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Missouri Flood Disaster
Update: Piedmont, Missouri Flood Disaster
missouri flood 3/23/08 ► From Act Now! Rescue and Susan Rhoades, Act Now! Rescue is in flooded Piedmont, MO this morning. One dog (shepherd mix) and two cats have been found. Foster homes needed for all after they are vetted. There is still no running water and no sewer. Access to Piedmont is still not possible. FEMA is handing out fresh water. An Anheuser Busch truckload of canned water is on the way. The town was evacuated. Piedmont Animal Control was flooded and according to St. Louis KSDK website, 8 dogs drowned and all 14 cats survived at the shelter run by ACO Cibele Hasenbeck. A search for left-behind pets and rural strays is still underway.

  • One husky mix
  • Two puppies. One of the pups is a large breed who appears to have been abused and the other is a smaller breed.
  • TO FOSTER CONTACT: Jan Siener, ACT Now! Rescue: 314-605-1497,

    #10 Grandview Park / Arnold, MO 63010

  • Any supplies en route to Terri Archer of Terri's Pet Rescue (Kinship Circle's initial contact) will still be sent to Piedmont, as Terri continues to work closely with rescuers on the ground there.

  • SUPPLY NEEDS: Rope, Crates, Duct Tape, Markers, Notebooks, Rags, Toilet Paper, Table Ties, Work Gloves, Latex Gloves, Shavings (for lining cages), Betadine, Liquid Wormer, Liquid Antibiotics, Slip Leads, Blankets, Fresh Water, Dog/Cat Food

  • Act Now! Rescue is accepting donations for Piedmont Animal Control:

  • If unable to access Paypal, you may still mail monetary donations to:
    For Piedmont Animal Flood Victims, c/o Terri's Pet Rescue
    1766 Becker Road; Cuba, MO 65453
    All donations are tax-deductible
    Terri's Pet Rescue & Refuge,

► Thank You Kinship Circle Animal Disaster Aid Network!
From Susan Rhoades, — Thank you so much for posting the updates. We are amazed at all the calls, emails, and donations we've received, and this little shelter will be helped by all of these efforts. I never knew about your list. I do now! And it's literally saving lives. Thanks again for all you do! Sue Rhoades

It is all of YOU who do the "doing." Kinship Circle thanks its supporters!

Flooded stores and parking lots. A white dog is in the foreground on high ground. Piedmont, Missouri Evacuated for Flooding, Now without Water. KSDK NewsChannel 5, St. Louis

Chrissy Ellis hold one of her two remaining dogs Thursday morning as she stands on Twin Rivers Road after her horse trailer became stuck in the rising waters at the confluence of the Meramec and Big Rivers. Ellis was trying to move her animals and belongings to higher ground. Three dogs, three cats, five chickens, one dove, and one parrot drowned. J.B. Forbes, St. Louis Post Dispatch,

Mike Schwarztrauber transports Green Wing Macaws from his business, Varietees Extoic Bird Store, in Valley Park, to foster care as floodwaters rose. Robert Cohen, St. Louis Post Dispatch

DISCLAIMER: Kinship Circle condemns trade in exotic birds and displays this photo to show animal flood victims only. We oppose capture, breeding and sale of all wild birds.

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BACK TO TOP - FIELD NOTES LIST Give Feline Flood Survivors Forever Love!

missouri flood ► FOSTER OR ADOPT A FELINE FLOOD SURVIVOR: When Kinship Circle learned cats who survived Piedmont's flood needed shelter, we thought of one person: Nancy Lupia of Felines Forever. Last February, Nancy took in 14 Katrina kitties we brought back from New Orleans. She didn't hesitate to retrieve 12 lucky kitties this time. ALL cats who made it out alive have gone to rescues, most of them with Nancy! Piedmont's shelter took in 5 feet of water and lost 8 dogs. Cats survived because they'd been let out of cages in a last-minute effort to save them and were able to climb atop shelves. All were traumatized by the ordeal.


