Minnie, an American Staffordshire Terrier mix, was found with her puppy in a worst hit Katrina area 239x245

Found: Minnie

  • Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Gender: Female (altered)
  • Size: Medium
  • Age: 1 Year
  • Petfinder ID: PF63391

Description: Minnie, found with her puppy in a worst-hit area, went to Best Friends Tylertown. Since her ordeal, she's afraid to be outside alone. Someone who deeply loved Minnie may have died in the storm. Minnie attacks the ground if left alone outdoors.

Last Seen: New Orleans, 70112

Contact: 920-499-7475
Sam, a Yellow Lab Mix, was found in Algiers post Katrina then sent through Humane Society Mississippi 268x261

Found: Sweet Sam

  • Breed: Yellow Labrador Mix
  • Gender: Male (neutered)
  • Age: 1-2 Years
  • Weight: 40 Pounds
  • ID#: PF63399

Description: This sweet Lab mix is yellow/tan in color, but smaller than an average Labrador Retriever.

Last Seen: Sam was found in Algiers, Louisiana 70114 as a stray, but at some point after Katrina, he passed through Humane Society of Mississippi, where he was microchipped.

Contact: 920-499-7475
Petfinder Disaster Rescue
JC, a small white poodle left in New Orleans before Katrina and likely rescued, is lost in the system 268x251

Lost In System: JC

  • Breed: Small White Poodle
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 6 Years
  • Weight: 12 Pounds
  • Found IDs: PF35525, PF50019, LA2187, A005875
  • Lost IDs: PF63033, AVID 075034037

Description: JC's face was shaved, and he wore a silver choke chain. JC had been previously microchipped (AVID Chip 075034037).

Last Seen: JC was left at 5000 Touro Street, New Orleans LA 70122. This address may be incorrect or listed on JC's paperwork: 4922 Touro St. He was likely rescued and taken to Lamar-Dixon, but is lost in the system.

Contact: Deb Nelson
Remote Reunion Campaign
Humane Society Louisiana offers a reward for information leading to arrest of man accused of mutilating this dog, Toby 268x210

Reward Offered In Dog Maiming Case

Donate For Toby'S Surgery
Humane Society of Louisiana
P.O. Box 740321
New Orleans, LA 70174

8/21/06 By Keri Champion  ~  Humane Society of Louisiana (HSL) seeks information leading to the arrest of an elderly Reserve man accused of maiming or mutilating an animal. This felony carries up to 10 years in jail, a $25,000 fine or both, said HSL president Jeff Dorson.

"The female dog, Toby, was caught in a rusty metal leghold trap. Several toes of a front paw were crushed. A few children heard the dog's cries. When they approached, a man said he'd punished the dog for trespass on his property. The man also said he'd wanted to harm the dog and had set traps to ensare her," Dorson said.

"While seasonal trapping is legal in Louisiana, it's always illegal to trap strays," said Dorson. "We take animal cruelty very seriously and are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the elderly man."

St. John Animal Shelter picked up Toby, who was then released to HSL for paw surgery. "It's wonderful that Jeff Dorson and the society stepped in to pay vet expenses," said Linda Allen, St. John Parish Animal Shelter director. "No arrests have been made in the case, but we've confronted this man before."

Toby's wounds required surgery to amputate three toes. She is recovering nicely and currently lives in a foster home. Toby needs a permanent, loving home said Dorson. "Toby is a very docile dog, great with children and other animals." The Humane Society, based in New Orleans, seeks donations to help cover surgery/aftercare costs.
A puppy rescued from abuse now needs a forever home 268x316

Puppy Rescued From Abuse Needs Home

To Adopt, Contact: 901-268-4432
Humane Society of Louisiana
P.O. Box 740321
New Orleans, LA 70174

Crowley Post-Signal: Crowley Animal Control rescued a dog whom a resident reported as starving, thirsty and trapped in a small kennel. The caller described constant barking and lack of care.

The woman spoke to Jeff Dorson, Director of Humane Society of Louisiana. Dorson arranged for rescue and medical aid. The dog went to city pound and then to Crowley Veterinarian Hospital, funded by HSLA. The sweet K-9 now needs a home.

