Noodles is a male black kitty that HSUS rescued in New Orleans, now lost in the system 239x198

Lost In System:

  • Breed: Domestic Black Shorthair
  • Gender: Male (altered)
  • Age: 3 Years
  • Weight: 9 Pounds
  • Lost ID: PF61142

Description: Noodles is a male black short-hair kitty with green eyes, a tipped left ear and tiny white chest patch (like a freckle).

Last Seen: HSUS rescued Noodles from 4154 Bienville Ave, New Orleans. Other animals in home were deceased.

Contact: Sherry Johnson
Remote Reunion Campaign

Dosie is a white and brown patch pit girl, rescued from a New Orleans apartment and now lost in the Lamar Dixon tracking system 268x220

Lost In System: Dosey

  • Breed: Pit Bull Terrier
  • Gender: Female (intact)
  • Age: 2 Years  /  Weight: 90 Pounds
  • Found IDs: PF34641, PF4274, 160057, A001614, chip-091299374
  • Lost IDs: PF55144, PF58726

Description: White with brown brindle patch over right eye and another brown brindle patch on her back. Long tail, mostly white. She was wearing a blue nylon collar and a harness.

Last Seen: Dosey was left at 1477 Sere Street, Apt E, New Orleans (Orleans Parish). Rescued from her home and taken to Lamar-Dixon. Lost in system from there.

Contact: Tammy Allwein
Remote Reunion Campaign
Noche, a small Shepherd mix, was last seen in New Orleans Superdome 268x281

Lost In System: Noche

  • Breed: Black Shepherd/Lab/Schipperke Mix
  • Gender: Female (intact)
  • Age: 6 Years  /  Weight: 40 Pounds
  • Lost ID: PF62921

Description: Noche is a smaller sized Shepherd Mix, possibly a Schipperke Mix. Noche has short black fur with reddish highlights, erect ears, long tail.

Last Seen: New Olreans Superdome (Orleans Parish) at the cross streets of Lasalle, Girod and West Stadium Drive.

Contact: Eileen Shellman
Remote Reunion Campaign
Mercy is a brown tabby tortie last seen at Lamar Dixon where her family left her for temp shelter when they evacuated for Katrina 293x197

Lost In System: Mercy

  • Breed: Shorthair Tabby/Tortoiseshell
  • Gender: Female (spayed)
  • Age: 3 Years
  • Size: Medium
  • Found IDs: PF30304, PF4670, 0001-1088
  • Lost ID: PF63091

Description: Brown tabby/tortie: White neck and muzzle, green eyes. Very sweet.

Last Seen: Mercy was last seen at Lamar Dixon on 9/7/05 where her family left her for temp shelter after they evacuated from Metairie (Jefferson Parish, East Bank). They believe she was sent to another shelter between Sept 13-20.

Contact: Eileen Shellman
Remote Reunion Campaign
An injured horse after Hurricane Katrina 293x234

Extreme Dream: Horses

10/3/06, Debra Barlow  ~  Hopeful Haven Equine Rescue's dream is a refuge for abused horses. That dream came true with 52 acres of donated land! Currently, 25 horses and a donkey await transport to the site in Shreveport.

We'll shelter horses from DeSoto, Bossier, Caddo, Webster Parishes, plus other parishes as requested. We seek community business members to sponsor a horse's stall for $400. A stall sponsor's name is engraved on a brass plate shown on the stall gate.

A tree built in our main office will have apples and leaves for engraving a $250-level sponsor's name. For a $1000 gift, an apple is engraved. $1000+ donors get a brass saddle pad on one of the horse paintings. Won't you please join our Extreme Dream: Horse Edition with a tax-deductible gift?

Hopeful Haven Equine Rescue Organization
P.O. Box 17763  /  Shreveport, LA 71138

Roicy AC: Deadline For Death In Lafayette

Roicy Duhon Animal Control
613 W. Pont des Mouton  /  Lafayette, LA
(Off North University or I-49 N to Carencro)
337-291-5645, fax: 337-291-7051

View Animals:

All animals at Roicy AC are on death row, unless rescued. The current group needs salvation by 5:00pm Thurs Oct 5. Animals not held over are gassed.

