Hurricane Katrina

Justice In St. Bernard Parish Slaughter?

National Referendum: Louisiana Attorney General
Calls Needed From April 21-25 2008, Humane Society of Louisiana, Jeff Dorson  ~  Louisiana's newly elected Attorney General, James Caldwell dismissed aggravated animal cruelty charges against two St. Bernard Sheriff's officers, Sergeant Clifford "Chip" Englande and Deputy Mike Minton. In the the shocking video recorded by award-winning Dallas Morning News photojournalist David Leeson, Minton was videotaped shooting animals in St. Bernard Parish streets and confessing in a subsequent interview.

The images stirred public outcry, and a grand jury under former Attorney General Charles Foti handed down an indictment against the officers.

Humane Society of Louisiana reps have communicated with former and current prosecuting attorneys in the case who believe evidence is strong enough to bring the matter to trial. We need local and nationwide animal defenders to participate in a National Referendum on the issue.

Take Action
Call Louisiana Attorney General's office, 225-326-6000, from April 21 - 25. Ask others to do the same. Tell Mr. Caldwell's office you are participating in the National Referendum on the St. Bernard pet shooting case and that you strongly oppose the decision to drop felony animal cruelty charges against Minton and Englande.

Sympathy Card On Behalf Of SBP Animals
At the conclusion of the Referendum, Humane Society of Louisiana reps will deliver a wreath in remembrance of animals killed to Attorney General Caldwell's office and urge his office to bring the case to trial. For more information on Humane Society of Louisiana: For a modest donation, your name can be included in a sympathy card for St. Bernard animals that will accompany the wreath.

Maddie's Fund For SE Louisiana

Reply To Katrina Lifeline, 718-544-PETS  /  Terrebonne, St. John The Baptist, St. Charles, St. Bernard, Plaquemines, Lafourche, Jefferson, Washington, Tangipahoa, St. Tammany, St. Helena, Ascension, Assumption, St. James — SE Louisiana has chance to get a multi-million dollar Maddie's Fund grant.

Maddie's would give $100-300 per dog or cat adopted out from any of 14 parish animal controls. For strays or seized animals, 1/5 of the subsidy is awarded. At 7 years, Maddie's low cost or free spay/neuter goes into effect.

To Qualify:
  • Submit 2006-2008 monthly intake/adoption reports.
  • If approved, initial money is NOT the main Maddie's grant, but rather, seed money Humane Society of Louisiana will use to underwrite our Adoption Subsidy Community Collaborative and Spay Neuter Grant proposal.
Sugar is a pretty young calico from Lakeview who needs a forever home quickly 323x262

Homes For Lakeview Kitties

Contact: Jeanette Althans, 504-430-6477, 504-733-9853
Both kitties are spayed, current on vaccines.

Sugar: Foster Leaving Country
Sugar is a pretty 8-9 month old calico whose foster family leaves the country at the end of April. Sugar needs a forever home quickly. She is a very calm and clean cat, who talks in her little squeaky voice and loves to play with balls. At night she snuggles in bed, stretches and purrs. Sugar's foster mom says "she is a very low maintenance cat."

Twinkie outlived Katrina floods and street life for over two years and she deserves a home 323x262
Twinkie: Katrina Survivor
Twinkie outlived Katrina floods and street life for over two years! Twinkie struggled on the streets, so she was brought to ARNO in Dec 2007. She's lived in a cage (and gained weight) waiting for a home. Twinkie is a medium hair black cat who craves attention and loves to be groomed and eat. Twinkie's former [guardian] has moved and cannot take Twinkie into her new home. Twinkie needs a forever home.
Tabitha needs a loving home now 248x344
Tabitha needs a loving home now.
This Delta Pup is one of many adoptable animals at St. John Baptist Shelter. 248x255
This Delta Puppy is among many adoptable animals at St. John Baptist Shelter. Their time is very limited.
Bambi needs immediate rescue from Katrina crowded St John Baptist Shelter 248x255
Bambi needs immediate rescue from St. John Baptist Shelter, where Katrina's shadow has cast uncertain fate for many animals.

Laplace, LA Shelter Needs Help From Anywhere!

Charlotte Bass, President/CEO, ARNO  ~  St. John Animal Shelter is right outside New Orleans, where people evacuated or moved permanently to St. John Parish after Katrina. There is a housing shortage for people with animals. Plus, FEMA trailers are recalled due to formaldehyde poisoning and FEMA does NOT supply temp housing for animals. Both situations have resulted in an inordinate amount of surrenders, 70% more than pre-Katrina numbers. Before Katrina this shelter had a 4% euthanasia rate for four years running. Tomorrow 30 perfectly healthy animals will be euthanized. This tragedy will continue until individuals, groups and humane societies step in.

