10/4/06: We Won’t Give Up On These Animals

Don’t Let Vanderbilt Tech Torture More Monkeys

  2. UPDATE: Luna’s Homecoming
  3. UPDATE: Fire Officials Won’t Let Woman Evacuate With Pets
  4. Justice For Lucy, After The Storm?
  5. Roicy - Lafayette, LA - 5 PM Thursday 10/5 Deadline  
  6. Remote Reunion Campaign Won’t Give Up On These Animals
  7. German Shepherd Survived Katrina & Needs Forever Home
  8. New Orleans Animals Still Need You
  9. KATRINA LIFELINE Transport On Telemundo TV16 & NY Daily News

Send small-bite food, or cat food, when donating for Gulf Coast animals.

Best Friends Voted On To CBS News/Katie Couric
SOURCE: Kathi McDermott,

REFERENCE: Kinship Circle Primary
9/30/06: Ask Portugal To Go Bullfight-Free * Vote Best Friends On CBS/Katie Couric

10/2/06, From Kathi McDermott,
Great news everyone!
Best Friends won the CBS evening news Assignment America viewers’ voting
challenge by a landslide. We will be featured on the CBS evening news this
Friday night (10/6/06)

Reporters and staff from CBS will be arriving at Best Friends on Tuesday
morning to cover our Middle East Rescue effort. Thanks to all of you who
voted and forwarded the voting link to your friends and family. It worked!

CBS Evening News asked viewers to vote on stories for “Assignment America.”
One of the three choices was: Animal Refugees: How Best Friends Animal
Society brought 300 dogs and cats to the U.S. from Beirut.

Kathi McDermott, Community Programs Manager
Best Friends Animal Society
5001 Angel Canyon Road
Kanab, Utah 84741
(435) 644-3965 X4406,

Extreme Dream: Horse Edition

REFERENCE: Kinship Circle Disaster Relief
9/20/06: Where Are The Lost Animals Of Katrina?
SMALL BITES: 52 Acres For Hopeful Haven Equine Rescue!

10/3/06, From Debra Barlow, Dear Friends: Hopeful
Haven Equine Rescue had a dream! Our dream was to have a facility by the end
of 2006 to house abused and neglected horses and rehabilitate them so they
can have a second chance at a better life. Two weeks ago, that dream became
reality as we were donated 52 acres of land with a five year lease to start
with for a safe haven for horses. Right now we have 25 horses awaiting
transport to the facility and a donkey. The facility will be at 8915 Rolling
Ridge Drive in Shreveport.

This facility will facilitate horses mainly from DeSoto, Bossier, Caddo, and
Webster Parishes... and other parishes as requested. We are looking for
business members from the community to sponsor a stall for a horse.

$400 will sponsor a stall for a horse. For this sponsorship, you will have a
brass plate engraved in your business or personal name on the stall gate.

In addition, we will have a tree constructed in the main office that will
have apples and leaves. For $250 minimum donation, you can have an engraved
leaf on the tree with your business or personal name. For $1000 donation,
you can have an apple engraved the same. We also have rocks under the tree
that can be engraved for the $1000 donation. $1000+ donors will have a brass
saddle pad on one of the numerous horses that will be painted on the walls.

Won’t you please join us in making this dream an Extreme Dream: Horse
and donate to our project? All donations are tax deductible.

P.O. BOX 17763
TAX ID # 91-2093844
Rebuilding Broken Spirits
If ever a horse needs a helping hand, please God, let it be ours!
Debra Barlow, HHERO President & Certified Animal Cruelty Investigator

Still Forgotten Video, Includes Current N.O. Footage
Pam Leavy,

September 2006: One year later, the forgotten pets of New Orleans remain
forgotten, struggling to survive in a land that became foreign to them
overnight. Those who have used primitive survival instincts have survived,
relying heavily on our F/W stations. Many, unable to adapt, have perished.  
Even the survivors encountered day to day challenges as houses, which have
become havens, crumbled around them. TNR is in place, but we can't keep up
with the reproduction rate, as thousands of puppies and kittens are born.  
View the video link below—includes footage as recent as Sept. 23, 2006.
View my other videos (under movies) at:
Pam Leavy, Baton Rouge, La.
Above videos have been produced solely for the purpose of spreading
awareness of the animal conditions southeast Louisiana. I’m a volunteer and
receive no monetary compensation for my work in New Orleans or these videos.