Animal abuse has two criminal divisions: 1) Misdemeanor simple cruelty includes failure to provide proper shelter, water, food and medical care, with fines up to $1000 and six months in jail. 2) Felony aggravated cruelty includes fines up to $25,000 and 1-10 years jail. HSLA urges all who see animal cruelty to record it. Contact law enforcers and testify if called to court.
Quitto, an American Eskimo, was rescued from Metairie after Katrina, taken to Lamar Dixon and lost from there 268x231

Lost/System: Blanquitto

  • Breed: American Eskimo
  • Gender: Male (intact)
  • Age: 7 Years
  • Weight: 35 Pounds
  • Found IDs: PF29901, PF4275, 170731  /  Lost ID: PF62873

Description: Quitto is white with a cream-colored back, black nose, fluffy coat, pointed ears, and curled tail. He wore a black collar with 2 tags.

Last Seen: Rescued from home at 705 N. Dilton, Metairie, LA (Jefferson Parish). Taken to Lamar-Dixon and became lost in the system from there.

Contact: Heather, 585-586-9169
Remote Reunion Campaign
Eric Rice with poodle mix Bandit, whose Katrina displaced guardian sued to get him back 248x496

Malvin & Bandit: Home Sweet NOLA

Top Photo: Bandit, Eric Rice and his dogs in Annapolis. Bottom: "This kid is cute," Eric says of Bandit, who went home to Malvin in New Orleans.

8/26/06 Eric Rice, Eric's Dog Blog  ~  Many have behaved admirably to facilitate Bandit's return home to his desperate and deserving [guardian] Malvin. "I'm going to try to get my dog back and take my dog with me everywhere I go," Malvin Cavalier said several months ago. "Before this year's out, I'm going home to New Orleans, and I'll have Bandit with me."

Well Malvin was correct. He is home in New Orleans and Bandit is on the way there. I picked him up today. What a story it has been. This reunion may epitomize those Katrina victims in a better place for Year Two than Year One. Let's make this a good year for all of them. People have no idea how deeply they've suffered. Most wish for reunion with their animals more than anything else lost to Katrina.

Amazing One Year Anniversary: Almost one year to the day since Katrina separated them, Bandit and Malvin look forward to reunion in New Orleans with the help of a friendly United Airlines crew flying Bandit in the the plane's cabin this Thursday.

Malvin is especially thankful that Bandit ended up with Lisa Fox, who took such good care of him and understands how much he needs Bandit back in his life. He is thankful that Sandra and Cindy helped him in the early days when others shut him down. They worked with hearts in the right place.

Apologies to Lisa Fox and her husband for all they've wrongly suffered in this case. If someone had told them the absolute truth in October or November, Bandit would have gone home in days, not at month 12. Once they got the real story, they moved swiftly to return Bandit. Their phone call to me got the ball rolling that brought Bandit home.

I state for the record that while Malvin has asked for and received some aid in his quest, he has never waivered from his desire to get Bandit back. He was never coached. Since his family's first requests Oct 13 2005, he has been 100% guided by his own will and spirit. Malvin's bond with animals runs deep.

New Law? Jeff Parish Won't Evacuate Pets

nola.com Hurricane Drill Helps Parish Test Evacuations  ~  Evacuees may bring one suitcase with dimensions no larger than 16 by 30 inches. No weapons, alcohol, illegal drugs or ice chests larger than 1 gallon allowed on the bus. The parish is forbidding pets, though Bonano said pet evacuation could become an option if the state and parish come upon more resources.

"Our job is to deal with humans first. We don't have a pet shelter, so we won't gather pets with no place to take them," Bonano said.

If a major storm comes this summer, Jefferson leaders expect 10,000 to 15,000 residents to need evacuation aid. Pat Santos, deputy director of the Louisiana Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, said Louisiana has laid out 97,000 shelter beds and is working with nearby states to shelter more evacuees. Residents may view Jefferson evacuation plans and bus routes: jeffparish.net

Interactive Maps

Animals Seen, Lost, Found▼

Lost Siamese cat Sophie was last seen in New Orleans, LA 70124 260x191
Lost: Sophie, Cat
  • Breed: Siamese Med-Hair Mix
  • Gender: Female
  • Born: 2/1/05  /  Size: Small
  • PF ID: PF52836

Description: Bark-brown or black ears, tail, nose, legs. Light brown around bright eyes. White paws. Petite. Approx 7 months old. Nervous around strangers.

