Hurricane Katrina

Blue is a small, spayed gray cat missing since Fall 2006 323x222

Missing: Blue

  • Breed: Gray Cat
  • Gender: Female (spayed)
  • Size: Small

Description: Blue, a friendly feral within a neighbor's colony, hung around house where Turtle lived (three houses from her former home) and was fed by Turtle's guardian after the storm. Neighbor moved after Katrina and couldn't take her. Turtle's guardian was about to take her inside when Blue disappeared in Fall 2006. Possibly chased away by a large male cat who claimed location as his territory. Turtle's guardian would like to know if someone possibly re-homed or is feeding.

Last Seen: Blue is a Katrina survivor missing from Mid-City, last seen in Fall 2006 at Banks and S. Murat Streets.

Contact: 205-585-7822,

Turtle is a Tortoiseshell Calico mix cat missing from Mid-City and possibly sited by a Katrina volunteer at a feeding station in 2007 323x222

Missing: Turtle

  • Breed: Tortoiseshell/Calico Mix Cat
  • Colors: Black/orange, white on chest, feet
  • Gender: Female (spayed)
  • Age: Now 12 Years

Description: Turtle is a Katrina cat missing from Mid-City, but possibly sighted in 2007. Guardian seeks information on who sighted cat described at 541 S. Murat St. location in feeding station logs posted on ARNO website in 1/06. Guardian has checked old stations in area from 2005 to 2006. Also checked feeding stations Holly maintained since Katrina.

Last Seen: Turtle was last seen at 541 S. Murat St. (and across street) 300 block of S. Alexander (at Palmyra) Baudin St., Palmyra St. Turtle's guardian is certain of a sighting a year ago, at 9:00 p.m. A feeder possibly saw Turtle in 2007 at a food station in the morning.

Contact: 205-585-7822,

Small Bites

News named Small Bites as a reminder to donate small-bite food.

NOLA Cop Fires 8 Bullets Into Dog
4/17/08  ~  Kinship Circle received the thank you below from Dr. Patrick Coleman, a Lakeview resident whose dog Jax was slaughtered by police in his fenced backyard.

Sat, 3 May 2008, Patrick Coleman, Thank you Re: Jax  /  Thank you so much for the information posted regarding Jax, my 4 year old Doberman, who was shot and killed by a police officer responding to a false burglary alarm at my home on April 14, 2008. With so many people writing letters, blogging, posting… I only hope that his death brings about change as his life did for myself and everyone who met him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart in memory of Jax.

W. Patrick Coleman IV, M.D.
4425 Conlin Street
Metairie, LA 70006
Office: 504-455-3180, Fax: 504-885-2512
Angel's Gate On Orpah
Susan Marino  ~  Jill Rappaport of NBC's Today Show filmed with Angel's Gate for the 4/28/08 Oprah Winfrey Show. On her first of multiple trips to New Orleans, Susan Marino of Angel's Gate stayed five weeks to aid Katrina animal victims.
Vote For PAWS Shelter
Ramona Billot,  ~  Plaquemines Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is a rescue-shelter in one of Katrina's hardest hit areas, Plaquemines Parish. You can vote daily for the chance to win $5000! Please vote for PAWS at Petfinder.
Mid-City Feeders Needed
  1. Anyone feeding cats at Bienville and Rocheblave? Starving cats located behind abandoned home, seen (week of 4/14) by Lynn Chiche of SpayMart. Lynn cares for 300 cats at SpayMart shelter in Mississippi and cannot feed here too. Email her for location details: Lynn Chiche, SpayMart,

  2. Paul Cory took over food/water for cat colonies on Bienville, North White, and North Gayoso Streets. Cats were fed daily by a lady who stopped due to family illness. Paul can only feed once weeky and needs help. He'll show you stations and provide food. Paul lives in Mississippi. 504-512-2090,

Animal Rescue Certification
MuttShack Training  ~  In future disasters, preparedness and training play a key role!

$1 Million In Grants For Katrina Animal Care

Richard Martinez, 504-598-4663  ~  July 1 is the deadline to apply for Noah's Wish Grants via Greater New Orleans Foundation. About $1 million is available. Awards will be announced on Aug. 15. Grants reimburse U.S. groups for rescue/care of animals affected by Hurricane Katrina (from 8/29/05 to present or agreed-upon future date). Each grant is limited to $50,000. Grantees must be public charities or government entities.

Noah's Wish was a nonprofit charity that conducted post-Katrina animal rescue operations. After news reports showed efforts for animals, contributions poured in from generous donors. But some donations were improperly utilized, so the California Attorney General's office stepped in. A court settlement with Noah's Wish restricts use of funds specifically to animal victims of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Funds can't be used for other disasters or future disaster preparedness. More information and application:
Katrina stranded cats of Lakeview still need homes 626x335

Stranded Cats Of Lakeview Still Need Homes

Get Them Off The Streets
Kitten litters need to be taken off the streets, along with unaltered adults who need TNR. We desperately need fosters and kitten adopters. Also, there are several friendly Katrina cats left in Lakeview who deserve forever homes. They've been on the street for 2+ years and crave human attention.

