Count is a Rottie Mountain Dog last seen as a Katrina rescue sent from Jefferson Parish to Putnam Humane 239x162

Lost/System: Count

  • Breed: Rottweiler Mix
  • Gender: Male (altered)
  • Age: 2-4 Years
  • Size: Large
  • ID Number: PF63389

Description: Count is a gorgeous Rottie/Mountain Dog(?) mix with a white patch on his chest and brown "stockings" feet. He(s just finished heartworm treatment.

Last Seen: Taken into Putnam Humane on 2/16/06 as a transfer from Jefferson Parish.

Contact: Michele Dugan

Animals like Buddy who survived wind and water face starvation on empty Katrina streets 239x500
Sam, a Yellow Lab Mix, was found in Algiers post Katrina then sent through Humane Society Mississippi 268x261

Found: Sweet Sam

  • Breed: Yellow Labrador Mix
  • Gender: Male (neutered)
  • Age: 1-2 Years
  • Weight: 40 Pounds
  • ID#: PF63399

Description: This sweet Lab mix is yellow/tan in color, but smaller than an average Labrador Retriever.

Last Seen: Sam was found in Algiers, Louisiana 70114 as a stray, but at some point after Katrina, he passed through Humane Society of Mississippi, where he was microchipped.

Contact: 920-499-7475
Petfinder Disaster Rescue
Bear, a Chow Shep rescued from a 2nd floor New Orleans apartment in Katrina floods, is lost in the system with his person desperate to find him 268x369

Lost In System: Bear

  • Breed: Tan Chow Shepherd Mix
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 10 Years
  • Weight: 40-45 Pounds Pre-Katrina
  • Lamar Dixon ID: LA2515
  • Petfinder ID: 36216

Description: Bear is a Chow/Shep mix with darker ears and muzzle and a curled tail. The top photo above is Bear's Lamar Dixon intake photo, LA2515. The smaller photo beneath shows a dog taken from a residence whom neighbors claim is named Bear.

Last Seen: Rescued from 3809 Louisiana Ave Parkway, 2nd Floor, around 9/15/05.

Notes: I'm an HSUS volunteer working to reunite families with their rescued dogs from Louisiana Ave Parkway, 9/15/05. We just found Tabetha Cuiellette's, 14-year old Boston Terrier, a year after rescue, only to learn she died in heartworm treatment on 10/27/05 in Ohio. Tabetha's other dog Bear is still out there. I want to reach rescuers who worked that street and Stealth Volunteers who may know where Bear is located. Volunteers rescued Tabetha's dogs and her neighbor Ruth Carter's poodles the same day. The neighbor's poodles have a Lamar Dixon number near Bear's number. (The poodles have been found.) All dogs were processed at Lamar the same day. Someone knows where Bear is. Tabetha is crushed that Sasha died alone in an out-state shelter, after she survived Katrina floods. She is hopeful to find Bear.

Contact: Denise Pajak, 678-799-4167
Humane Society Of The U.S.
Magic, found roped to a tree left to die, is now recovering at Humane Society Louisiana 268x210

Magic, Roped To Tree And Left To Die

Donate to Magic's medical care:
Humane Society of Louisiana
PO Box 740321
New Orleans, LA 70174

11/4/06 Jeff Dorson  ~  On 10/15/06 Humane Society of Louisiana used residents' directions to locate a small, frightened young dog, roped to a fallen tree limb in a wooden lot in rural Independence, 1-1/2 hours from New Orleans. The dog was rescued 50 yards from a side road in Tangipahoa Parish. The dog, now named Magic, is in treatment for malnutrition but in good spirits. Magic would have died from starvation, dehydration or predators if left much longer. Once recovered, Magic is adoptable via our reopened Happy Tails adoption center.
Honey, an orange white manx tabby with huge green eyes, was left in her Waveland, MS Katrina flooded home, but her guardian feels she likely escaped 293x225

Lost In System: Honey

  • Breed: Orange/White Manx Tabby Mix
  • Gender: Female (spayed)
  • Age: 4 Years
  • Lost IDs: PF61198, BFE535

Description: Honey is an orange/white manx tabby mix with huge green eyes and a crooked bobtail. Honey is Mama's daughter.

Last Seen: Honey was left in her house at 309 Waveland Avenue in Waveland, MS (Hancock County) along with two other cats, Mama and Calico, plus food/water. The house was destroyed and the cats likely got out. The [guardian] has been back and cannot find her kitties.

Contact: Sherry Johnson
Remote Reunion Campaign
The family of Ash last saw their gray kitty outside their Lakeview area home in New Orleans just before Katrina hit 293x166

Lost In System: Ash

  • Breed: Russian Blue, Possibly A Mix
  • Gender: Female (spayed)
  • Age: 6-7 Years
  • Size: Small To Medium
  • Lost IDs: PF61257, PF61255

Description: Ash is a gray kitty who looks like she could possibly be a Russian Blue. She has a clipped left ear, bright light green eyes, is not declawed, and was wearing either a purple or a red break-away collar (with no tags) when she was last seen. Ash has no known medical conditions and her teeth were in good shape pre-Katrina.

Ash is a shy kitty who is usually afraid to let someone touch her, although she would sometimes allow it. She loves to be petted around her face and under her neck. She will sometimes drool when you do this. Ash is a sweetheart of a kitty with a very sweet personality. Although she was an outdoor kitty, she was never mean and never hissed or clawed. Ash always manged to maintain her sweet disposition.

Last Seen: Ash was last seen by her family, the Sunday before Katrina hit, outside their home at 5829 Louis XIV Street, New Orleans, LA (Lakeview Area) 70124.

