Hurricane Katrina

Nana was found in a post Katrina pack of six dogs, she is black Lab Spaniel in search of her family 239x245

Found: Nana

  • Breed: Black Lab-Spaniel Mix?
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Approx 3 Years
  • ID Number: PF63390

Description: Nana is a shy black Labrador Spaniel mix who had puppies while still in Louisiana.

Last Seen: Rescued 11/15 while running with 5-6 dogs. Taken to Putnam Humane on 2/17.

Contact: Michele Dugan
Little Tommy, a white tabby mix, began life in New Orleans and was relocated to Cedar Cat Ranch in Austin, TX 268x195

Found: Little Tommy

  • Breed: Tabby/White Shorthair
  • Gender: Male (intact)
  • Age: Approx 2 Years
  • Weight: 8 Pounds

Description: Little Tommy is a male tabby and white mix. He began life in New Orleans shortly before Hurricane Katrina hit. He is about 2-years old now and very affectionate. Tommy does not like to be held but does enjoy to be groomed and stroked. He always fits in with other rescued cats who share spacewith him. Tommy is in excellent health and is quite the talker.

Last Seen: Little Tommy came from Tangipahoa Parish Animal Shelter (near Hammond, LA( on 9/15 or 9/19. Tommy currently resides at Cedar Forest Cat Ranch, Inc. in Austin, TX.

Contact: Cedar Forest Cat Ranch
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Jasmine, a Chow, was left behind at the Superdome when officials forced her guardians to evacuate without her 268x130

Lost/System: Jasmine

  • Breed: Chow Chow
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 5 Years
  • Weight: 45 Pounds
  • IDs: PF60597, PF3299, PF19699

Description: Jasmine is a purebred chow, red/tan/cinnamon with white on her muzzle and a tail that curls. She's on the small side, about 22" at the shoulder. She gets hotspots in warm weather and probably had bare spots by her buttocks and back legs when found. She tends to be reserved and a little cranky at times. She loves to growl but does not bite.

Last Seen: Jasmine's [guardians] were forced to leave her behind at the Superdome on 9/2/05 with another dog (recently reunited). Jasmine had on a reddish-orange collar and a chain leash at the Superdome (Orleans Parish). No tags or chips. The [guardians] were forced to leave both their dogs with dozens of other dogs, as FEMA wouldn't transfer them. Her human dad was assured she'd be well cared for. That was the last time he saw her. One of the dogs went to Los Angeles, CA with New Leash on Life, who say they did not receive Jasmine.

Contact: Anita Marie Rutz
Lost Katrina Pets
Max, a Jack Parson Russell Terrier, was rescued with another dog after Katrina, but now lost in the system 268x479

Lost In System: Max

  • Breed: Jack/Parson Russell Terrier
  • Gender: Male (unaltered at rescue)
  • Age: 6 Years  /  Size: Small
  • Lost Number: PF534

Description: Max is short-legged, with a smooth coat. He is white with a brown face and ears. He has brown spots in shape of half and full saddles on his back, which go to his belly.

Last Seen: On 9/8/05, two dogs were rescued from 827 2nd Street in Uptown New Orleans (Orleans Parish). One was found at Lamar-Dixon on 9/12/05. Max was not there. The [guardians] searched all barns and were told to return in a few days, which they did. Still no sign of Max. Fact: Max was taken to Lamar-Dixon, for his [guardian] found the photo of him crated (above) taken there, along with some of his soggy paperwork on a wet floor.

Lost Katrina Pets

Max's Mom: 504-913-8971
Angelica, a gray tabby white cat, walked right up to a rescue van at Lake Castle School in Northeast New Orleans 268x216

Found: Angelica

  • Breed: Gray Tabby/White Shorthair
  • Gender: Female (now spayed)
  • Age: Approx 1-2 Years
  • Weight: 6 Pounds
  • ID Numbers: PF54583, A00358856

Description: She is white with gray marks. Her legs are all white. She has small eyes and is very affectionate. She is healthy and well behaved.

