Volunteer With SpayMart For Katrina Cats

11/4/07 SpayMart In Picayune, MS & New Orleans, LA, Kathy Fleming   ~  We sure need volunteers for daily cat care and adoptions, plus an upcoming Santa Claws Program at Petsmart-Elmwood in New Orleans. SpayMart is a 501c3 all-volunteer nonprofit based in New Orleans with a facility in Picayune, MS. We currently have 300 Katrina rescue cats. Lynn Chiche, president, appreciates any time you can donate!

Please Lend Spaymart A Hand
  1. Assist with daily cat care and adoptions.
  2. Volunteer for Santa Claws Program in December at Petsmart-Elmwood. Begins Dec. 1-2 and continues weekends of Dec 8-9, Dec. 15-16. Three volunteers needed each weekend day, 11:00am to 4:00pm. One vol plays Santa, one is photographer, one prints photos. Must be 18 years or older.
  3. Donate heavy duty garbage bags and cat litter.
  4. Help sponsor SpayMart's veterinary bills.

Contact: Lynn Chiche, SpayMart 504-838-9167

Can You Help Feed Them?

New Orleans: Food & Water Volunteers
Katrina's left-behind, and their 4th and 5th generation offspring, wander under-populated parts of New Orleans. Volunteer feeder Maria Alvarez cares for 60+ animals at her home, out-of-pocket. Adoptions are rare.

Send Donated Food
Contact Maria Alvarez to find out where food is needed: tipster@bellsouth.net

Monetary Donations
Support Alliance For Stray Animals
4033 Arizona Avenue
Kenner, LA 70065
memo: food-water
Maria Alvarez

Mail Gift Cards
PetSmart or Walmart Cards
Stewardship For Strays
2905 Taft Park
Metairie, LA 70002

Lakeview Call For Feeders, Trappers, Fosters

Kathy Sweeney and Jeanette Althans created Lakeview Cats Roaming to feed, trap, and reunite animals roaming since Katrina. Remote Reunion Campaign, ARNO, Kinship Circle and others provide assistance.
An estimated 200 cats still roam in Lakeview, just one New Orleans area hard hit by Katrina in August 2005 487x243
Love An Outdoor Or Indoor Lakeview Kitty
Yes, Katrina's shadow still hovers over Lakeview. We always need feeders, but our critical needs now involve trapping, fostering and adopting. Please check www.lakeviewcats.org regularly.

There are several kitten litters that must be trapped and taken off the street, along with unaltered adults who need TNR. We typically trap 4-6 cats each week. TNR cats undergo spay/neuter at ARNO before released the next day. However, we desperately need fosters and kitten adopters. In October we trapped three 5-week old kittens. They were little spitfires for a few days. Once tamed down, they turned out so very sweet. They are in a foster home in Baton Rouge and are up for adoption via ARNO. We named them after streets in Lakeview: Fleur de Lis, Hammond, and Harrison.

Several more litters must be trapped. Friendly Katrina cats left in Lakeview also deserve a chance. They have survived on the street for over two years and crave human attention. All need foster/forever homes.

Foster And Forever Homes For Katrina Cats
  • Fosters Needed While We Search For Guardians: Foster friendly adult cats who survived Katrina.

  • Foster/Adopt Traumatized Cats: Many adult survivors were former family cats. With patience, love and a stable environment, they can be re-socialized.

  • Foster/Adopt Various Age Kittens: Kittens from 2 to 8 months need gentle attention until they adjust.

  • Contact: Jeanette Althans, 504-430-6477  /  Kathy Sweeney, 504-343-3683
Muffie wore a black collar and rabies tag when rescued Sep 2005 from her home in New Orleans, LA 70117 and taken to Camp Lucky in St. Bernard Parish 268x###

Lost In System: Muffie

  • Breed: Long-Hair Calico
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: About 3+ years
  • Distinct Features: Right eye cloudy, distorted from old surgery

Description: Muffie wore a black leather collar and rabies tag when rescued 9/05 from her home on N. Roman St., New Orleans, LA 70117 and taken to Camp Lucky in St. Bernard Parish. On 9/28/05 Muffie was aboard a plane to Desert Springs, CA but never arrived like other animals on that transport. It is believed Muffie was immediately adopted upon arrival at the airport. Her New Orleans family misses her dearly and would like to know that she's safe in California.