Mauled Cats In Carrollton/Orleans/City Park Area (NOLA)
Maria Alvarez <>, Cherie Faget <>

10/3/06, From Maria Alvarez: More mauled cats... In
the Carrollton/Orleans/City Park area, where Sections 11/12/27 meet.
I think
this was an area with the same issue pre-Katrina. Unaltered dogs that were
either dumped or found their way to City Park, made their den there and had
puppies. Actually this area is not too far from where mauled cats have been
found in Lakeview. It might be the same pack, or might be several packs
living in the park since the storm. Please forward to others in this area
and/or post in Yahoo Groups? Thanks, Maria Alvarez, Stewardship For Strays

10/3/06, From Cherie Faget, It seems we have cat killers in
the neighborhood. Bryan Mullen told me today that two of his cats were
killed near his house on Moss St. and the Bayou recently. He recently saw
three stray dogs walking down Harding. He said they looked real bad.

Then there was Marlyn's cat at Adrian's Florist. Then Sharon next door told
me she had spoken to someone that said another two were killed in Marlyn's
area around Orleans, Carrollton and Dumaine last week. They too were mangled
badly. I hate that it could be dogs because I feel sorry for them too.

Sorry to post again but we miss our boy - all gray male cat, 12lbs, red
collar/tag. Last seen in front of 619 N Pierce St. (right next to Home Depot
on the corner of Toulouse & Pierce) last Wednesday. I have heard that there
were some wild dogs in the area but there haven't been any reports to animal
control. We are offering a large reward for his return and compensation for
helpful information. Thank you so much.
REPLY TO: Lurie 504-342-4385 or

NOLA Food/Water Volunteers Still Needed
Traci Kestler <>, Maria Alvarez <>

Feeders * Warehouse Workers * Phone Workers * Computer Workers * TNR Trappers
  • A minimum ONE DAY PER MONTH.
  • Feeding and watering animals is PRIORITY.
  • If you don’t want to do food/water stations, we NEED YOU somewhere.
IF YOU CAN HELP, REPLY TO: Traci Kestler:, 504-975-5971

The animals in N.O. desperately need food and water. I am getting reports of
dehydration and starvation deaths... I NEED HELP WITH GETTING FOOD AND WATER
TO THE ANIMALS only one day per month, 12 DAYS PER YEAR, not even full days.
I need to relieve the feeders who are going every week so they too can only
do one day per month. Anyone without a f/w partner, I will pair with
someone. PLEASE HELP.  Thanks, Traci

File Reports & Check For Missing/Found Hurricane Animals:

2. UPDATE: Luna’s Homecoming
David Meyer,

Kinship Circle Disaster Relief - 9/20/06: Where Are The Lost Animals Of Katrina?
#2. HELP Pia Salk & Luna: ARNO Cofounder’s Katrina Dog Struck By Car
Kinship Circle Disaster Relief - 9/29/06: Your Action Is Their Refuge
#4. UPDATE: Pia & Luna, Katrina Dog Struck By Car

9/30/6, From: David Meyer,
Yes, it's true!  
Luna wins! Is this dog amazing or what? Her recent x-rays revealed her
pelvic fractures are healing well on their own so there will be NO surgery.
Her infections are in check and healing, she is keeping nearly all her food
down. She is having normal urinary and bowel activity and... being supported
by a person holding a sling on her hind quarters, she is now bearing some
weight on her back legs and WALKING—and NOT snapping at anyone. Is this not
unreal? There is NO DOUBT IN OUR MINDS that the support and good energy of
so many people, coupled with the expert 24 hour care at ASEC and Luna's own
robust NOLA constitution has pulled her through. Go Luna!

Doctors now say its best for her to get home and be cared for by Pia, with
6-8 weeks of crate rest. She will keep the feeding tube for about a week as
her esophagus heals and then can switch to normal feeding through the hole
G-d originally gave her. Pia will have to feed her every 4 hours (including
through the night I believe, though I’m not sure), and Pia will also have to
hold the sling and let Luna begin to walk, which if you know how small Pia
is, is going to be quite a chore. When I was in L.A., we reinforced the gate
with metal plating and two padlocked latches on the inside. That gate will
not be opened by anyone ever again unless Pia opens it herself.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all who sent kind thoughts and support of
any kind. Luna is just one dog, but you know the story of the starfish...

