Howie is a chubby Chihuahua poodle mix missing from a Northeast New Orleans trailer park since Katrina 239x180

Missing: Howie

  • Breed: Chihuahua Poodle Mix
  • Gender: Male (intact at storm)
  • Age: 10 Years
  • Weight: 15 Pounds
  • Lost ID: PF63411

Description: Howie is a chocolate-colored, short, chubby Chihuahua/poodle. He was intact pre-Katrina with only one testicle. He has wiry hair, a gray nose, and facial birthmark.

Last Seen: A trailer park in Northeast New Orleans on 8/28/05, when his guardian had to evacuate for Katrina.

Contact: Eileen Shellman
Remote Reunion Campaign
ARNO volunteer Ryan Gares with rescued pup found so shaky cold he was named Mr Shivers 239x650
Nitro, a Terrier Basenji Akita mix, was a frisky 8 year old dog not seen since Katrina 268x218

Missing: Nitro

  • Breed: Terrier-Basenji-Akita Mix
  • Gender: Male (altered)
  • Age: 8 Years
  • Weight: Approx 30 Pounds
  • Lost IDs: PF51267, PF49785

Description: Nitro is a golden, tan, white terrier mix. He has an extra toe on each of his back two paws, arthritis in his hips and is very frisky. Nitro has grey on his eyebrows and was wearing a brown leather collar with diamond-shaped studs and a tag reading "Nitro" and his rabies number.

Nitro has a white, pingpong size spot on his chest. He is short haired (tight to his body and tail), short tipover ears but not completely flipped, a pink tongue, dark brown eyes and brown nose. His tail curls up but it is not long. There are a few white hairs on his average-length muzzle. Nitro is lean but not narrow-hipped, his face is narrow. He is very friendly but does chase cats.

Last Seen: 1423 North Galvez Street

Contact: Sherry Johnson
Remote Reunion Campaign
Nothing Left To Say
But Goodbye

Just like a rescue of a stray dog in the rain I was hungry when you found me
And you could tell by my tail and my rib cage what was once around me

I've been chased by a rain cloud
I was lost and nearly drowned
and kicked around
But now I'm found and I won't run away

Bless your heart you gave me a home and a new start. And I will leave you never
Sleep at your feet and stay guard at you're front door I will keep things together

I've been chased by a rain cloud
I was lost and nearly drowned
and kicked around
But now I'm found and I won't run away

I killed myself, threw away my mental health but nobody was blinking an eye
Backyard, basement, falling on the pavement
Nothing Left to Say But Goodbye
Nothing Left to Say But Goodbye

It's true I ran away before but be sure
I am no tail-chaser
I know a good thing when it throws me a bone
I'm your best friend forever

I've been chased by a rain cloud
I was lost and nearly drowned
and kicked around
But now I'm found and I won't run away
By Audioslave

Low Cost, Free Lawyers

  • Common Ground Relief
    Construction, Volunteering, Wetlands Restoration, Legal Aid. Common Ground Relief is a 501c3, nonprofit based in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. We run diverse projects, from new home construction, to a legal clinic, wetlands restoration, and community gardening.

  • From The Lake To The River
    New Orleans Coalition For Legal Aid And Disaster Relief unites resources from the legal community (law school faculty, students, lawyers) to foster fair distribution of federal, state, and private disaster relief.

*Kinship Circle does not use the language of slavery to depict nonhuman animals. Owner, owned, it… are replaced with guardian, him/her, caregiven… or other words that don't define animals as things.
Midnight, a dark gray Persian cat, was last seen in a 2nd floor apartment in Chalmette, St Bernard Parish, with food and water her guardian left for her 293x126

Missing: Midnight

  • Breed: Dark Gray Persian
  • Gender: Female (spayed)
  • Age: 14 Years  /  Weight 11 Pounds
  • Lost ID: PF62298

Description: Midnight is a purebred Persian. She has orange/yellow eyes, no teeth missing and no scars or signs of age. She was not wearing a collar or tags. Midnight has an occasional "Diva" attitude.

Last Seen: Midnight was last seen on 8/31/05 in a 2nd floor apartment at 110 First Street, Chalmette, LA (St. Bernard Parish) 70043. Her [guardians] left her food and water. Midnight formerly lived at 108 1st St.