Contact: Katrina Animal Reunion Team (KART), 985-893-6456
P.O. Box 1156
Mandeville LA 70470-1156
Chubba, a young female cat, was rescued Oct 2005 from St Bernard Parish and must find her original guardians or a new home 268x207

Found: Chubba

  • Breed: Domestic Medium-Hair
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Young
  • Found ID: SBP751

Description: Chubba was rescued on 10/19/05 from Plantation Village, St. Bernard, LA 70085. Possible streets: Bobolink, Kingbird, Flamingo, Starling, Bayou, Green. Chubba was taken to Rebel Field on Palmisano, Chalmette. She then lived with someone in Boston. She can no longer stay at the Boston home and sure would like to go home!

Contact: Katrina Animal Reunion Team
985-893-6456, findkpets@yahoo.com
Savannah, a tan and white pit girl, was rescued in Katrina hit New Orleans Sep 2005, but is now lost in the system 268x207

Lost/System: Savannah

  • Breed: Female Pit Bull Mix
  • Colors: Tan And White Coat
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Young

Description: White on back toes, black muzzle, black around eyes)ears. Savannah (shelter name) was rescued in Sep 2005, from 3012 Toulouse St, New Orleans 70119 (Mid City).

Contact: Katrina Animal Reunion Team
985-893-6456, findkpets@yahoo.com

California Wildfires: Sponsor A Dog Or Puppy

Southern California Wildfires

Lucy Pribbenow  ~  I know a lot of us desperately wanted to help the California Fire dogs, but didn't know what to do or were unable to travel. Here is your chance.

We are planning a trip to CA to bring back 100-200 small dogs and puppies to Colorado for adoption. Shelters in the fire affected areas are now over run with dogs, lots of owner surrenders, and puppies. This effort will depend largely on donations from folks like you. All dogs will be vaccinated, spay/neutered, de-wormed and checked by a vets in both locations.

Sponsor A Dog Or Pup: $35
Online: Denkai Animal Sanctuary
By Mail: Denkai Animal Sanctuary
10375 WCR 118
Carr, CO 80612

Other Needs For Animals
Gas cards
Walmart cards - cleaning supplies
Visa Gift cards - any amount
Petco cards - toys, leads, collars, bowls etc.
PetSmart cards - wee wee pads, puppy food
Parvo tests
Parvo/Distemper vaccines
Bordatella vaccines
De-wormer - Panacur, Valbenzen,
Cash donation

Denkai Animal Sanctuary is an organization committed to promoting healthy environments in which people and animals interact and connect through applied, environmental, and educational programs to cultivate mental and physical health.

FEMA Credentialing Has Been Finalized

Kinship Circle director Brenda Shoss lifts an injured black dog the team brings back to the Bangkok disaster shelter during Thailand floods

Kinship Circle director Brenda Shoss lifts an injured black dog whom the team brings back to a Bangkok emergency disaster shelter during Thailand floods. (c) Kinship Circle Disaster Animal Response Team, Thailand Floods 2011-2012
Kinship Circle Disaster Responder George McKeehan leads his team in animal rescue at Thailand floods, Bangkok

Kinship Circle Disaster Responder George McKeehan at Thailand floods, Bangkok. George led the first team on the ground and coordinated construction of a disaster shelter made with bamboo poles, tents and tarps. (c) Kinship Circle Disaster Animal Response Team, Thailand Floods 2011-2012

Katrina Lost-Dog Custody Case Appealed

A dog found very sick after Katrina and lovingly adopted is the subject of a court custody battle 293x255
This 10-year-old cocker spaniel was in the middle of a custody case between a New Orleans resident and an Austin resident. Jazz was lost by her family in the chaos of Hurricane Katrina, and brought to an Austin shelter. She was adopted by Tiffany Madura and renamed Hope. Shalanda Augillard claimed Jazz was her dog and that rescue workers stole Jazz, who was left behind during Hurricane Katrina.

Woman Who Lost Dog In Katrina Appeals Texas Ruling  ~  Lawyers representing Shalanda Augillard, the New Orleans-area woman who lost her fight to have her dog returned to her in a Hays County court earlier this summer, have announced they are appealing the District Court's ruling. This is the first case that has gone to trial in which an owner of a dog lost in Katrina was denied the return of her pet.
Tiffany Madura loves Hope, a cocker found very sick after Katrina, but a NOLA woman says the dog is hers and has sued to get Jazz back 268x288 Augillard said, "I put my faith in the justice system, and it failed me. I know without a doubt that the dog in Texas is Jazz. I love my dog, and all I want is to bring Jazz home."

According to attorney Susan Philips, who represented Augillard in the case, the outcome was incomprehensible, given overwhelming evidence that Jazz is indeed Augillard's dog.

"A noted DNA expert, Dr. Joy Halverson, testified that, 'with scientific certainty, I can unequivocally say the DNA samples came from the same dog,'" Philips said. "At the outset of the case, we were confident that the court would return Jazz to Augillard. We thought that the quickest way to get Jazz home was to file suit in Texas, in Hays County, which is where the dog was being held. Because the judge limited the trial to four hours, we didn't have the opportunity to present our case. We were stunned by the judge's decision."

