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Pulling animals from the wreckage doesn't diminish human suffering.
It makes us human.
~  Brenda Shoss, Kinship Circle

When people evacuated Beirut, they left thousands of animals. We couldn't help all, but saved many. Two bombs fell just two meters from our shelter at the Hezbollah camp border and green line. Shrapnel from missiles landed inside a dog's cage and lodged between bars.
~  Helena Hesayne, BETA
  • From The Other Side Of The World: A Love Story
    Kinship Circle - She is a "Thai Soi Dog Mix," part Basenji and someone else. Rescuers found her on a bridge over floodwaters with a dislocated pelvis, possibly from swift debris as she paddled to higher ground. The dog cried out in pain. She couldn't move much and would have died from starvation and dehydration if not found. I met the skeletal girl in Thailand with Kinship Circle for animal flood aid…
  • Collateral Damage
    Kinship Circle - We grieve for soldiers lost and destruction of civilian life. But headlines rarely publicize war's other collateral damage. Animals, crimeless and naive, dodge mortars, grenades, and armored combat vehicles. Their lives shatter into desertion, starvation, injury, death…
  • We Are Witness: Inside Japan's No-Go Radiation Zone
    Kinship Circle - A local guide leads four Kinship Circle Disaster Animal Response Team members into the 20km exclusion zone around Fukushima's nuclear plant. In head to toe Tyveck safety suits, they hike past barricades along rural dirt paths. Army vehicles whiz by on a distant road. This is what they see: She lies on her side, eyes wide with fear…
  • New Orleans Now: A Place Between Hope And Despair
    Kinship Circle - Kinship Circle traveled to New Orleans to aid Katrina-affected animals. Along with roaming animals, we found a story at most addresses on our route. A wheat-colored dog races toward our vehicle at 1400 Montegut and N. Villere Street…
  • From Katrina's Ruins, A Chain Of Hope
    Kinship Circle - It's a lazy day in late August. My then 4-year-old son Elijah, a cartoon junkie, is glued to CNN Headline News. Huh? "Mommy," he explains, "I want to see if the people get out of their broken houses." This is how I learned about Katrina, the hurricane that cast people and animals adrift…
  • Acts of Cruelty After The Storm
    Kinship Circle - A flash of hot, sharp pain. A rainbow-colored arrow ripped through the cat's body, shredding his gallbladder, spleen, lung, intestines, and nearly every organ except his heart. Bewildered, the cat staggered to his feet with an arrow protruding from either side of his body…
  • Tiny Heartbeats Amid Katrina's Wreckage
    Kinship Circle - "We have her," rescuer Jane Garrison says. Simple words. But for an 84-year-old woman in a Baton Rouge intensive care unit, they are reason to live. This Katrina victim's cat is alive, seven weeks after the storm. As hurricane headlines vanish, a weak dog is found in a bathtub…

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