Last Seen: Angelica walked up to the rescue van at Read and Crowder Roads at Lake Castle School in Northeast New Orleans (Orleans Parish).

Contact: Marci LaFramboise
Friends of MI Animals Rescue
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Lucky and Nemo were last seen together when their dad, a NOLA policeman reported for duty at the Superdome 268x432

Missing: Lucky & Nemo

  • Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
  • Gender: Female (spayed)

Description: Lucky is a wire-hair, tricolor Jack Russell Terrier with natural ears and short tail. Her face is white/brown with black on ears, her body and paws white, with b/w toenails.

  • Breed: German Shepherd Chow Mix
  • Gender: Male (neutered)

Description: Nemo looks more German Shepherd, black/tan face, brown over eyes, black muzzle, tan on sides of mouth/neck, and black halfway down legs. His ears point up, but down when he's loving you.

Last Seen Together: Ned Gonzales, a New Orleans policeman who reported for duty at the Superdome, is still searching for Lucky and Nemo. Ned did not leave his dogs behind. He stayed throughout the hurricane to serve the City, only to return to his New Orleans home at 125 22nd St. in the Lakeview area and find his two dogs missing. All evidence indicates Lucky and Nemo were rescued between 9/11-9/18/05, but no message was left to indicate who took the dogs. While on police duty, Ned asked two rescue organizations to retrieve the dogs, but those organizations have no record of Lucky or Nemo. The only photos he has of his precious Lucky and Nemo got wet in the flood. That is why they are not very clear. Anyone with leads on Lucky and Nemo or dogs who match their description, please contact us.

Contact: Lost Katrina Pets
Ned Gonzales, 504-432-7141
985-764-9674, 504-736-5031
Milo is a Jack Russell Terrier missing since Katrina whose guardians offer a reward for his safe return 268x400

Missing: Milo, JRT

  • Breed: Jack/Parson Russell Terrier
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 7 Years  /  Weight: 22 Pounds
  • Lost Numbers: PF55615, PF55590

Description: Milo is a long-legged JRT with a brown eye ring on right and brown ear patch. He wore a red harness and spiked leather collar with rabies and ID tags that said Milo Carollo.

Last Seen: Frank Carollo evacuated his home in St. Bernard Parish, LA with his wife, daughter, newborn baby, in-laws and two dogs. There was no room in the vehicle for Milo, their 6-year old Jack Russell Terrier. Milo was the toughest and smartest of their dogs, so the family decided to let Milo stay with Frank's brother in Arabi, LA. When Katrina hit, Frank's brother was called to duty with Louisiana National Guard and had no choice but to leave Milo at home. Milo had a doggie door out of the house, and Katrina blew down the 6-foot yard fence. Construction crews have cleared all home debris and have not found Milo's body.

Milo is a tough little terrier and excellent swimmer. Frank Carollo is certain he made it out alive. The Carollo's search for Milo has had many heartbreaking episodes, but they won't give up. Frank works for the U.S. Navy. The family's home was completely destroyed. Despite their losses the Carollos posted a $1,000 reward for Milo's return.


Animal Sightings

Animals Seen, Lost, Found▼

ASPCA evacuated this big gray white cat from St Bernard Parish 260x134
Found: Gray/White Cat
  • Breed: Gray/White Shorthair
  • Gender: Male  /  Size: Large
  • ID Tags: SBP305, PF49723

Description: ASPCA evacuated this big boy from St. Bernard Parish. He is now in foster care in North Carolina. Doesn't like other cats or being picked up.
Two black and white cats were sighted at Dauterive Drive in New Orleans 260x144
Found: 2 Blk/White Cats
  • Breed: Blk/Wh Shorthairs
  • Gender: 1 Male, 1 Female
  • Last Seen: 2323 Dauterive Dr/Dauterive Ln, LA 70043
A white tabby was found at Village Square Apartments in St Bernard Parish 260x152
Found: White Tabby
  • Breed: White/Tabby
  • Gender: Male