Luna being discharged from the hospital  

The vet bill topped out at right around 20k- 12 days in ICU- staggering I
know, but what are you gonna do? Pia keeps telling people she'll deal with
it on her own over time, so don't ask her! But if you feel like chipping in,
just go here The main thing is to chip in with
good vibes for Luna's recovery.

All the best, David

3. UPDATE: Fire Officials Won’t Let Woman Evacuate With Pets
SOURCE: Jane Garrison,

REFERENCE: Kinship Circle Disaster Relief
9/27/06: [DISASTER] Pets Caught in CA Fires

9/28/06, From Jane Garrison, The woman whose
animals were stuck in her home in Lockwood Valley [Los Angeles area] are now
safe! Yesterday we were able to put enough pressure to get her dogs out and
today she got her cats. Thank you to everyone who helped! I am certain there
are other people and animals who need help so I will keep you informed.

9/28/06, From Jane, (and everybody else) for future
reference, here is some advice if you are ever caught in a similar
situation. (This is from my fire captain husband, BUT he will DENY that he
ever told me this, if you ever refer to this. lol)

If that woman had not left her home yesterday, she would of been left alone,
because there is not a forced evacuation in effect. BUT because she left her
home, and due to the high fire equipment traffic, instructions were in
place, that no one returning could be allowed back into the area. This is
because of all the fire equipment on the roads, and they want no traffic
interference from civilians.

The way to "get around" the fireman that would not permit her to return
home, was that she could of simply sped past him (as long as there was NO
threat to his well-being) and she could of rushed home. Because she stopped,
she was forced to go back the way she came. My husband stated that people
all the time will simply ignore fire workers, and speed past them. You WILL
get cited, but big effing deal! They will cite you when you return with your
pets. The important thing is that you do not injure a human at one of these
stops, by mowing him down, but simply don't stop, and drive past these
stop-points, or around barricades, to get to your home. Evacuate your
animals as quickly as possible, and get the hell out, but be prepared to
receive a misdemeanor citation. You did not hear this from me! lol Carol in
California (who might be married to a captain on the fire department)

4. Justice For Lucy, After The Storm?
Maria Alvarez, Stewardship For Strays,

10/3/06, From Maria Alvarez, In Oct 2004, my Lucy, 8
yrs old, who had access to the outdoors through a doggy door, wandered into
a neighbor's yard a block over. Two weeks later I found out she walked into
a trap in their yard that landed her at Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter (JPAS.)

Two days after she was missing, I posted flyers and spoke with neighbors
door-to-door. Two days later I also visited the shelter, but she wasn't
there, nor was there any record of her at the time. During my door-to-door
visits, this was one of the neighbors I approached, spoke with and handed
them a flyer. He and his wife both denied having seen Lucy. The neighbor
next door to these people had told me they kept a trap set in their yard, so
I also asked them if they had trapped any cats in the last 2-3 days. They
both replied "No."

While at the shelter two weeks later, still looking for Lucy, I asked the
staff to search again in their system for any cats that had arrived from my
area during the time she went missing. They finally found a record, which
record showed that a cat fitting Lucy's description was still in the holding
area. (Of course she wasn't.) According to the woman who looked in the
system, the cat had been trapped on that block along with another cat. That
other cat got away from AC while been transferred into the AC truck. (I
later found out the trap, or traps, was man-made, which is why the trapped
cats required to be transferred.)

Interestingly, during this discovery, JPAS did not know what had become of
Lucy, other than their system showing she was still in the holding area. I
waited almost an hour for a kennel card to be produced showing her outcome.
The card was stamped as euthanized after four holding days (legally it
should have been five) BECAUSE she was "hissy" and "temperamental." This
still didn't explain why she wasn't there when I went looking for her two
days later. However, the Kennel Master was quick to say that I had missed
her when I looked. The director at the time, Bert Smith, replied to a letter
I wrote him by saying that in the future to check the shelter often. I guess
I should have been at their back door when the AC truck arrived.