10/2/06, Jennifer Rohrbach  ~  Several dogs and cats held over from last week need rescue ASAP. Labrador Retriever puppies and adults are the most loyal dogs, with easy-care coats and bright, tail-wagging personalities. The Labs are athletic, compatible with kids and other animals, and responsive to training. Please consider a brown, yellow or black Lab pup or adult. Someone dumped a cutie-pie Jack Russell Terrier who recently had puppies. A Border Collie Mix is eager to please, with love for whomever enters her kennel. Several small Terrier Mixes want to go home with you!

On the feline side, a Tortie, Russian Blue, and several black kittens have been held over at least once, so their days are numbered! A Gray Tabby "Kissing Kitty" is so affectionate she literally licks volunteers' hands. A Siamese Tabby Cross with lovely blue eyes wants to be close to people. Many cats are so love-starved they throw themselves against cage edges to make contact with anyone who passes them.

Please give any of these wonderful animals a chance to live. They have till Thurs, October 5, at 5pm with PTS Friday morning unless held over.

Calif Fires: Woman Forbidden To Get Pets

Original Alert  ~  California Fire Officials Won't Let Woman Retrieve Animals

Update 9/28/06, Jane Garrison  ~  Animals stuck in a home surrounded by wildires in Lockwood Valley, Los Angeles area, are now safe! Yesterday we pressured fire officials into getting the woman's three dogs out and today she got her four cats. Thank you to everyone who helped. I am certain there are more people and animals who need help so I will update you.

Mauled Cats In Orleans, City Park Area

10/3/06 Maria Alvarez, Stewardship For Strays  ~  More mauled cats in the Carrollton, Orleans, City Park area where Sections 11, 12 and 27 meet. I believe cat maulings occurred here pre-Katrina. Unaltered dogs, who were either dumped or found their way to City Park, established their den and had puppies. Mauled cats have also been found in Lakeview, not too far from here. It may be the same pack (or several) in City Park since the storm. Please forward to others in the area.

10/3/06 Cherie Faget  ~  We have cat killers in the neighborhood. Bryan Mullen's two cats were killed near his house on Moss Street and the Bayou recently. He had seen three stray dogs on Harding who looked [aggressive]. More victims: Marilyn's cat at Adrian's Florist. Sharon, nextdoor, mentioned someone told her another two cats were badly mangled and killed in Marlyn's area around Orleans, Carrollton and Dumaine last week. I hate that it may be dogs. I feel sorry for them too.

10/2/06 Reply To: Lurie 504-342-4385, Still Looking For Lost Kitty  ~  Sorry to post again but we miss our boy, an all gray male cat, 12 pounds, red collar/tag. He was last seen in front of 619 N Pierce Street (next to Home Depot at Toulouse and Pierce). I've heard about wild dogs in area but there haven't been any reports to animal control. We offer a large reward for his return and compensation for any helpful information.

Katrina Lifeline Transport

Reply To: Katrina Lifeline
Garo Alexanian, 718-544-7387
Companion Animal Network
P.O. Box 750214
Forest Hills, NY 11375

10/3/06 Telemundo TV16 & NY Daily News  ~  Saved: 56 Chihuahuas, 18 pups, 5 dogs! LA parishes have few local adoptions. Out-state export reduces gassing. We can transport pre-vetted animals for foster and adoption.

NY Daily News, A Dogged Pursuit Latin Style, By Richard Weir  ~  Marbles, a shivering, speckled wisp of a dog, is one of few Chihuahuas still homeless after a nearly 2,000-mile odyssey from Louisiana to Long Island.

The pint-sized pup was among 56 Chihuahuas rescued from a Marrero, LA puppy mill and transported to North Shore Animal League for adoption. Capitalizing on the breed's popularity in New York's Latin American community, North Shore staff appeared with pups on the Spanish TV station Telemundo. "The segment caused a flurry of phone calls," said Joanne Yohannan, North Shore's vice president of operations and emergency rescue. "There were 20 potential adopters waiting at the doors when we opened."