Last Seen: 420 E Oak Tree Ln, Chalmette (St. Bernard Parrish) Village Sq Apts

Contact: Hope Safehouse
Racine, WI  /  262-634-4571
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Kinship Circle helped spread the word that ultimately brought refuge to abused horse, Jack 239x200

Horse Cruelty In MS

9/2006, Teresa Baker  ~  My friend Gina lives in rural Mississippi. Her neighbor bought a horse at auction, now in desperate shape. Last year's auction sticker is knotted in his hair. He is starving and underweight, with cracked feet and wire caught in one hoof. Gina sneaks him food daily, but he is so malnourished he can't eat much. Gina has called many orgs for help. No replies.

To Help Abused Horse:
Gina Hail, 601-736-2416

Who should Gina report horse cruelty to and can any groups rescue this horse?

Gina's Story Of Jack The Horse  ~  Poor Jack, I hope you can send him some help. He has been in pasture for about 4 weeks now, about a 1-2 on the scale, with cracked and broken hooves, a thick wire bracket stuck on his back foot, and an infection in his right ear. I have never seen anyone out there to give him food or attention. He still has the auction sticker on his rump! Let me know if anyone can come here to see him. Gina Hail,
Luna, the Katrina rescue dog of ARNO cofounder Pia Salk, is on life support after hit by a car 492x486

ARNO Cofounder's Katrina Dog Hit By Car

9/19/06  ~  Yesterday, Pia Salk's two Katrina dogs somehow escaped her backyard in Santa Monica. Fortunately, Sweetie, a Pittie girl, was lured back by a neighbor, but Luna (a small Lab mix, feral before Katrina) was scared. She tried to cross Pico Blvd. and a car hit her. A kindhearted passerby saw her lying on the road and rushed her to Brentwood Pet Hospital. Luna's pelvis is fractured, a canine is fractured (her mouth was bleeding), and most frighteningly, Luna had blood in her lungs. Dr. Bob Olds advised transfer to ASEC (Animal Surgical-Emergency Center) for 24-hour emergency care. At ASEC, Dr. Todd Horowitz told us Luna needed chest tubes to breathe. She was in an oxygen chamber, her lung capacity gravely reduced. Pia gave consent to operate and we left feeling defeated, helpless, scared.

While in NOLA for Katrina animal aid, Pia fell in love with Luna at first sight. Luna was so feral and frightened, she wouldn't trust any humans, or let them touch her, for three months. But thanks to Pia's devotion and patience, she was able to cuddle Luna nearly a year after rescue.

Walker and Daisy Mae, two Katrina survivor Treeing Walker Coonhounds, need new homes 420x216

Two Katrina Survivors Need A Home

Reply To: Kristen Johnson, 203-494-8734, 203-484-0604

Walker is a 5-year old neutered male Treeing Walker Coonhound. He was rescued from Waveland Animal Shelter in Waveland, Mississippi. His ear was almost completely severed, and he had heartworm. After surgery and skin grafts, his ear was repaired (only the scar remains) and he has finished heartworm treatment. He is about 70 pounds and has a very mellow personality. He loves to lounge around (a true couch potato) and take strolls outside. He is 100% house trained, but could use some obedience classes. He loves to "sing" for his supper and has a special affinity for men.

Daisy Mae is a sweet, gentle 8 or 9-year old female, spayed Treeing Walker Coonhound. This 50-pound girl was rescued, along with her 7 newborn puppies and their dad, from the Waveland Animal Shelter in Waveland, Mississippi. The whole family contracted a skin condition, and both Daisy and the dad had heartworm. They were successfully treated for their skin condition and heartworm. Daisy was used for breeding her whole life, so this soft-hearted mellow lady is looking forward to a comfortable, gentle home to live out a low-key lifestyle with a loving family.