She added, "Since Jazz is now ten years old, it is imperative that we continue to pursue this case at all levels and hopefully reunite her with Augillard before it's too late."

Manhattan Animal Rescuer Awarded For Her Katrina Work

Manhattan, NY & New Orleans, LA  ~  Courtney is also a Kinship Circle Disaster Animal Response Team member who's traveled worldwide to aid animals in the aftermath of disasters!

For More Information: Jeff Dorson, 901-268-4432
Courtney Chandel, 347-515-8225
Courtney feeds a dog who lived outside an Iwate Prefecture no pets evacuation center while Kinship Circle aided Japan Earthquake animals 375x320
Courtney feeds a dog who lived outside an Iwate Prefecture no-pets evacuation center in frigid winds. People left homeless by Japan's quake/tsunami were forced to keep their animals outside in cars, tied to posts, in crates. Kinship Circle and JEARS took many of these animals into temporary shelter. (c) Kinship Circle, Japan Earthquake
Nice Work Courtney!
At a New York City presentation held in anticipation of the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer presented Courtney Chandel with two awards for her 2005 animal aid work. First, Mr. Stringer presented Ms. Chandel with the Golden Heart award given on behalf of the Humane Society of Louisiana, a New Orleans-based organization that recognizes volunteers nationwide who came to their city and state's aid in the aftermath of Katrina.

Ms. Chandel and more volunteers from around the U.S. teamed with MuttShack Foundation, an animal rescue group that operated one of the largest animal recovery outposts in NOLA. Volunteers made dangerous forays into the city to find animals. One search-rescue mission led Ms. Chandel and her rescue partner into Gentilly, an unsafe neighborhood hard hit by the levee breach. Post-storm shootings commonly occured here.

They stayed overnight in the attic of a resident's nearly-destroyed home (where temperatures exceeded 100 degrees) in order to find and save a traumatized cat.

Ms. Chandel eventually caught the cat, Violet, and returned her to her owner, who had previously evacuated to New York City, and where the former resident has decided to live permanently. Overall, Ms. Chandel gave aid and relief to dozens of stricken animals and showed great courage and determination in her efforts to help animals in distress.

"We would like to honor thousands upon thousands of volunteers who risked their safety and spent personal funds to assist in our recovery from the nation's worst natural disaster. Since it is impossible to give awards to each deserving individual, we can only pick a few to represent the many. We believe that Courtney's actions symbolize what thousands of others did — they helped us during our greatest time of need and they did it without expecting anything in return," says Jeff Dorson, Executive Director of the Humane Society of Louisiana, a charitable animal protection agency that operated the Safe House for Abused Animals in Algiers, a suburb of New Orleans, fifteen minutes from the Superdome.

The group's shelter was destroyed by Katrina's heavy rains and hurricane force winds, but the organization hopes to return to the city and reestablish many of its humane programs and services in the near future. Twenty-four hours before Katrina landed, the group evacuated to a barren four-acre plot of land in Tylertown, Mississippi, where they created an emergency evacuation center, which is still in operation.

When informed about her nomination and award from the Humane Society, Ms. Chandel said that after experiencing the tremendous outpouring of support from all over the world and from other states after September 11, "Helping out Louisiana was a real privilege. To help animals is to help people, because people care about the welfare of animals."

Mr. Stringer also presented Ms. Chandel with a mounted key to the City of New Orleans. "We wanted to let Courtney and other animal rescuers know that our state will be forever indebted to them and that the door to our city shall remain open to them," says Dorson, explaining the significance of the second award. Mr. Stringer, not to be outdone by the officials from the Humane Society, also declared August 14, as "Courtney Chandel Day throughout the Borough of Manhattan." This is the first time, in modern times, that an animal rescuer has been honored with this type of city-wide proclamation.

The Humane Society of Louisiana has also created a Katrina Pet Memorial Committee, which is comprised of 20 individuals from around the country who are raising funds to create a commemorative statue to honor the lives of pets lost during Katrina. Ms. Chandel also serves on this committee. The committee has commissioned a life-size statue to be sculpted by Mr. Richard Chashoudian, a resident of Baton Rouge. The statue, known as the Katrina Pet Memorial Statue, will be a cat and dog cast in bronze and will symbolize the tens of thousands of animals who lost their lives during Katrina.

The statue will be formally presented to the New Orleans City Council on or around the 3rd anniversary of Katrina (August 29, 2008). A rally and reception for all animal responders who participated in the 2005 Katrina recovery will be held in conjunction with the unveiling of the statue.

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