Last Seen: 201 Sharon Drive
New Orleans, LA 70124

Contact: 859-619-0013
A lost Tortoiseshell cat was last seen in Lakeview on Canal Blvd, New Orleans 260x197
Lost: Tortoiseshell Cat
  • Breed: Tortoiseshell Mix Cat
  • Gender: Female (spayed)
  • Color/Marks: Black/tan, white on belly, short corkskrew tail
  • Born: 4/1/03  /  Age: 2 Years
  • Weight: 11 Pounds
  • ID: BFE#35

Description: Her tail is short (about 3/4") and curves up at end to her back. White fur patch on belly. She is slightly bigger than in photo at 6-8 months. Had collar and tags at time lost.

Last Seen: 5939 Canal Blvd, New Orleans LA 70124

Contact: dlagar1@lsu.edu
Waffle was rescued from his Lakeview home after Katrina but is lost in the system 260x308
Lost: Waffle, Orange Cat
  • Breed: Orange Shorthair Cat
  • Gender: Male
  • Color/Marks: Tabby Tiger
  • Born: 1/1/03  /  Age: 2 Years
  • Weight: 10 Pounds
  • PF ID: PF42440

Description: My cat was rescued from my Lakeview home. Today, my dad saw a spraypainted "X" on our home's exterior when he went there. The "X" had "9-21, NE-1," and "1 live cat" written on it.

Last Seen: 7029 Derbes Pl/St, New Orleans LA 70124

Contact: purrtweet@houston.rr.com
Animals Seen/Missing
Food-Water Sections

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Food-Water Sections
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Small Bites

News named Small Bites as a reminder to donate small-bite food (or cat food).

August 29, 2006 Tribute
Thanks to all who shared stories and photos for tributes on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, August 29, 2006. You can view them at August 29, 2006: For The Animals And Their Rescuers

Katrina Survivor, Elvira, Needs Home
To Adopt Or Foster Elvira, Reply To:Ramona Billot  ~  Elvira is a special black cat in need of a loving person to keep her until she finds a home. She is a barn cat who survived Katrina in Plaquemines Parish, so she's endured a lot. Elvira is friendly and very sweet. She's received medication for skin allergies that cause scaly, bumpy spots on her body, so hopefully that will go away. As a barn cat, she has shelter and food and water. But Elvira loves attention, and loves for you to pet her, neither of which she gets at the barn. It breaks my heart for her to live where she will rarely, if ever, get any love or attention.

Plaquemines Feral Cat TNR Program
Reply To: Ramona Billot  ~  Are you feeding or caring for feral cats? Are you willing to join the solution to overpopulation? We are looking for people who care and can help implement a TNR (trap, neuter, return) program in Plaquemines Parish. Resources are provided. Please be part of the solution, not the problem.

Through Katrina's Eyes
Poems From A Rescuer's Soul, By Ed Kostro  ~  Hi Kinship Circle, since you feature Katrina books, perhaps you could mention mine: Through Katrina's Eyes, Poems from an Animal Rescuer's Soul. It's August Book of the Month at North Shore Animal League America, a leading no-kill shelter. NSALA volunteers brought over 1200 Katrina pets to NY for adoption. A portion of each book sold on Amazon via NSALA website is donated back to the League. Poems from my book will be read at an 8/29 Katrina Pet Memorial at Animal Ark Shelter in Hastings, MN. Animal Arkers made many trips from Minnesota to help with Gulf Coast animal rescue. Thank you very much. Kinship Circle is marvelous!

