeveloped part of New Orleans East 530x395 Collared Dogs Still Roam
Kathy Sweeney  ~  I received word that Wildlife and Fisheries has sighted numerous collared dogs in undeveloped part of New Orleans East. Has anyone photographed these dogs for possible reunions? Apparently dogs catch rabbits and share them with the packs. There are feeders for New Orleans East, but has anyone been in this remote section?

With Michael Vick dogs in rehab, evidence of the cruelty they endured comes to light, yet they still smile and wag 530x295 Vick Dogs Speak
Vick In The Land Of Second Chances? See amazing photos/video and viewpoints in a retrospective of Michael Vick and the dogs he hurt.
Photos: Bad Rap,
Cheri Deatsch asks for help with this dog rescued in New Orleans 265x365

Save New Orleans Dog

Can You Help Place This Dog? Contact: Cheri J. Deatsch, 504-610-2999
I rescued this dog in New Orleans, obviously someone's companion, but my exhaustive efforts to locate his family failed. He's small (30-40 lbs), young (1-3), very sweet disposition, but no training. He gets along with my dog and all other dogs he's met, but is not good with my cat.

LASPCA has him held under my name [to delay euthanasia]. I will adopt him, but only to find him another home. I cannot keep him due to conflict with my cat and frequent work travel. He will be released to me when neutered, vaccinated and heartworm-tested. I can donate toward his care. And, if in New Orleans area, I can assist with an adoption search.
Kinship Circle founder Brenda Shoss cradles a rescued cat 241x387