Two of Daisy Mae's puppies are also still looking for a loving homes. They are 9-months old and just as beautiful as their mom! Please open your heart and home to one of these deserving souls. Transportation will be provided.

Luna's Recovery

Luna is the all black pup, shown with fellow Katrina rescue Sweetie and Pia Salk, their mom. Pia, along with David Meyer and Jane Garrison, co-founded original ARNO.

Please Donate For Luna
Send Check To ASEC. Write LUNA SALK in check memo:

Animal Surgical & Emergency Center
1535 South Sepulveda Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

9/28/06, David Meyer  ~  We hope Luna is in the home-stretch phase of her gravest injuries. Her pelvic fractures are healing on their own, so no surgery. A stomach tube feeds her. She's on strong pain meds and antibiotics for infections. Still, she managed a few weight-bearing steps (with aid).

She is moderately responsive to attention, a big upgrade from near-death. Pia Salk has worked tirelessly for animals. Now we can help her with ASEC (Animal Surgical Emergency Ctr) bills as high as 7-10k.

Luna is her Katrina rescue, hit by a car when she got loose from a yard where an unknown person had unlocked the gate.

Katrina Animals Homeless

9/15/06,, By Andrea Levene  ~  Dogs rescued from Hurricane Katrina, sheltered in Fredon, will lose their home again. After 22 years as a haven for unwanted animals, Animal Rescue Services will close its doors for good. Owner Eleanor Miller said due to lack of funds, volunteers and public interest, the Fredon shelter can no longer operate. "It was a very good thing," she said. "But the community did not support it."

The shelter is home to at least 32 Gulf Coast dogs rescued after Hurricane Katrina. Veterinarian Karen Dashfield said she will continue to care for them even if the shelter closes. "We will not get rid of the dogs," she said. "I don't know where we'll go. We're working our hearts out to get them adopted."

Animal Rescue Services was the first nonprofit, no-kill shelter in the county. Miller, who will continue to advocate animal rights and laws to regulate breeders, said she was frustrated from lack of support. For years Miller ran the shelter with few volunteers and funds, often spending her own money.

Dashfield, concerned about relocating Gulf Coast dogs again, said she and volunteers are attempting to reunite dogs with their families or place them in safe homes. Dashfield said many of the dogs remain at the shelter because their size/breed does'nt fit the small-dog types people want to adopt.

They have not been reunited because their [guardians] don't know where they are, or still live in trailers. Miller hopes the dogs are adopted soon. "They have been through so much." She said the shelter will relocate a few cats still there after Dashfield's dogs are removed.

Kinship Circle
Animal Disaster Aid Fund
7380 Kingsbury Blvd
Saint Louis, MO 63130

Kinship Circle is a 501c3.
Donations are tax-deductible

This Year, Make A Meaningful Donation For Animals

Please donate now, so Kinship Circle can not only feed animals while in NOLA, but also give funds/food to Animal Rescue New Orleans, plus animal recovery efforts in Lakeview and Plaquemines.

Kinship Circle will service food/water stations and document animals sighted in the East/West sections of Upper 9th Ward, Lakeview, Plaquemines…

Landscapes have changed since Katrina. Even as some areas rebuild (residents often want feeding to stop) others have seen little recovery. Animal survivors and their offspring tend to roam near former homes. Reunions are still possible via documentation on feeding routes.

While in NOLA, we'll also help out at Animal Rescue New Orleans, plus transport animals for out-state adoptions. Please donate for the continued care of Katrina animal victims. Their suffering is not over. Thank you! Kinship Circle

Vet Confirms Doogie Was Abused

Tammy Grimes, Dogs Deserve Better founder, rescued an abused and dying dog. Then she was arrested. If you have financial or legal means to help Tammy and Doogie, you may contact her directly: 814-941-7447.