Katrina Pet Tales
New Book By Sally J. Altman and Dick Weiss  ~  The storm of the century hit one year ago. People and places are still recovering. So are animals, who suffered tremendously. Katrina Pet Tales is the story of amazing pets and the people who worked in impossible conditions to save them. Animals were an afterthought in "official" rescue efforts. Pets must be part of all future emergency plans. This story illustrates why. Co-authors are Sally J. Altman and Dick Weiss (an award winning former editor and reporter for St. Louis Post Dispatch) conducted extensive interviews with rescuers, foster parents, and hurricane victims who lost and then found their pets. The story, commissioned by Humane Society of Missouri, focuses on that organization, along with Humane Society of Southern Mississippi, Houston-SPCA and Louisiana-SPCA.

Maine Coon Kittys At Roicy Kill AC

Update, Susan Meyer  ~  Big thanks to all who helped and donated to get the Maine Coons (Mama and 5 kittens) and Persian out of Roicy. They were saved!

8/21/06 Kinship Circle Alert: Above are 5 kitties born to a beautiful Maine Coon mix mama. Mama, her kittens and another cat were found abandoned at a house when new residents moved in. They dumped the cats at Roicy AC, an all-kill facility. Four are black and one is tabby, the most overlooked type cats at Roicy in Lafayette, LA…

Roicy Duhon Animal Control
613 W. Pont des Mouton
Lafayette, LA
337-291-5645, fax: 337-291-7051

Debbie, rescuerealtor@cox.net
Jennifer, whippetdogs@yahoo.com

Roicy Duhon Animal Control is a rabies control (vs. adoption) facility in Lafayette Parish. They kill by gas twice weekly. All animals are on death row, unless rescued.
$2.8 Million For Spay/Neuter
HSUS has invested more than $2.8 million on spay/neuter campaigns in Louisiana and Mississippi, to address animal overpopulation exacerbated by Katrina. The money supports aggressive short-term spay/neuter initiatives, long-term follow-up, and public education. HSUS hopes to ensure that Gulf Coast animal organizations can return to their full range of activities without expending post-Katrina resources on unmanageable animal control challenges from the surplus of homeless animals. This program reduces animals on the streets and minimizes potential for suffering in disasters.

Homeless In New Orleans

8/24/06 AFP, Hundreds Of Pets Homeless In New Orleans A Year After Katrina By Mira Oberman  ~  A symphony of barks echoes through the converted warehouse acting as temporary animal shelter a year after Hurricane Katrina stranded thousands of pets. The city's only animal shelter (operating out of an old warehouse without air conditioning or drainage) is filled with pets awaiting adoption. Some are strays found in the rubble of deserted homes. Others were given up by [guardians] without means to care for them.

"People are still getting their lives together," explained Gloria Dauphin, assistant director of the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (LA-SPCA). "Housing is a big issue and renting with an animal is next to impossible." Tails wag, tongues lag and bright canine eyes follow people who by pass by rows of cages. They yip and beg for attention. Cats meow and extend paws, ready to play and purr at the scratch of an ear. Between 2,000 and 3,000 animals died in the floods or in the hot, lonely days when authorities forbid evacuees to bring their pets or return to find them.

"Many people refused to leave when government forced them to abandon their animals," said Wayne Pacelle, president of Humane Society of the United States. "An incredible drama played out that underscored the deep bond between people and animals."

Animal rescuers were barred from the city until a week after the storm hit. They paddled through floodwaters and broke into the homes of people who thought they'd be gone just two or three days. Animals forbidden to board evacuation buses were saved from the streets, starving and dehydrated. About 16,000 were shipped to shelters nationwide. Only 15-20% were eventually reunited with [guardians]. Deficient identification and technology, plus an unprecedented diaspora of evacuees, slowed reunions.

Seven states and the federal government have since passed laws with provisions for companion/service animals in disasters. LA-SPCA safely relocated 263 animals ahead of the storm. That saved lives: The original shelter was swamped in eight feet of water, Dauphin said. A new facility is slated to open in January.

Help Us Aid NOLA's Forgotten Animals

Please donate now, so Kinship Circle can not only feed animals while in NOLA, but also give funds/food to Animal Rescue New Orleans and other animal recovery efforts.

Kinship Circle will service food/water routes and document animals in the East/West sections of Upper 9th Ward, Lakeview, Plaquemines…

Landscapes have changed since Katrina. Even as some areas rebuild (residents often want feeding to stop) others have seen little recovery. Animal survivors and their offspring tend to roam near former homes. Reunions are still possible via documentation on feeding routes.