BACK TO TOP - FIELD NOTES LIST Floodwaters Swell Near Illinois Shelter

630-271-9002 or
Michelle Parson, President and Dog Program Director
A Caring Place Humane Society, Darien, IL

► SHELTER OVERWHELMED, PLEA FOR HELP — from, I write again out of desperation for Franklin County Animal Control in Benton, IL. This pound suffered devastating loss during Thanksgiving week when a fire burned their main building to the ground, killing over 50 animals. Since that time, volunteers and staff have continued taking in animals…with minimal facilities. They've housed cats and kittens in a storage shed and dogs and puppies have been living in outdoor kennel runs — even through the coldest and snowiest parts of winter. Now Franklin County faces a new problem — rain and flooding.

► Darien, Illinois — from Conditions getting worse. Constant rain for 2 days. Places in West Frankfort (6 miles away) evacuated homes and called to pick up pets. Dottie and I set up our garages for animals. Dottie has all puppies in her garage plus she has Brownie (dog with broken leg), the puppy with leg pins, another adult dog and all her own animals. I have Moonbeam and another old adult dog who belongs to a homeless woman…in my garage in cages…the 6 survivor pups in in my cat room, 2 other adult cats and 3 caged cats in my back bedroom plus all my own animals. We've both been soaked in the rain while trying to get tarps back up and help these animals, but the situation is hopeless… They will euthanize large numbers of animals if we and other rescues don't help them.

BACK TO TOP - FIELD NOTES LIST Feedback: Missouri Floodwaters Rising

Iowa Official Honor

Eureka firefighter Corey Marler tries to pull a reluctant dog to his boat in the Meramec River near Highway 109. Passersby spotted two Dogs clinging to driftwood in the middle of the river. Sgt. Bryan Parrott of the Missouri Water Patrol comforts the first dog rescued. Both dogs were taken to the Eureka Fire Station. St. Louis Post Dispatch,

3/21/08 ► FROM KINSHIP CIRCLE: We thank everyone who took initiative to help animal victims in response to our 3/18 and 3/19 alerts about flash floods in Piedmont, Missouri (that wiped out the town's only animal shelter). Terri Archer, our contact who coordinated resources from her home in Cuba, MO, writes on 3/20/08: "Thank you so much for everything you have done. We've received many responses with offers to help and supplies being sent. As soon as we can get them to her [Cibele Hasenbeck, ACO in Piedmont]. They are expecting rivers to crest again on Sunday. Yikes."

Kinship Circle has been informed surviving animals from Piedmont's shelter have gone to rescue groups in Missouri. At least 11 lucky kitties have a second chance with Felines Forever, the same foster group that took 14 cats Kinship Circle brought back from New Orleans last February.

► FLOODS IN SOUTHEAST MISSOURI/ILLINOIS CONTINUE TO RISE: Outlying communities along swollen rivers (Eureka, Valley Park, Fenton, Pacific, Delta, Whitewater, Gray Summit, High Ridge…) have partially evacuated. Humane Society of Missouri has set up a temp shelter in Cape Girardeau, MO. If Kinship Circle learns of specific needs for animals, we will post updates.

BACK TO TOP - FIELD NOTES LIST 3/19/08 Update: Piedmont, Missouri Flood Disaster

  • A St. Louis group, Act Now! Rescue is leaving for Piedmont this afternoon (3/19/08).

  • Humane Society of Missouri is also headed to Piedmont, to pick up animals rescued so far.

  • The entire town has been evacuated. Communication systems are shut down and information is coming in piecemeal, with Act Now to further evaluate supplies/volunteers needed.

  • Noah's Wish is monitoring situation, but cannot go on site without permission from local authorities. Presently, communication is difficult.