Since then, the Port Washington-based animal shelter has placed 41 Chihuahuas. But 10, including Marbles, remain unadopted. Marbles and five more Chihuahuas suffered health problems due to filthy, overcrowded conditions at the Marrero home of Patsy Chism, 61. When Jefferson Parish officials raided Chism's home they found a feces-strewn, disease-infested backyard kennel and some 80 dogs. The dogs, 1 to 8-years old, had little water or food. Chism faces felony animal cruelty charges, plus unrelated obstruction of justice tied to her boyfriend's murder.

Luna's Homecoming

Luna is the all black pup, shown with Pia and fellow Katrina rescue Sweetie.

9/30/06, David Meyer  ~  Go Luna! Her pelvic fractures are healing well on their own, so no surgery. Infections are in check and she's kept some food down. With a sling held on her hindquarters, Luna now bears some weight on her back legs. Support and good energy from so many people, with expert 24-hour care at ASEC, plus Luna's robust NOLA constitution, have pulled her through.

Doctors now advise she go home under Pia's care with 6-8 weeks of crate rest. Luna's feeding tube will stay until her esophagus heals. Pia must feed her every four hours and support Luna by sling so she can begin to walk. Pia is teeny, so no easy task. While in Los Angeles, we reinforced Pia's gate (through which Luna had escaped and was struck by a car) with metal plating and two padlocked latches. No one will open this gate again, unless Pia opens it herself.

Thanks to all who sent support when Luna nearly died in a car hit. She's just one dog, but you know the starfish story. The best, David David Meyer, along with Pia and Jane Garrison, are original ARNO cofounders.

A left behind Katrina dog hungrily eats from an ARNO food water station 268x235
Brenda Shoss, Kathy Sweeney and Ramona Billot load a Kinship Circle vehicle with carefully crated animals to transport for out state adoptions 268x306

Lucy's Injustice: The Court Hears Her Story, Again

Lucy, the cat of Katrina rescuer Maria Alvarez, was senselessly killed at Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter 591x306
Lucy, 1996 to 10/30/04, senselessly gassed at Jefferson Parish AC

10/3/06 Maria Alvarez, Stewardship For Strays  ~  In Oct 2004, my Lucy, 8-years old, slipped through a doggy door and wandered into a neighbor's yard a block away. Two weeks later, I learned she'd stepped into a trap in their yard that landed her at Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter (JPAS).

I initially posted flyers and spoke to neighbors door-to-door. Then I visited the shelter, but no sign of Lucy or any record she'd been there. During my talks with neighbors, I spoke to the very husband and wife responsible for dumping Lucy at JPAS. I even handed them flyers with her photo, but they said they'd never seen Lucy. The residents nextdoor to this couple told me they kept a trap rigged in their yard. I asked them if the husband/wife had trapped any cats in the last two to three days. They both replied, "No."

While at JPAS still searching for Lucy two weeks later, I asked staff to scan their system for any cats from my area who came in at the time Lucy went missing. They finally found a record of a cat that matched Lucy and listed her in the holding area. The woman who searched the system said this cat had been trapped on my block along with another cat. The other cat escaped during transfer into an AC truck.

From this point, JPAS appeared to have lost track of Lucy. I waited nearly an hour for a kennel card to show her outcome. When the card finally came, it was stamped: Euthanized. Held for four days (the legal hold period is five days). Reason for killing my Lucy? She was "hissy" and "temperamental."

Where was Lucy when I looked for her at JPAS weeks earlier? Then Kennel Master Bert Smith claimed I must have overlooked her and in the future to check the shelter often. I guess I needed to be at their back door when the Animal Control truck rolled in.

I still struggle with images of her terror and pain. Through a friend, I found an attorney to file suit against the neighbors who lied about confiscating my "property" [the legal definition for nonhuman animals]. In court, the judge ruled that they were within their right to trap animals on their property, completely missing the point. Just before Katrina, an appeal was underway. It was finally filed earlier this year. The court date is tomorrow, 10/4/06. Unfortunately, I could not afford a suit against JPAS.

There is no true justice. Because absolutely nothing can un-do the brutal killing of Lucy. My mind still envisions her fear and bewilderment from the moment she was trapped until her final seconds inside a gas chamber. The sudden and senseless killing of a beloved animal is different than a passing. When you are powerless to stop it, horror and deep sorrow replace the absence. There is a void that nothing can fill.