While in NOLA, we'll also help out at Animal Rescue New Orleans, plus transport animals for out-state adoptions. Please donate for the continued care of Katrina animal victims. Their suffering is not over.

Thank you! Kinship Circle
Kinship Circle
Animal Disaster Aid Fund
7380 Kingsbury Blvd
Saint Louis, MO 63130

Kinship Circle is a 501c3.
Donations are tax-deductible

A Miracle, A Journey

She seemed like a shadow, a forgotten dog collapsed inside a bathtub. Skeletal and weak, Bubbles could not raise her head. She was the last known dog found alive inside a vacated, closed home in New Orleans.

Original ARNO volunteers and rescuer Rob Stone got Bubbles on October 20, 2005, nearly two months after Katrina struck. They guess she used her final strength to crawl in that tub. Searching for water drops? Or maybe to die.

But fate had other plans for Bubbles. She was rushed to Southern Animal Foundation (bless this rescue/veterinary group for saving so many souls!) for emergency care. From post-Katrina New Orleans, she began an odyssey of hope, letdowns, and more hope. Along the way Bubbles became somewhat legendary, especially among Katrina rescue alums.

One fact is clear: Bubbles found her forever guardian angels in Colleen Kessler and her husband Gary Schick. Colleen, original ARNO Supplies Coordinator, and Gary opened their hearts and home to Bubbles over the course of various challenges and failed adoptions. No matter how Bubble's journey unfolded, they were ready to retrieve, transport, foster and love her.

In 2007, I had the honor of transporting Bubbles from Los Angeles to Colleen and Gary in San Francisco. Bubbles' first adoption hadn't worked out, so she was headed back to Colleen and Gary until another post-Katrina family could be found. Time spent with Bubbles at our hotel, restaurants, long car drive…was wonderful! A true sweetheart with her head in your hands.

Of course I wanted to take her home myself, but a house already full of cats and dogs was not in her best interest. Bubbles needed a focused, one-on-one transition from her trauma (which likely began long before Katrina, since she was in horrible condition and left to die) to her new life.

The thing about Bubbles? Lots of people love her. Her eyes express gratitude. The other thing I know is this: All animals want to live. We humans don't own that instinct. Bubbles may be just one dog. But to me, she has the will of a thousand beings — an unsinkable will to live.

Brenda Shoss, Kinship Circle

Bubbles with her second adoptive family in 2008 268x250

Chronology Of A Disaster
In Bubbles Facts

Above, Bubbles is deliriously happy to see (and get belly rubs from) her guardian angels, Colleen Kessler and Gary Schick, in San Francisco. Photo and Bubble Facts from Colleen Kessler, collofthewild@mac.com

  • Aug 29 2005 - Katrina hits NOLA.

  • Aug 31 2006 - 80% is underwater.

  • Aug 31 2006 - SAF is open and rescuing local animals.

  • Sep 4 2005 - Lamar Dixon opens for LASPCA animal rescues.

  • Sep 24 2005 - Rita floods LA/TX.

  • Oct 12 2005 - ARNO is formed due to HSUS pull-out.

  • Oct 14 2005 - HSUS pulls out, closes Lamer Dixon. "No animals to be rescued."

  • Oct 20 2005, 11:50pm - Bubbles is rescued! (From a bathtub in a closed home, emaciated, unable to raise her head). SAF begins crisis care.

  • Feb 6 2005 - Bubbles flies to Los Angeles.

  • Feb 13 2005 - Bubbles road trips to San Francisco for foster care of Colleen, Gary.

  • Jun 16 2006 - Bubbles home visit with potential family in Los Angeles.

  • Jun 30 2006 - Bubbles has a new family!