Contact: Sharon Dennis, Remote Reunion
A black white cat called Stinky was last seen a few weeks after Katrina in her New Orleans neighborhood, but her guardians have been unable to trap her and think someone took her indoors 293x188

Missing: Stinky, Cat

  • Breed: Domestic Shorthair - White/Black
  • Gender: Female (spayed)
  • Age: 5 Years  /  Weight: 7-8 Pounds
  • Lost ID: PF63153

Description: Stinky is a small--medium kitty, not declawed, and mostly white with black spots on body, a black tail. She has gold eyes, a black mask around eyes but not her nose bridge. A small black spot covers her nostrils. Her right front leg is all white.

Last Seen: Several weeks after Katrina in the neighborhood of 1509 Filmore Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70122 (Orleans Parish). Her [guardians] have unsuccessfully tried to trap her. They think she is at someone's home because she was afraid of other cats that had been chasing her.

Contact: Susan Meyers, Remote Reunion
An abused New Orleans pit puppy has now recovered and needs a forever home 293x456

Home For Abused Pittie

11/4/06, Mary Thompson  ~  Lola is a wonderful 6-month old reddish pit puppy. She is heartworm negative, microchipped, spayed and current on all shots. She was brought to Southern Animal Foundation (SAF) three months ago with a badly broken rear leg. The [guardian] admitted her boyfriend had broken Lola's leg to punish her, two days earlier. Yet a specialist/surgeon said the injury was at least 10 days old. She was in extreme pain with a very swollen leg. We got the people to sign Lola over. She is now ready to go, the sweetest girl in the world. She is house-broken, walks well on a leash, and loves other dogs. Anything you can do to help her would be great. She needs space to run and grow.

To Foster Or Adopt Lola, Contact: Southern Animal Foundation, 504-671-8235

Gypsy's Road Back

After Kinship Circle posted its column/fact sheet, Fatal Fights, many asked about Gypsy — the mutilated pit bull picked up on a North Carolina highway in April 2005. Literally found with no mouth, it had dissolved into pus, Gypsy's devoted rescuers had her mouth rebuilt. Today she is alive and thriving. Dogs forced to fight are discarded like trash when "used up." They are considered impossible to rehabilitate and euthanized. But Gypsy proves that behind any evil human lives a beautiful canine soul.

2006 Update, Gaston Gazette  ~  The tongue-wagging pit bull who came bounding up to the Tri-County Animal Rescue office looks nothing like the mangled dog found near death in Cramerton. Gypsy is happy and healthy after reconstructive surgery at University of Tennessee School of Veterinary Medicine rebuilt her face. Her right front leg was amputated too.

"Now she's a spoiled brat," said Joann Hager who runs Tri-County Animal Rescue and adopted Gypsy. "She loves to go for rides." Gypsy received an honorary best of show at a Southeastern Pitbull Association meet. "She's a social butterfly," Hager said…

Fatal Fights
Gypsy is found stumbling along Gaston County's main highway in North Carolina. Her right front leg is shredded. Flesh falls from her face, exposing teeth and gums in a perpetual bite. But the battered pit bull can no longer bite anyone. Her lips and nose have dissolved into pus. This dog with no face is a familiar sight to Tri-County Animal Rescue staff. She is dogfighter's garbage… Get dogfight fact sheet
Gypsy, a forced fighter pit bull so mangled she had no mouth when found on a North Carolina highway in 2005, miraculously recovered 323x810

Good Advice RE: Mid City NOLA Cat Poisonings

Alley Cat Allies
Bonney Brown, campaign director

11/2006  ~  In response to poison found at feeding sites in New Orleans, Alley Cat Allies recommends set-up out of public view. Cats quickly adapt to a new spot, moved around the corner of a building or in a nearby wooded/overgrown area, where cats and food become inconspicuous.

Unless cats are fed within a publicly approved program that provides for their protection (such as cats at Atlantic City Boardwalk in New Jersey, or hotel/resort feeding programs elsewhere) we advise against signs to mark feeding locations.

In New Orleans, everyone spray-painted feeding spots. We advise painting over any such signs and relocating stations out of view. Photos and location descriptions are the best way to document stations for new feeders and organizational records. A sign advertises the presence of cats to all, including animal abusers and "cat torturers."

In addition to safeguarding cats, stations that blend with surroundings better serve feral cats and their natural fear of humans. If fed publicly, they gradually grow more acclimated to human activity, which can work against them in the long run.
Romeo, a Lhasa Apso mix, was photographed at Best Friends Katrina Animal Rescue Camp in Tylertown, MS, but is now lost in the system with his person praying for his safe return 268x232

BF030 Is Romeo. Can He Come Home?