9/18/06  ~  Thanks to all at Awareness Day and Woofstock! I spoke to legal experts plus humane officers who said they would prosecute the Arnolds for abuse given the evidence – video, photos, witnesses, vet's affidavit.

Pressure Humane Officer
Ask him to pursue animal cruelty.
Central Pennsylvania Humane Society
Humane Officer Paul Gotshall
1837 E Pleasant Valley Blvd.
Altoona Pa 16602
814-942-5402, fax: 814-942-8505

Write/Call District Attorney
Demand animal abuse charges.
Blair County District Attorney
Richard Consiglio, Esq.
423 Allegheny St. Suite 421
Hollidaysburg, PA 16648

Vet: Doogie Is Abuse Victim
9/16/06 Altoona Mirror, By Mark Leberfinger  ~  A veterinarian didn't hesitate when asked about a dog he treated. Based on his experience and to a reasonable degree of veterinary certainty, was Jake [the Arnold's name for the dog Doogie, rescued by Grimes] neglected or abused?

"Oh yes, definitely yes," Dr. Nour Hassane of Veterinary Hospital of Altoona said. "Somebody doesn't care about this dog or was very busy and didn't keep up with the dog."

The dog, called Jake by [his guardians] and Doogie by the founder of Dogs Deserve Better, is at the center of a criminal case. Steve and Lori Arnold have not been charged with a crime and deny abusing Jake. They say the 19-year-old German shepherd/black lab mix suffered from arthritis and was given aspirin periodically.

The only charges filed are against Dogs Deserve Better founder Tammy Sneath Grimes, for stealing the dog. She has refused to give the dog back, police said. Grimes says she took the dog to save his life. The dog had laid on the ground for three days before Grimes came to Freedom Township at a neighbor's request.

Jake was dehydrated, malnourished and weak, Hassane said. The dog's spine and hips had deformities. "You can see the skin but you can't feel the muscles. He couldn't stand on his four feet. I tried to help him stand on his back legs, but he would fall back down," Hassane said.

Freedom Township police have no evidence the dog was abused. They've been unable to see the dog, Police Chief John Reilly said. "It would be very hard to prove because I don't have the dog. I can't even get medical records. We are basically at a standstill," Reilly said.

Neglect or abuse is at the heart of Pennsylvania's animal cruelty law. It is punishable by a fine no more than $750, up to 90 days in jail or both.

Neglect is failure to provide vet care, shelter, water or food, said Humane Officer Tina Walter of Lackawanna County Humane Society. "In a neglect case, we usually have to give a warning unless the dog is in imminent danger."

In Jake's case, police and Central Pennsylvania Humane Society say they had no abuse complaints about the dog before Monday's incident. A neighbor says she called the society twice, Saturday and Monday, without results. A society spokesman said a complaint was received over the weekend but couldn't be substantiated because of a lack of a specific address.

Warnings or citations isn't the normal first step in dog cases, educating the [guardian] is. "People may not know or understand what they need to do. Common sense is not so common. I had a woman whose dog was outside in 90-degree heat without shelter or water. She didn't think that was wrong," Humane Officer Joanne Smith of the Elk County Humane Society said.
Doogie, 8 days later, reflects the neglect endured before rescue. But imagine what can happen with vet care, water, food, love, medication, and attention! Dogs Deserve Better founder Tammy Grimes was arrested for aiding a dying chained dog renamed Doogie 293x1022

When Tammy Grimes first saw Doogie from the road, chained and collapsed, she thought he was dead. Her team found him alive but unable to stand, his legs flailing in mud and feces. She documented his condition with video and photos, and took him to a local veterinarian for immediate life-saving care. She was later arrested for refusal to return Doogie to certain death at the end of a chain.

Video of Doogie at the time of his rescue has been viewed over 41,000 times on YouTube. The case has made national headlines, and has been featured on Inside Edition, the National Enquirer, Animal People, animal magazines, and on Internet blogs.