  • Aug 28 2006 - Bubbles moves with Pretty and her new family to Arizona, to live a long happy and loved life!
Severely abused pit bulls found during food water runs are held during ongoing cruelty case 591x513

Let The Avondale Pits Live Free From Abuse

8/31/06, Reply To: Mary Thompson  ~  The Avondale Pits case goes to criminal court on 9/27/06 at 9:00am. I can't see how it's even plausible for him to get the dogs back. The District Attorney has all my photos, the petition in hard copy, our statements and Villalobos' statement of intent. Lise McComiskey will be the local presence in court. Thank you so much! Please let me know if you have any ideas and send this out to your lists. Maybe, just maybe, there are places for these dogs. Peace, Mary.

The two roadblocks I've run into are:
  1. Lack of funds: For transport of Phoenix and Spice to Villalobos and care at Southern Animal Foundation. So far we've raised just $250, along with someone committed to paying flight costs for one of the dogs. So we really need your help! Both Phoenix and Mama are presently at SAF, where Deanna and Anne just informed me that veterinary charges will be waived. I love you guys!

  2. More dogs than anticipated with Mama's birth to 5 puppies: [Tia Maria Torres] at Villalobos will take them as a last ditch effort. Can anyone help with this? I've emailed every place I know, sans Best Friends and Pasado's, and there is no room.
Phoenix  ~  Phoenix has gained weight and is heartworm free. He is wary about food, but otherwise nothing but great reports from SAF. Tia's refuge will be heaven on earth given his prior life. My New Orleans friend Christine met and observed the Avondale dogs. These are her notes about each one.

Spice  ~  A white male about 1-2 years old. Spice is sweet and loving toward humans. Shelter caregivers have observed no aggression. Spice is not yet neutered, as procedures are on hold pending the court decision.
Mama  ~  Mama, a brindle/white female about 1-2 years old, is very affectionate to humans and all dogs. Terrific temperament, no aggression. She loves her puppies. Mama is currently unspayed, due to pending court case. Never fought, Mama was "used" to breed.

Mama's Puppies  ~  The babies were treated for parasites. All are playful, affectionate and lovable.
Pup 1: Dark brown/white male
Pup 2: Brown/white male
Pup 3: Brindle/white female
Pup 4: Tan/white female
Pup 5: White/tan female

Updates: St. Bernard Parish Animal Massacre

Timeline Of Events ~ In a pathetic epilogue to the saga of murdered companion animals in post-Katrina St. Bernard Parish, all charges are ultimately thrown out due to "lack of substantial evidence."

  • Oct 2005 ~ Dallas News photojournalist videotapes St. Bernard Sheriff's Officers shooting dogs on the streets: The street killings are a separate case from the school shootings, however the same law enforcers from the same agency are implicated in both cases.

  • 10/10/05 ~ Pasado's Investigator Documents Carnage: Mark Steinway videotapes dead animals as found. "The dogs were not shot in the head to quickly bring about death. Shooting an animal in the body cavity is one of the most cruel ways to kill an animal."

  • Oct-Dec 2005 ~ Attorney General's Office Interviews Witnesses: A request is submitted for a photo line-up from St. Bernard Sheriff Jack Stephens.

  • Oct-Feb 2006 ~ Pasado's Records Witness Statements: Details are documented from evacuees forced to leave animals at St. Bernard schools.

  • 2/26/06 ~ Evidence Gathered: Pasado's investigators coordinate evidence for Attorney General's Office, including shell casings for forensics specialists and transport of bodies to LA State Veterinary Teaching Hospital for necropsies.

  • Mar 2006 ~ A Witness Steps Up: Pasado's can't divulge source, but may know about school "shooter."

  • Apr 2006 ~ Photo Lineup Of Deputy Sheriffs Is Sought: St. Bernard Sheriff Jack Stephens does not respond to Pasado's request for records and photos of 300+ officers and the Attorney General is apparently not empowered to obtain this data. So Pasado's files a public records request, under a state law similar to Freedom of Information Act.
  • Apr-Aug 2006 ~ Nationwide Action Campaigns Initiated: Pasado's asks people to write St. Bernard Sheriff for a photo lineup of officers who served on day animals were shot. A Kinship Circle action alert urges the same, along with efforts to investigate and seek conviction of those involved in the massacre.

  • Jun 2006 ~ SBP Sheriff's Office Denies Repeat Requests: Ongoing request for photos of Sheriff Deputies on duty during animal massacre are rejected because they are "personnel records" and "protected information."