St. John Baptist Parish Animal Shelter
Laplace, LA between Baton Rouge and New Orleans off Interstate 10 on the River Road.
Linda Allen, Shelter Director or Jerry, ACO
View Animals:

Your Last Hard Day Was Yesterday

Photos above show Sabrina on her rescue day, and later as she heals. See more Sabrina rescue photos.
Click here for Sabrina in recovery photos.

Sabrina's Ordeal And Recovery
Reply To NOLA Cats  ~  Sabrina had diesel fuel poured on her in an attempt to cure her of the mange. Unfortunately, diesel is toxic. Initial Diagnoses: Demodex mange, covered in fleas, mild heartworm positive, malnourished, bloody, scabby, scaly, inflamed skin, missing roughly 70% of her hair, tapeworms.

Today, Sabrina is doing very well! Her weekly mange shots are finished. Her skin is still flakey and recovering, but much better. A few scars remain where she scratched and bled. In those patches, hair is thin or absent, so time will tell if they fully recover. Her tape worms and ear mites have cleared up. She underwent two courses of antibiotics during mange treatment to assist with skin infections caused by rejecting the dead mites. She's vaccinated, spayed and microchipped.

As for her temperament, this 30-pound girl springs up as high as my cheek when I get home from work. She is fun, active, athletic, and loves my older dog dearly (it's mutual). Sabrina and my younger dog have had their moments, but we're working it out. Sabrina's house-training is close, but not quite there. She's happy to have a soft bed, roof, food in her belly and fresh water. Oh, she loves to de-stuff stuffed animals.

Help More Forgotten Animals Of New Orleans
Each animal we heal is living proof of our vital support network. Because of generous donors, Sabrina's $1300+ medical expenses are covered! Now our rescue work continues, specifically: Trapping a dog with an embedded collar seen running NOLA streets for months with blood on her chest.

Another wandering dog appears to have an older broken leg. Both need medical care, once trapped. Moreover, we're deep into kitten season, with over 50% of female cats spayed at SAF found to be pregnant and 30 of 32 females at ARK pregnant. At least 100 kittens in foster await adoption.

Please support any NOLA rescue groups. For suggestions about where and how to help, email Kim Johnson, an original-ARNO coordinator, now rescues animals in New Orleans full time. To contribute to the fund for Kim's NOLA rescues, donate by check to:

Feral Cat Consortium
attn: Wendy Guidry
4 Summer Haven Court
Madisonville, LA 70447
memo: For the care of NOLA rescues under Kim Johnson
Felines Forever wound up with 13 survivors from a shelter in the Piedmont, MO floods 298x450

Small Bites

News named Small Bites as a reminder to donate small-bite food (or cat food).

Fate Of Missouri Flood Kitties
4/8/08  ~  Felines Forever wound up with 13 survivors from a shelter in the Piedmont, MO floods. I've adopted out two adult cats. Five young ones, now spay/neutered, are adoptable. They were slated for euthanasia a week after the flood, so the disaster saved their lives! Three adults go to All Paws, others to Phelps County Animal Welfare League. It has been fun to watch their true personalities emerge. They are all so sweet and adoptable!

To Adopt, Contact:
Nancy Lupia, 314-707-0795
Felines Forever
This Shih Tzu, found wandering the Lower 9th Ward, has a new mom and home in Missouri 288x360
9th Ward Warrior Gets A Mom
Reply To NOLA Cats  ~  This cutie-pie Shih Tzu, found wandering the mean streets of post-hurricane New Orleans, tested positive for heartworm. That didn't stop Candace Poe from driving 8-9 hours from Missouri to give him a home. Despite a flat tire and full-day wait for the dog's post-neuter recovery, Candace departed with her mini 9th Ward warrior.

From Kinship Circle  ~  I'm amazed by how many still help animals in Katrina-affected areas. If you've rescued an animal featured in a Kinship Circle newsletter, please send us an update and photo of your lucky companion. Thank you all for caring.
*Kinship Circle does not use the language of slavery to depict nonhuman animals. Owner, owned, it… are replaced with guardian, him/her, caregiven… or other language that doesn't define animals as property. Any unmodified text is unintended.