I was devastated and still struggle with thoughts of what she must have
endured. Through a friend, I found an attorney to file a suit against the
neighbor for lying about having taken my "property" and what they did with
her. In court, the judge ruled that they were within their right to trap on
their property, completely missing the point. Right before the storm an
appeal was getting prepared. It was finally filed earlier this year and
court is tomorrow, Oct 4. (Bringing a suit against the shelter would have
been too costly and I couldn't afford it.)

Nothing will ever bring Lucy back, nor change what she must have suffered
from the time she was trapped until she was gassed, but I'm asking for
everyone's thoughts and prayers for tomorrow to be a day where a judge will
see the injustice and rule accordingly. Thank you.

5. Roicy - Lafayette, LA - 5 PM Thursday 10/5 Deadline
Tabby, Russian Blue, Tortie, Gray, Siamese...
Lab, Aussie, JRT, Terrier, BorderCollie, GSD...  

SOURCE: Jennifer,


Roicy Duhon Animal Control Center
613 Pont Des Mouton  Road
Lafayette,   LA    70507
ph: 337-291-5645; fax: 337-291-7051
Email contact: Jennifer,
New email contact:


SOURCE: Jennifer Rohrbach,
Subject: New Animals at Roicy/Lafayette, LA – rescue needed by Oct 5, 5pm
(unless held over) w/ PTS 10/6 am (zip code 70507)

There are several dogs and cats held over from last week that need rescue
SOONER rather than later. Of course they are Labs - one of the most loyal
breeds. Labs have short easy-care coats in your choice of 3 colors, a
cheerful tail-wagging nature, athletic, dependable, peaceful with other
animals, and very responsive to training and obedience. Labs are also one of
the primary dogs used as service dogs for the disabled. Won't you consider a
Lab in brown, yellow, or black? Puppies and adults, you have your choice.

A cute as a button Jack Russell Terrier that has recently had puppies and
now dumped. A Border Collie mix super eager to please and wanting to love
whoever comes into her kennel who obviously had someone lover her at .
Several small Terrier mixes that would love to go home with you and would be
easy to place. Terriers LOVE their people and make great companions for
young and old.

The Tortie, Russian Blue, and several black kittens have been held over at
least once and need rescue soon! The grey Tabby "Kissing Kitty" is so
affectionate that she literally starting licking the volunteers hand. The
Siamese Tabby cross has beautiful blue eyes and so wants to be close to
people. Many of the cats are so affectionate and loving that they just threw
themselves at the side of the cages to get any bit of affection and love
they could find. So many with so much love to give!

Please consider these wonderful animals and give them the 2nd chance they so
deserve. This group has until Thursday, October 5, at 5pm with PTS Friday am
unless held over.

6. Remote Reunion Campaign Won’t Give Up On These Animals

Remote Reunion Campaign:
If these animals now, or have previously been, in your care...and you can  
provide ANY leads as to their whereabouts, please contact the specific
volunteers listed on the website. (Please check this site at regular
intervals in case additional lost/missing pets are added).

Questions/comments concerning the Remote Reunion Campaign,
CONTACT: Valerie Sharma,

To add pets to “FOUND” section or website-related issues,
CONTACT: Halle Amick,

The upper picture at left is of Noche; the lower picture is of a dog rescued
after Katrina that MAY be Noche. The found record PF34551 has incorrect
info; this dog was not taken to Animal Action Rescue.
Potential Match Found IDs: PF34551, LA1956, A001713
Petfinder potential match found link:

Gender: Female (intact) / Age: 6 years / Weight: 40 lbs
Lost ID: PF62921
Petfinder lost link:

DESCRIPTION: Noche is a Shepherd Mix, but smaller; could be a Schipperke
Mix. Noche has a short black coat with reddish highlights, erect ears, long
tail. Noche's head would come just below knee level.

LAST SEEN: Superdome (Orleans Parish) at Lasalle, Girod & W. Stadium Drive.

CONTACT: Eileen Shellman 920-499-7475 or


Pit Bull Terrier
Gender: Female (intact) / Age: 2 yrs / Weight: 90 lbs.
Found IDs: PF34641, PF4274, 160057, A001614, chip #091299374
Lost IDs: PF55144, PF58726
Petfinder found links:
Note: The Petfinder gender reports are wrong.

