Return To New Orleans

A Kinship Circle team navigates a complex route of food/water stations, many no longer served, in Upper 9th Wards East and West, Plaquemines Parish and Lakeview. Armed with maps (sometimes useless, with street signs still down) and hundreds of addresses, we record animal sightings and re-population status. Gutted homes and debris line streets. Personal stuff in one wall-less two-story seems untouched since residents fled. Here, animals find refuge in the shadows. A cat darts, then vanishes under rubble. A dog waits on dusty steps. Wherever people have returned, we offer bags of food for them to help feed animals. Some live in FEMA trailers parked outside wrecked homes. Others inhabit homes in various states of reconstruction. Photos (c) Kinship Circle, Hurricane Katrina Animal Aid
Kinship Circle volunteers give animal food to residents 626x310
A little boy who lives in Upper 9th Ward West, post Katrina 250x260
Brenda Shoss of Kinship Circle with NOLA residents given food to feed animals 450x330
Animals documented and fed on a Kinship Circle route in Upper 9th Ward, New Orleans 900x468 Many black white cats seen and fed in Upper 9th Ward West, New Orleans 900x504
The white/black cat and an orange/brown tortie huddle beneath a wrecked home. They are too afraid to come out, so we gently nudge food and water trays under the structure. We also feed and document an orange tabby sighted on Elysian Fields. Photos (c) Kinship Circle. New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina Animal Aid
An orange cat is sighted along a Kinship Circle food water route in Upper 9th Ward East 287x406
A tortie cat hiding under a gutted home is fed and documented in Upper 9th Ward West, NOLA 450x342 FEMA trailers parked on lots of Katrina destroyed homes are a common site a year or more after the hurricane 380x214
FEMA trailers parked on lots of Katrina destroyed homes are a common site a year or more after the hurricane 281x335
Many New Orleans homes are gutted, with exposed celing slats 281x225 Animals hide under vacated, boarded homes, many too afraid to come out 281x268
Homes are still boarded up on empty streets in Upper 9th Ward West 270x522
A Kinship Circle team writes animals seen and fed on a vacated home in Upper 9th Ward West, New Orleans 341x331
tortie cat, Grady Ballard looks for signs of life 323x650
fema trailers, black dog, barb feeds animals 900x500 chickens in Upper 9th Ward, New Orleans streets 900x540
While feeding and documenting animals, we discover this pathetic pit bull, tethered on so little chain, he can barely get out from underneath a house. We call to file a cruelty report and urge prompt investigation of the dog, behind Israel BC Lot 1235 St. Bernard. A heavy padlock hangs from the dog's neck. A knotted chain, affixed to poles, seems as if it could choke him.
These black cats emerge from rubble and trash beneath a brick home at 2367 Urquhart. Starved, they gobble up our wet/dry food and look us straight in the eyes to ask for more.
Homes are spraypainted with grafitti about animals seen, saved, dead 900x500