Hurricane Katrina

In top two photos, Kinship Circle's Brenda Shoss and Marni Reeder replenish food/water stations for animals who hide in the moldy remains of gutted homes. This page shares images of Plaquemines and St. Bernard, among Katrina's hardest hit areas.

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Marnie Reeder replenishes food water stations for animals hidden in the moldy remains of gutted homes 900x510
Liz White and Marni Reeder unload food, water and trays from Kinship Circle's vehicle to feed cats in Point Celeste. Gray/white cats and a black cat have been at Blue Barn Therapeutic Riding Center (released there) since Katrina.

Plaquemines is quiet. Uprooted homes and slanted porches. A detached school roof over empty rooms. Limp toys wait for a child. An injured black dog darts over a watery field.
Grady Ballard and Liz White set up animal feeding stations at gutted homes in Plaquemines Parish 900x536 Searching for animals under an uprooted home, setting food trays at a destroyed bank where animals hide 900x475 A sprawling FEMA trailer park in lower Plaquemines after Katrina 900x432 Grady Ballard fills a food water stations for animals after Katrina 900x504 Brenda Shoss and Grady Ballard in a destroyed Plaquemines bank vault 900x512

Kinship Circle's Brenda Shoss stands outside P.G.T. Beauregard Middle School where St. Bernard Sherrif's officers slaughtered companion animals at point blank range. Residents evacuated to St. Bernard schools were forced to re-evacuate without their beloved animals. They left food/water, treats, collars, leashes… along with scribbled notes begging authorities to save their animals. Instead, SBP "law enforcers" cornered terrified toy poodles, Lab pups, Chihuahuas… and shot 30+ dogs, plus cats, dead. Cruelty investigator Mark Steinway (Pasado's Safe Haven) noted in his report: "Dogs were not shot in the head to quickly bring death. Shooting an animal's body cavity is one of the most cruel ways to kill." A Dallas News photojournalist also videotaped SBP officers gunning down dogs in the streets. Street and school massacres are separate cases with the same officers implicated in both.