Petfinder lost link:

DESCRIPTION: White with brown brindle patch over right eye as well as a
brown brindle patch on her back. Long tail, mostly white. She was wearing a
blue nylon collar and a harness.

LAST SEEN: Left at 1477 Sere St, Apt E, New Orleans. (Orleans Parish)
Rescued from home; taken to Lamar-Dixon, became lost in system from there.

CONTACT: Tammy Allwein,


Domestic Shorthair - Black
Gender: Male (altered) / Age: 3 yr / Weight: 9 lbs.
Lost ID: PF61142
Petfinder lost link:

DESCRIPTION: Noodles is a black, male, domestic short-haired kitty with
green eyes, a tipped left ear and a very small patch of white on his chest
(almost like a freckle).

LAST SEEN: According to the markings left at the home, Noodles was rescued
out of the home located at 4154 Bienville Avenue, New Orleans (Orleans
Parish) by HSUS. The other animals in the home were deceased.

CONTACT: Sherry Johnson


Domestic Shorthair - Tabby/Tortoiseshell/Torbie
Gender: Female (spayed) / Age: 3 years / Weight: medium size
Found IDs: PF30304, PF4670, 0001-1088
Lost ID: PF63091
Petfinder found links:
Petfinder lost link:

DESCRIPTION: Mercy is a brown tabby/torti with a white neck and muzzle. She
has green eyes and is a very sweet cat.

LAST SEEN: Mercy was last seen at Lamar Dixon on September 7 where her
family left her for temporary shelter after they evacuated their home in
Metairie (Jefferson Parish, East Bank). They believe she was sent to another
shelter between September 13 and September 20. Mercy’s Shelter ID number
from Lamar Dixon is 0001-1088.

CONTACT: Eileen Shellman 920-499-7475 or




7. German Shepherd Survived Katrina & Needs Forever Home
SOURCE: Forwarded by: Katie Walter <>, 

Stormcatcher, a wonderful German Shepherd who survived Katrina, now needs a
forever home... Written by "Joe," the man who saved Stormcatcher's life:

My partner and I rescued Stormcatcher from his house in New Orleans East on
Wednesday, October 5, 2005.  His owner evacuated when Katrina struck
Louisiana on Monday, August 29, 2005, leaving his dog behind. His house was
submerged underwater when the levees broke, and it remained under four feet
of water for at least two weeks thereafter. Stormcatcher survived for five
weeks in deplorable living conditions beyond your wildest imaginings.

After two days of sheer determination, we were finally able to coax him out
of the house and into a crate that we baited with very tasty (and smelly)
food. He was so very thin, starving, and still guarding his territory,
regardless of the fact that his human had left him behind alone. His coat
was as filthy and dirty as the contaminated soil, and his eyes had the look
of one who had been through intense combat. When we got him to walk into the
crate we quickly latched the door and loaded the crate securely onto the
horse trailer that would transport him. His shoulders seems to relax his
eyes soon softened. He seemed to realize that he no longer had to fight to
survive and that his fate was now in our hands.

We named him Stormcatcher — Storm for short. He traveled to Florida with a
dog trainer until I could arrange to have him transported north to
Cincinnati,  where I live. Though my wife would not agree to keeping him
permanently, she did allow him to come to our home so we could rehabilitate
him and get him ready for his permanent home. So, in January 2006 Storm came
to live at our house.

We already have two dogs and two cats, as well as two small children (7 and 4).

Storm is a large dog who can intimidate with a stare; his bark is deep and
commands immediate attention and respect. Bringing him into our home forced
us to change our lives as we had to integrate him into our family.

At first this was difficult because he barked at my kids when they would run
about the house and he bothered my small female dog whom we had adopted from
a shelter nine years earlier. He also loved to bother the cats (he will
still annoy the cats if given the opportunity). It became obvious that he
had never been taught manners, and needed to learn how to live in a house.

But Storm quickly grew on us and we worked to calm him, teaching him a few
basic manners, showing him how to walk on a leash, and how to live
peacefully and on good terms with our family.