I simply ask for everyone's thoughts and prayers tomorrow, when a judge will once again see Lucy's injustice and (hopefully) rule accordingly. Thank you, Maria Alvarez

Airlift Of Animal War Refugees On CBS

Kinship Circle helped Best Friends coordinate an airlift that ultimately delivered 300 cats and dogs to the U.S. from war-torn Lebanon, where animals are caught in the crossfire of Hezbollah-Israeli conflict. Beirut For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals team members have risked their own lives to rescue hundreds of left-behind animals.

A Kinship Circle member traveled to Beirut to assist BETA in field rescue and emergency sheltering. You can view her reports and photos: Diary Of An American Rescuer In Lebanon

For the Beirut-to-Best-Friends airlift, Kinship Circle's Brenda Shoss reached out to Congressman Tom Lantos, who founded Congressional Friends of Animals. Brenda asked Congressman Lantos to help arrange use of a C130 military cargo plane to airlift animals to safety.

10/2/06 Kathi McDermott  ~  Best Friends won the CBS News Assignment America viewers voting challenge by a landslide. We'll be featured on the CBS Evening News 10/6/06. CBS reporters arrive at Best Friends on Tuesday to cover our Middle East rescue effort.

CBS News asked viewers to vote on stories for Assignment America. One of the three choices was: Animal Refugees: How Best Friends brought 300 dogs and cats to the U.S. from Beirut.
Brenda Shoss contacted Congressman Tom Lantos for help arranging use of a military plane to airlift animals from the Hezbollah Israeli war zone 323x720

ARNO And The Animals Still Need You In NOLA

Animal Rescue New Orleans
271 Plauche Street
New Orleans, LA 70123

Discount Lodging For Volunteers
Creole Gardens Guest House Bed-Breakfast
1415 Prytania Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
866-773-8700, 504-569-8700

Special Discount At Lower Garden District Guest House! Exact details are not set, but looks like we'll get a deal on some pretty fabulous rooms for visiting volunteers at Creole Gardens, on Prytania in the Lower Garden District. As soon as I have pricing from them I will post to ARNO's site.

October Means Big Animal Intake
With month-long trapping expeditions underway, big medical bills loom. We'll need about $15,000 for veterinary bills, plus more traps. If anyone knows people who can donate traps, our preference is Model 107 (32x9x9) double-door trap from They run about $50 each when buying a half dozen, or $60 each for under six traps. Better ideas where to order this type trap? Contact:

Also need: Heartgard/dogs, Frontline or Advantage/dogs, Advantage/kittens, Revolution/cats

Please Donate Food
We need dry cat food for our food/water program. ARNO is the only on-ground animal effort in Louisiana now. To help, contact: Melissa Cruse

How You Can Help
  1. Local/Out-State Volunteers

    Volunteers needed daily!
    • Feed: Food/water stations, field data.
    • Animal Care: Walk, feed, clean kennels…
    • Foster: For animals awaiting adoption.
    • Data: Field data, phone, recruitment…
    • Trap: Humane capture of homeless, injured, newborn, pregnant animals.

  2. Adopt From ARNO
    Petfinder  ■  Save-A-Pet

  3. Donate To ARNO
    • Donate Online
    • Give By Mail: 1219 Coliseum Street
      New Olreans, LA 70130
    • Gift Cards: or
    • Supplies Drop-Off: ARNO Warehouse
      271 Plauche St, New Orleans, LA 70123

a starving gray white cat eats at an ARNO food water station 267x274

Kinship Circle
Animal Disaster Aid Fund
7380 Kingsbury Blvd
Saint Louis, MO 63130

Kinship Circle is a 501c3.
Donations are tax-deductible

This Year, Make A Meaningful Donation For Animals

Please donate now, so Kinship Circle can not only feed animals while in NOLA, but also give funds/food to Animal Rescue New Orleans, plus animal recovery efforts in Lakeview and Plaquemines.

Kinship Circle will service food/water stations and document animals sighted in the East/West sections of Upper 9th Ward, Lakeview, Plaquemines…

Landscapes have changed since Katrina. Even as some areas rebuild (residents often want feeding to stop) others have seen little recovery. Animal survivors and their offspring tend to roam near former homes. Reunions are still possible via documentation on feeding routes.