  • Aug 2006 ~ Attorney Takes Civil Case: New Orleans attorney Eileen Comiskey lists six plaintiffs for a suit filed in civil district court that names as defendants Sheriff Jack Stephens, the Department, a deputy and sergeant.

  • Oct 2006: A civil case is filed in Federal Court, Eastern District of Louisiana.

  • 2/14/07 ~ St. Bernard Deputies Plead Not Guilty In Dog Street Shootings: Orleans Times Picayune / Chalmette, LA (AP) — St. Bernard Parish sheriff's deputy Clifford "Chip" Englande and former deputy Michael Minton pleaded not guilty to felony charges of aggravated cruelty to animals in a case dating back to Hurricane Katrina. Minton, who has left the Sheriff's Office, and Englande, a sergeant reassigned to administrative duties, are accused of shooting dogs in the days following Hurricane Katrina.

  • Jan 2008 ~ Case Closed? The street shootings case against Michael Minton and Clifford Englande is closed, due to "lack of evidence."
Isabella is the face of Katrina animals, left behind and disfigured by disease 293x922

Isabella's Katrina Saga

8/30/06 Newsday.com Blog, By Denise Flaim  ~  Meet Isabella. She is the face of Katrina's lost animals, one year after the hurricane devastated the Gulf Coast. Isabella, all of 4-months old, was either born or abandoned on New Orleans streets.

Suffering from mange irritated by the fiberglass pile she used for a bed, she is all but hairless. Her bleeding skin is as cracked as a lunar surface, her extremities are swollen, and her pasterns are weakened from malnutrition. Attempts to sit or lie down are excruciatingly painful.

"When FEMA workers first saw her, they ran to their trucks for any food they had to give her. It took them a couple days to gain her to trust enough to grab her," says Kim Johnson, an animal rescuer from Tualatin, OR who learned about Isabella and circulated her photos. "When she realized they didn't mean to do her any harm, all she wanted was love."

FEMA workers caught Isabella and took her to Southern Animal Foundation, a New Orleans nonprofit animal hospital. The website has a donation button to donate to Isabella's rehab, as well as their overall mission of reducing the city's stray population via spay-neuter.

Isabella is but one sad story in a sea of heartbreak. One year after Katrina stranded an estimated 50,000 companion animals, those who survived and evaded capture are now feral. Because most are not spay/neutered, they're breeding puppies and kittens who know only asphalt and glass shards as home.

Kim says friends who just visited New Orleans saw many animals in the Lower 9th Ward. "At this point, most animals hide during daylight and come out at night, because they're reverting to feral behavior," Kim explains. "Seeing so many in broad daylight and heat is testament to just how many starving animals are out there."

During this week of intense Katrina coverage, Kim asks us to remember Katrina's voiceless victims. "The photos of Isabella would break your heart no matter when you saw them, but this is the condition reflects others among thousands of animals still on the streets. The media has not even mentioned the ongoing animal situation, "says Kim, who made three post-hurricane trips to New Orleans to help with animal rescue. "The animals are still out there suffering, starving, breeding, and dying every day."
8/24/06 Southern Animal Foundation, Deanna Theis  ~  This little girl was found living on a debris pile in St. Bernard. Her bedding was a pink fiberglass. A really nice FEMA employee called about her. They first spotted her a few days ago. Imagine a bunch of big, rough FEMA guys running to their trucks to get any kind of food they had to feed her. They fed her for 3 days, until she got close enough for them to pick her up. She was starved for food, but more than that, starved for attention. Once she realized the men wouldn't hurt her, she instantly became friendly. Isabella is around 4-months old, covered in mange. She even has demodex in her poop. It's painful for her to sit down, due to the swelling in her legs. She licked our hands and faces as the doctor did a skin scrape on her. It was all most of us could do to hold back the tears. So here we are one year later, with a case as bad as it gets. This poor puppy proves they are still out there. Isabella will need a home once her recovery is in full swing. Photos from Deanna Theis. Isabella photos are copyrighted. Permission is needed for reuse. Contact Kim Johnson, RRsighthound@aol.com.