  • Breed: Lhasa Apso-Shih Tzu Mix
  • Gender: Male (intact at storm time)
  • Age: Approx 8 Years
  • Weight: 18 Pounds Pre-Katrina
  • Shelter-Assigned ID: BF030
  • Petfinder ID: PF33004
Evacuee Carolyn Hawkins pleads for the return of her Lhasa mix Romeo, seen here as alive and rescued at Best Friends site after Katrina 268x408
Photos: Romeo's intake and later photos at Best Friends Animal Rescue Camp in Tylertown, MS. Romeo's [guardian] has positively identified this dog: "BF030 is my Romeo. My other Shih Tzu was returned to me in December, ID-BF029. I pray every night for Romeo's return." Carolyn Hawkins: 504-368-3695, 504-495-3728

Description: White with brown/tan markings, ears have dark tips. Bottom tooth sits out a bit. Hair was thin in hind parts. Romeo was being treated for heartworm pre-Katrina. Romeo was wearing a blue collar when last seen.

Last Seen: Romeo was rescued in New Orleans, LA at 1715 Ann Street, upstairs apartment, along with a male Shih-Tzu and a female black cat. Romeo wore a blue collar at his home.

11/18/06, Reply To Linda Graf  ~  Romeo is a beautiful Lhasa Apso-Shih Tzu mix rescued after Katrina. Carolyn Hawkins of New Orleans, Romeo's guardian, pleads with anyone reading this: What does she need to do to get him back? She has identified three photos of Romeo, gathered from internet sites. All prove: Romeo was at Tylertown. A vet rescued him. Carolyn is grieving deeply. She is aware of the need to retain a lawyer and/or private investigator, but cost is prohibitive. Does anyone know any pro bono lawyers in NOLA (or anywhere) who might aid this case?

6/9/06  ~  Mr. Michael Mountain, President, Best Friends Animal Society
5001 Angel Canyon Road  /  Kanab, UT 84741

Dear Mr. Mountain, I am a friend of Ms. Carolyn Hawkins, a Hurricane Katrina survivor who lives in New Orleans, LA. She is one of several women I've assisted in the very difficult search for still missing pets, rescued and sent to shelters across the U.S. with little or no tracking information.

Ms. Hawkins lost two dogs who were rescued and photographed for intake records through the Best Friends animal rescue camp in Tylertown, MS. Their two records were BF029 and BF030. She was able to recover BF029, but her second dog seems to have disappeared. He was a Lhasa Apso-Shih Tzu mix named Romeo and she is devastated by this loss. Is Romeo in foster, adopted? Ms. Hawkins would be very grateful for your help finding him, especially since Louisiana has given residents three years to claim any pet who has crossed state lines after Hurricane Katrina.

God bless, Linda Graf
11025 Mountain View Road  /  Sun City, AZ 85351
Puppies rescued from Israel during the conflict with Hezbollah arrive at JFK airport 239x500

Pups Saved From Line Of Fire In Middle East Wars

Concern For Helping Animals In Israel (CHAI), 703-658-9650
CHAI, POB 3341
Alexandria, VA 22302
See Saved Pups

11/8/06: On Nov 3, 40 puppies rescued north of Israel during the conflict with Hezbollah arrived at JFK airport, for new U.S. homes. Pups are boarded in Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland at Montgomery County Humane and Arlington/Alexandria Animal Welfare Leagues.

CHAI's sister charity in Israel, Hakol Chai, supplied 12+ tons of food, water bowls, vaccines, leashes and more after residents fled to bomb shelters. Animals were rescued from deserted homes and streets across the north. "We reunited many puppies with original families and rehomed others in Israel, but adoptions go slowly there," says Nina Natelson, CHAI's director. "We want to give them the best chance to find homes."

Save two scared, very sweet fluffy dogs from gas chamber death at Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter 238x443

Save Death-Row Dogs

11/17/06  ~  Both dogs above are at Jefferson Parish Shelter, scheduled for gas chamber euthanasia. They need adoptive or foster destinations quickly, so they are not killed.

Reply ASAP To: Traci Kestler, 504-975-5971

Kinship Circle
Animal Disaster Aid Fund
7380 Kingsbury Blvd
Saint Louis, MO 63130

Kinship Circle is a 501c3.
Donations are tax-deductible

This Year, Make A Meaningful Donation For Animals

Please donate now, so Kinship Circle can not only feed animals while in NOLA, but also give funds/food to Animal Rescue New Orleans, plus animal recovery efforts in Lakeview and Plaquemines.