While in NOLA, we'll also help out at Animal Rescue New Orleans, plus transport animals for out-state adoptions. Please donate for the continued care of Katrina animal victims. Their suffering is not over. Thank you! Kinship Circle

Dog Survived Weeks In Water, Needs A Home

10/2006, Written by "Joe," the man who saved Stormcatcher's life  ~  My partner and I rescued Stormcatcher, a German Shepherd, from his house in New Orleans East on Wednesday, 10/5/05. His [guardian] left Stormcatcher behind when he evacuated Katrina landfall on 8/29/05. The house went underwater when the levees broke. It stayed four feet under for at least two weeks thereafter. Stormcatcher survived for five weeks in deplorable conditions beyond your wildest nightmares.

Underweight and starving, Stormcatcher still guarded the turf where his person had abandoned him. After two days of sheer determination, we finally coaxed him into a crate baited with food. His coat seemed part of the toxic soil around him, a filthy ragged mess. His eyes had the look of someone in intense combat. Once in the crate, we securely loaded him on a horse trailer used for transport. Then Stormcatcher's eyes softened, as if he knew his fight to live had turned a corner. The dog entrusted us with his fate.

We named him Stormcatcher, Storm for short. He traveled to Florida with a dog trainer until I could arrange his transport north to Cincinnati, where I live. We already have two dogs, two cats, and two children ages seven and four. My wife would not agree to give Stormcatcher a permanent home with us, but did let him recover with us until ready for adoption. So in January 2006, Storm moved in with us. Storm is a large dog whose stare can intimidate. His deep bark commands attention and respect. At first he barked at my kids when they ran about the house and he bothered my small female dog, adopted from a shelter nine years earlier. He also loved to bother the cats (he still annoys them when opportunity presents itself). It became obvious he'd never been taught how to live in a house.

But Storm quickly grew on us as we taught him Doggie Manners 101: How to walk on leash and live peacefully within the family pack. We discovered an insecure dog beneath the abrasive surface, a dog who simply wanted to belong. We learned to not place him in situations that triggered old fears and anxiety.

I spoke to several qualified dog trainers and read a few books on use of food and positive reinforcement to effectively teach him. The information I gathered on prey drive was critical to understanding Storm. I even reached out to a California animal communicator, who agreed to talk to Storm even though we live in Ohio [Kinship Circle wonders: Did Storm get on the phone?]

She told me Storm said he'd been left outdoors all the time at that New Orleans house. She said Storm knew he'd survive Katrina and its horrifying aftermath. Storm had set out to stay alive, while many others could not.

Storm has come a long way. He sits by my desk as I work at home all day. He still bothers (though never harms) the cats and barks in the backyard when alone. He has issues with dogs under 25 pounds, and should not be placed or allowed to play with small dogs. He does very well with my two dogs, Murphy an Australian Shepherd and Maggie an All-American.

Storm has a graceful, easy gait and walks well on leash. He gets excited if other dogs are encountered on walks, so I usually avoid them. He is current on all shots and takes Heartguard monthly. Storm is housebroken, but we learned to carefully monitor his diet and not deviate too much or he gets diarrhea. We feed Storm Nutro and some Science Diet.

Storm is a beautiful German Shepherd (maybe King Shepherd) who is 28 inches at the shoulder and weighs 120 pounds. The kennel staff say he is excellent when boarded. My vet believes he is about two-years old, but the animal communicator said he told her "he felt about five."

Storm would thrive with a single person at home a lot or a couple without kids. Although I correct him with a sharp "No," I never yank him or use physical punishment. Storm wants to be at your side. He loves to be petted and groomed. He knows sit, down and wait but could use a bit more work on come and stay.

Storm taught me a very important life lesson: Love is more powerful than fear.

I have enlisted Barb McGrady to help place Storm because I know her to be very thorough with potential adopters. She is called "too picky" by many, but I've heard her reply, "thank you." Storm deserves the best of everything. He is magnificent. Joe
To Adopt Stormcatcher

Visit S.P.A. website to fill out an online adoption application.

Society for the Protection of Animals, Inc.
P.O. Box 1047
Fremont, OH 43420