We discovered that underneath his abrasive exterior was an insecure dog who
simply wanted to be with his family. We learned to be careful as to not
place him into situations where his old fears would surface, causing him to
become anxious.

I learned from talking to several qualified dog trainers and reading a few
essential books on how to effectively use food and positive reinforcement to
teach him how to behave. The information I got on prey  drive was critical
to understanding Storm.

I even contacted an animal communicator who agreed to talk to Storm, even
though she lives in California and we in Ohio. She told me Storm says he was
basically left outside all the time at that house in New Orleans, and he was
not taught proper manners. She told me that Storm knew he would survive
Katrina and her vicious aftermath, even when so many did not survive.

Storm has come a long way. He lives in the house, and sits by my desk while
I work all day at home. He still will bother (though not harm) the cats, and
likes to bark in the backyard when left alone.  He does have an issue with
small dogs (under 25 lbs.) and should not be placed with them or allowed to
play with them. A Chihuahua across the fence has barked and antagonized him,
so I would definitely keep Storm away from small dogs. He does very well
with my two dogs now (Murphy, an Australian Shepherd; Maggie, All-American).

Storm walks well on a leash and has a beautiful, easy gait. He does get
excited when he encounters other dogs on a walk but usually I avoid the
other dogs and keep walking. He is current on all shots and takes Heartguard
monthly. We found you must be very careful with his diet and not deviate too
much or he will get diarrhea easily. We feed him Nutro and some Science
Diet. He is housebroken but, again, we are very careful with his diet.

Storm is a beautiful German Shepherd (maybe King Shepherd) who is 28" at the
shoulder and weighs 120 pounds. The ladies at the kennel say he is excellent
when boarded. My vet says he is about two years old, but the animal
communicator said he told her "he felt about five."

He would do best with a single man or woman who is home most of the time or
a couple without kids. Although I will correct him with a sharp "No", I
never yank on him or ever use physical punishment. Storm wants to be next to
you at all times, and does love to be petted and groomed. He could use
additional obedience training: he knows Sit, Down, and Wait; he still needs
work on Come and Stay. His loyalty to you is unquestioning, and he loves
living in the house.

Storm has taught me a very important life lesson, and that is that love is
more powerful than fear.

I have requested Barb McGrady's help in placing Storm because I know her to
be very thorough in placing rescued animals. She is called "too picky" by
many, but I have heard her reply, "thank you" when others have called her
that... Storm deserves the best of everything. He is magnificent. Joe

*If you are interested in adopting Stormcatcher, please fill out an online
SPA application at:

Barbara McGrady
Society for the Protection of Animals, Inc.
P.O. Box 1047
Fremont, Ohio  43420

8. New Orleans Animals Still Need You
SOURCE:, Charlotte Bass <>

Animal Rescue New Orleans
271 Plauche St. * New Orleans, LA 70123       
ARNO Main Line: 504-571-1900; email:
ARNO (Animal Rescue New Orleans)
By Appointment Only
New Orleans, LA 70123
Phone: 504-571-1900 and leave a message
Exact details have not been worked out, but looks like we will be getting an
unbelievable deal on some pretty fabulous rooms for our visiting volunteers
at Creole Gardens, located on Prytania in the Lower Garden District... As
soon as I have the details and the pricing from them I will post to the
Creole Gardens Guest House Bed and Breakfast
1415 Prytania Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
toll free: 1-866-773-8700; ph: 1-504-569-8700

We have month-long trapping expeditions planned, and that means big medical
bills coming up. We will have to raise about $15,000 to cover all the
medicals for what we are planning... and we need more traps, too. If anyone
knows people who would like to donate traps, our preference (and best price
we can find) is Model 107 (32x9x9) double door trap from and run about $50 each if you buy a half dozen, or
about $60 each if you buy less than six. If anyone has a better place to
order this size and type of trap, please send the info to:

Also items that would help cut down on our costs are meds such as:
Immiticide (for HW treatment), Heartgard for dogs, Frontline and/or
Advantage for Dogs, and Advantage for kittens, and Revolution for cats.