Kinship Circle will service food/water stations and document animals sighted in the East/West sections of Upper 9th Ward, Lakeview, Plaquemines…

Landscapes have changed since Katrina. Even as some areas rebuild (residents often want feeding to stop) others have seen little recovery. Animal survivors and their offspring tend to roam near former homes. Reunions are still possible via documentation on feeding routes.

While in NOLA, we'll also help out at Animal Rescue New Orleans, plus transport animals for out-state adoptions. Please donate for the continued care of Katrina animal victims. Their suffering is not over. Thank you! Kinship Circle

Happy Days Ahead For Phoenix, Abused Avondale Pit

11/6/06, Mary  ~  Phoenix is on his way to happily ever after. Tia Maria Torres  ~  Turns out Phoenix has some ball drive which excites me to no end! Villalobos

Severely abused pit bulls found during food water runs are held during ongoing cruelty case 591x513
Phoenix, an abused pit bull, joyfully plays with balls at Villalobos Sanctuary in California case 250x407
Story Behind The Avondale Pits
While working with Villalobos staff on a reunion, two rescuers in New Orleans spotted dogs in Avondale, LA who were trapped on short, heavy, padlocked chains without food, water or shelter. Phoenix, a golden pit, was severely emaciated and his skin rubbed raw. Spice, a white/gray/black dog, had so little range he could not reach his shabby doghouse.

After months trying, three dogs (the third, Mama, later gave birth to five pups) were removed from this Avondale address on 5/18/06. The [guardian] signed a release for two and a euthanasia request for the other. On 5/20, he requested animals back. Elena at JPAS got this case on a docket with Judge Messina. Animals were placed on hold till after the hearing. The case was drawn out through September, at which time criminal proceedings unfolded. In the end, sick Phoenix recovered at Southern Animal Foundation, along with Mama and her pups. Villalobos Rescue Center took in dogs in California. All were eventually re-homed, forever free from chains.

Get Avondale Pits Tee!
Front Image: Phoenix chained, before rescue.
Back: Brenda Shoss of Kinship Circle donated use of her poem With My Eyes. Proceeds benefit medical aid and transport for the Avondale dogs.

Slaughter-Bound Horses In Truck Wreck Get To Live

Reprieve for slaughter bound horses in horrible truck wreck, survivors go to sanctuary 626x430
Background: A Horrible Accident Delays Trip To The Killing Floor
9/27/06, Kinship Circle  ~  Humane Society of Missouri (HSMO) assisted in the rescue of 25 horses and one mule from a ghastly tractor-trailer accident on I-44 near Stanton, MO. Another 17 horses were killed in the crash. The horses were en route to Cavel International Slaughterhouse in DeKalb, IL. Kinship Circle members asked how they could help these horses, already in distress from their trek to the kill floor. Charles Carter, a broker from Loveland, CO, "owns" the horses. Negotiations are underway between HSMO and Carter's insurance company to acquire custody of horses in exchange for waiving medical fees ($50,000+ and rising). We spoke to HSMO, which is holding horses at their Longmeadow Rescue Ranch with a goal of lifelong sanctuary. At this time there is no call for action, however if horses face slaughter again, we'll take action.

Update: For Survivors, Tragedy Turns To Miracle
10/6/06 St. Louis Post Dispatch, Horses Hurt In Wreck Are Spared From Slaughterhouse  ~  For a second and presumably final time, 24 horses and a hinny (offspring of a male horse and female donkey) in a Missouri truck crash have escaped certain death in a slaughterhouse. Seventeen animals perished in or after the wreck Sept. 27 on Interstate 44. They were being shipped to a horsemeat-processing plant in DeKalb, IL. The crash spared the survivors. But as veterinarians and other caretakers tended wounds, no one could guarantee that efforts wouldn't be wasted — until this week.

Humane Society of Missouri has settled with Northland Insurance Co. to hand over "ownership" of horses. In return, the Humane Society agreed to waive recovery of over $84,000 spent to rescue and treat animals en route from Stroud, OK, to DeKalb. Now that the Humane Society legally "owns" the horses, it can put them up for adoption. Jeane Jae, a Humane Society spokesperson, said adopters have to sign an agreement stating, among other factors, they will not have the animal slaughtered.

Cavel International Inc., is one of only three horse-meat processors in the U.S. Horse meat is sold in Europe and Japan and considered a delicacy. Jae noted that crash survivors aren't what people might envision. One is a pregnant teen Bay Thoroughbred, another a Sorrel Thoroughbred yearling colt, and others are very young as well, she said. "These are vibrant horses with a lot of life in them."