  • Fosters Needed While We Search For Guardians: Foster friendly adult cats who survived Katrina.
  • Foster/Adopt Traumatized Cats: Many adult survivors were former family cats. With patience, love and a stable environment, they can be re-socialized.
  • Foster/Adopt Various Age Kittens: Kittens from 2 to 8 months need gentle attention until they adjust.
  • Contact: Jeanette Althans, 504-430-6477  /  Kathy Sweeney, 504-343-3683

Call For Volunteers In Lakeview, New Orleans
Kathy Sweeney and Jeanette Althans need volunteers to help trap, foster and adopt Lakeview left-behinds and their offspring. Volunteer feeders are welcome too. Please see:

Support Anti-Dogfighting Effort In Louisiana

GPS Systems To Track And Close Dogfight Rings
Metairie, LA  ~  To help combat dogfighting, Bill Johnson (a Humane Society of Louisiana patron) donated GPS systems to Louisiana State Police. Johnson and Jeff Dorson, HSL Executive Director, delivered 24 systems to Captain Joseph Lentini, who heads the Gaming Enforcement Division. Twenty-four state police vehicles will be outfitted with GPS systems that let them track suspects and coordinate surveillance operations — often in remote, rural areas.

During the past several years, the Louisiana State Police, Gaming Enforcement Division, has arrested over 150 individuals suspected of engaging in dogfighting activities. Officers have seized over $25,000 in cash, contraband, narcotics, and weapons.

Humane Society of Louisiana has worked tirelessly to educate the public, law enforcement agencies, and lawmakers on the prevalence of dogfighting and need to increase penalties. HSL, in New Orleans, operates a statewide animal abuse hotline, 1-888-6-humane, and routinely investigates animal cruelty complaints. HSL also created Rapid Response Animal Abuse Team, comprised of more than 200 individuals who help solve animal abuse crimes and advocate stronger laws for humane treatment of animals. HSL also conducts cruelty investigation workshops. Information: Jeff Dorson, Humane Society of Louisiana

Help Neglected Dogs in Rural Mississippi

Help neglected dogs in rural Mississippi 591x200
The first two photos above show Raven and the last two photos are two of her puppies.

Raven's Refuge From Misery
Meridian, Mississippi  ~  This 6 year old kind and precious dog was found chained in a bad neighborhood. Her brother's bones and fur lay on the ground where he'd died still chained. A report and photos went to animal control a year ago, but they refused to go out. I befriended the caregivers, and took Raven and three puppies to the vet. They were treated for mange, wormed, and given antibiotics.

Raven has no milk, and her two emaciated puppies are only 8-weeks-old. She is heartworm positive, plus I want to spay her. The caregivers will not give her up, though she is no longer chained. On May 8, Raven and her pups got another dip, revolution, shots, re-worming. I purchased dip and revolution for their other dog, Wild Thing. I cannot also afford frontline, collars, crates, and vet care… Contact: Sharon Moore, 601-513-5424 or 601-626-8697

How To Help Raven, Wild Thing, And Puppies
Please help Sharon Moore give these neglected dogs a better life. Sharon has rescued dogs like Raven since she moved to MS soon after Katrina. Can you support Sharon's medical costs?

Donations To The Veterinarian
Dr. Diane Donaldson, Till Newell Animal Hospital
2200 Hwy 45 N.
Meridian, MS 39301
ph: 601-485-8049, fax: 601-485-6435

Donations To East Mississippi Animal Rescue
PayPal account:
Specify donation for: Sharon Moore costs for Raven, Wild Thing, puppies.
Contact Paula Joyner, President of EMAR:
For More Info, Contact Sharon Moore: 601-513-5424 or 601-626-8697

LA-SPCA Expands Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Services

New Orleans, Effective 6/1/08  ~  To help end regional animal overpopulation, LA-SPCA low-cost spay/neuter services will be available to individuals, families, rescue and humane welfare groups.

How Much Does It Cost?
$25 feral cat/kitten (includes ear-tipping and rabies vaccination)
$40 owned male cat/kitten
$50 owned female cat/kitten
$50 male dog/puppy (under 20 lbs.)
$75 male dog/puppy (21-50 lbs.)
$75 female dog/puppy (under 20 lbs.)
$100 per female dog/puppy (21-50 lbs.)

How Do I Make An Appointment?
Call Louisiana SPCA's spay/neuter appointment desk: 504-368-5191, ext. 141

Where Are The Surgeries?
Louisiana SPCA's mobile spay/neuter center, parked at Louisiana SPCA, 1700 Mardi Gras Blvd., corner of L.B. Landry, in Algiers.

More Information  ~  Mary Morris, LA-SPCA Spay/Neuter Program Coordinator: 504-368-5191 ext. 141 Gloria Dauphin:

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