ARNO needs dry cat food
to continue our food/water program... please help
us. Dry cat food costs us about $400 every other day when we do not have
donated food. We received one large shipment of dry cat food from Nutro, and
it is running dangerously low and will be gone in another two weeks. Vendors
have given so much to all the groups over the past year, but we are the only
group left on-the-ground active in Louisiana. Please help us continue... we
cannot turn out backs on these animals. Anyone with contacts for dry cat
food donations in volume please contact Melissa Cruse at <>
for shipping and all arrangements involving volume donations.

If 1000 people donate $20 our medical expenses in Oct. will be paid.

VOLUNTEER for shelter animal care or food/water:

FOSTER a homeless pet if within 150 miles of New Orleans:

ADOPT a fully vetted, lovable ARNO pet listed on or

CONTACT no-kill humane orgs in your area and see if they can offer to adopt
out even a few of our fully vetted animals, cats or dogs:

CONTACT humane orgs with a spay/neuter van and see if they can 'lend' us a
hand, if not in Oct - Nov, whenever they can schedule. Rescue in this area
is ongoing and we are committed to getting the job done. None of what we
have accomplished could have been done without YOU! Contact me personally
with any and all situations that could help ARNO with our rescue efforts at:

9. KATRINA LIFELINE Transport On Telemundo TV16 & NY Daily News
Saved: 56 adult Chihuahuas, 18 mix breed pups, 3 mixed and 2 full breed dogs
SOURCE: Katrina Lifeline Programs <>

local adoptions and are completely reliant on the rest of the country to
export former family pets to prevent their horrific gassing. We can get you
or your group, anywhere in the country, one or more dogs and cats for
fostering and adoption. All come pre-vetted. Won't you take just one?


A dogged pursuit, Latin style

"Yo quiero una casa."

Marbles, a shivering, speckled wisp of a dog, is one of the few Chihuahuas
who remain homeless after a nearly 2,000-mile-long odyssey from Louisiana to
Long Island.

The pint-sized pitchster was among a shipment of 56 Chihuahuas rescued from
a Marrero, La., puppy mill and transported to the North Shore Animal League
for adoption on Sept. 21.

Capitalizing on the breed's popularity in New York's Latin American
community, North Shore staff, along with a handful of the pups, appeared on
the Spanish language TV station Telemundo the next day to promote the plight
of the Chihuahua castaways. "The in-studio segment caused a flurry of phone
calls to the league's customer service department," said Joanne Yohannan,
North Shore's vice president of operations and emergency rescue. "There were
20 potential adopters waiting at the doors when the league opened on

That Monday, Sept. 25, was the first day the dogs were available for
adoption, after being vaccinated and neutered.

Since then, the Port Washington-based animal shelter - the nation's largest
no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization - has placed 41 of the
seized Chihuahuas, whose breed gained exposure by the talking Taco Bell dog,
Gidget, and its slogan "Yo quiero Taco Bell."

But 10, including Marbles, still haven't been adopted.

"The best thing for him is to find a home," Yohannan said as she cuddled
Marbles, who is recovering from an upper respiratory infection.

Like Marbles, five of the other remaining Chihuahuas also suffered health
problems due to the filthy, overcrowded conditions they were living in at
the Marrero home of Patsy Chism, 61. Debra Yenni, deputy Jefferson Parish
attorney, said when Parish officials raided Chism's home on Sept. 1 they
discovered a feces-strewn, disease-infested backyard kennel that housed some
80 dogs, most of them Chihuahuas.

The dogs, which ranged in age from 1 to 8 years old, reportedly had little
water and food. Chism is now facing numerous felony animal cruelty charges
stemming from the raid. She is also charged with unrelated count of
obstruction of justice in connection with the March murder of her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, North Shore officials said they expect in the next two weeks to
receive a new batch of the rescued Chihuahuas from the Jefferson Parish

Originally published on October 3, 2006
Kinship Circle Animal Disaster Relief List will report Gulf Coast needs,
news, missing/found animal reports, etc. for as long as needed. There are
still thousands of animals roaming sparsely populated areas...

We also report needs/news for animals in other disasters, as we’ve done for
the Northeast (USA) floods, Middle East crisis, and Kentucky pound flood.
Thank you for your commitment to forgotten victims in disasters.

Shannon Moore July 22, 1969 ~ May 31, 2006

Caring about innocent animals caught in Katrina’s wrath
doesn’t diminish human suffering. It makes us human.


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