  • We understand all but 17 cats and 9 dogs may have died in floodwaters. Cibele of Piedmont Animal Control has been authorized to clear out any survivors in the shelter, which is nearly unsalvageable. All items within building are destroyed: files, computers, basic necessities…

  • The concern now is for left-behind pets and rural strays. For Katrina alums, the flooded town of Piedmont, MO is more comparable to lower Plaquemines (spread out and rural) than New Orleans.

BACK TO TOP - FIELD NOTES LIST How To Send Supplies, Money, Or Volunteer

Donations are tax-deductible.
► 3/21/08, HOW TO HELP
    Contact Terri Archer, 573-885-2607
    Potential volunteers must contact Terri Archer of Terri's Pet Rescue, a 501c3 in Cuba, MO 60 miles from the flood site. People with disaster relief experience may call Terri for details.

    For Piedmont Animal Flood Victims
    c/o Terri's Pet Rescue
    1766 Becker Road; Cuba, MO 65453
    • Rope
    • Crates
    • Duct Tape
    • Markers, Notebooks
    • Rags, Toilet Paper
    • Table Ties
    • Work Gloves, Latex Gloves
    • Shavings (for lining cages)
    • Betadine, Liquid Wormer, Liquid Antibiotics
    • Slip Leads
    • Blankets
    • Fresh Water
    • Dog and Cat Food

    MONETARY DONATIONS (for supplies/rescue):
    For Piedmont Animal Flood Victims
    c/o Terri's Pet Rescue
    1766 Becker Road; Cuba, MO 65453

BACK TO TOP - FIELD NOTES LIST Emergency: Piedmont Animal Control Underwater

  • Piedmont has been evacuated. Cibele [of Piedmont, Missouri Animal Control] got out who she could, but many of her babies drowned. Piedmont AC and the town's animals are all in danger.

  • REPLY DIRECTLY TO: Susan Rhoades at or 314-223-9741
    Jan Siener, ACT Now! Rescue
    P.O. Box 510321; St. Louis, Missouri 63151,

    Piedmont Animal Control Shelter
    115 W Green Street; Piedmont, MO 63957
    573-223-4020; Cibele:

  • The town of Piedmont, Missouri was evacuated due to flooding, the Missouri Highway Patrol said. NewsChannel 5 has learned that parts of the town were without water. Floodwater knocked out a bridge carrying a main water line. According to the state patrol, most people in town evacuated to friends and relatives homes' on higher ground. No shelter has been set up for displaced residents.

    Most roadways have flooded, including HWY 34 east of town and HWY V to the south. All rivers and creeks have flooded out. Access to Piedmont is only available from the north. Poplar Bluff has received six inches of rain and state police said comparable amounts were expected in Piedmont.

BACK TO TOP - FIELD NOTES LIST Animals Saved From Floods At Southern Illinois Shelter

Iowa Official Honor

3/18/08 ► FROM WWW.WPSDTV.COM: Dozens of dogs are in area vet offices and foster homes after a Johnson County (ILLINOIS) shelter flooded. Nearly one hundred dogs were trapped, after roads around it were flooded with nearly four feet of water.

"When they first called they said it was under two feet of water and I said 'Uh-oh' this isn't gonna be good," St. Francis Animal Care volunteer Jim Sullivan remembers. He was one of the first to stage a rescue. Braving waist deep water, Sullivan and several others started what would stretch to become a three hour process. The dogs were saved one at a time.

"Little Cricket, you saw over there she was swimming around," another volunteer says, pointing to a 6 pound black and white mutt. Whether by boat or even by truck all 90 dogs made it out of the shelter okay, with larger breeds being the last to make it to safety. Shivering and scared, the dogs were loaded into waiting cars and for a brief moment the worst seemed to be behind the folks at St. Francis Animal Care. Then, a problem. "There is no flood insurance, I just found that out," said Doris Luther of the shelter.

► TO ADOPT FLOOD SURVIVORS: Call Cook Sales, 618-893-2114
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