Contact: Dawn Miskee,
Remote Reunion Campaign
A Best Friends volunteer searches for Jasmine, a black white pit bull, in a last ditch attempt to reunite the missing Katrina dog with her person 293x358

Missing: Jasmine

  • Breed: Black/White Pit Bull
  • Gender: Male (intact at storm time)
  • Age: 6 Years
  • Size: Large

Description: Jasmine is now 6 yrs old. She has a surgical scar on her right shoulder and a white tip on her tail. She was intact at time of disaster but may have been spayed since then. She is a pure bred Pit Bull who loves people and animals. She is originally from Sulphur, LA near Lake Charles.

For the past year I've volunteered for Best Friends to reunite Katrina animal victims with their humans. This is my last ditch effort to find Jasmine. I've looked at tens of thousands of photos of animals rescued from 2005 hurricanes. I've scoured shelter websites in every state. Animals were sent all over the USA and Canada to anywhere with room for them.

Who knows? Maybe someone knows someone who adopted a Katrina rescue or helped in the effort. Maybe someone will recognize Jasmine and give her human closure with an update that the dog is safe and loved. If you have any leads or clues, please let me know.

Contact: Sarah Lotten,

Animal Cruelty

10/14/06, Jeff Dorson  ~  All confiscated dogs are responding to treatment. Humane Society of Louisiana worked in cooperation with Louisiana Child Protection Services. Two small children, who resided at this trailer, have also been removed and are receiving proper attention.

The Advocate, Springfield  ~  Humane Society of Louisiana officials said they located 15 dogs in deplorable conditions at a private residence in Springfield. The Springfield Police Department issued a misdemeanor citation for cruelty to animals to maintenance worker Herman Threeton, no age available, of 32267 Church Street, officials said.

Thirteen adult dogs and two puppies were removed from the residence and taken to Hammond Small Animal Hospital.

Dogs were found in small pens covered in their own waste and some puppies lived in a chicken coop, society officials said. Several of the dogs were extremely malnourished and all were in need of veterinary care, society officials said.

After an investigation, the society's chief investigator, Jeff Dorson, contacted police.

Police Chief Jimmy Jones said the citation was issued based on the society's investigation on the same day. Jones confirmed Threeton is a town employee. Jones said the citation is a misdemeanor. Conviction may result in a fine or six months jail.

The society took custody of 13 adult dogs and two puppies. With the help of two area residents, Dorson brought the dogs to the Hammond Small Animal Hospital for treatment, society officials said. The dogs are being boarded and treated at the hospital.
Dogs are found in deplorable conditions at a private residence in Springfield, LA 323x749

Saving Animals From Disasters

New Book Co-authored By Linda Anderson  ~  An award winner in the Animals/Pets category of Best Books 2006 National Book Awards, RESCUED: Saving Animals From Disasters also received a "Must Read!" from Today's Books, a Public News Service Report to news media.

Still, we hear from people who are hesitant to read it because animal rescue makes them too emotional. We need champions such as you to let people know they'll be inspired, informed, and prepared. We are big fans of Kinship Circle and love what you do to keep animal rescue in front of your readers. Sincerely, Linda Anderson

Roicy High-Kill AC: They'll Love You Forever

Roicy Duhon Animal Control
613 W. Pont des Mouton
Lafayette, LA (Off North University or I-49 N to Carencro)
337-291-5645, fax: 337-291-7051,
Roicy Animals:

Roicy Duhon Animal Control is a rabies control (vs. adoption) facility in Lafayette Parish. They kill by gas twice weekly. All animals are on death row, unless rescued.

10/25/06, Jennifer Rohrbach  ~  Please consider some of these special creatures who deserve to know love and happiness.

This was a good week for the Labs! A big Black Lab was adopted by a man who'd recently lost his elderly dog. A local rescue pulled six labs. The Poodle and Belgian Mal were also rescued. The sweet gray Chi mix was adopted. That still leaves many hold-overs who need rescue.

The JRT/Whippet mix is about as cute and sweet as they come. Two Heelers are loyal and loving. A Doxie mama and her pups stole my heart.

A little fluff ball Heinz 57 Lab/Shep pup just begs to be loved when you look into his eyes. A purebred Aussie, Catahoula, and many super cute Terriers and Terrier mixes also await homes and rescue. Several Shepherd mixes with wonderful faces look towards you for hope.

There were 3 cat adoptions this week but that's not nearly enough. Many have begun to sneeze, which means they need rescues this week. Please consider just one cat. The big Orange Tabby with green eyes is such a handsome boy. A big orange/white cat is neutered and declawed. Two Siamese Tabby mixes are unusual with beautiful blue eyes.

Black cats: Please everyone be careful about those who adopt black cats at Halloween. We want the best for these cats and hope good news comes for them.

Recent slander about those who try to help animals at Roicy, such as Debbie and myself, has been very hurtful. We have never before experienced criticism for animal aid efforts. Thanks to others who support rescue and adoptions at Roicy and ut animals first.

On a brighter note, we hope a dog at Roicy belongs to a man who hasn't seen his dog since Katrina. How this dog got from New Orleans to Lafayette is anyone's guess. The man stops tomorrow, so paws are crossed.

Help Us Aid NOLA's Forgotten Animals

Please donate now, so Kinship Circle can not only feed animals while in NOLA, but also give funds/food to Animal Rescue New Orleans and other animal recovery efforts.

Kinship Circle will service food/water routes and document animals in the East/West sections of Upper 9th Ward, Lakeview, Plaquemines…

Landscapes have changed since Katrina. Even as some areas rebuild (residents often want feeding to stop) others have seen little recovery. Animal survivors and their offspring tend to roam near former homes. Reunions are still possible via documentation on feeding routes.

While in NOLA, we'll also help out at Animal Rescue New Orleans, plus transport animals for out-state adoptions. Please donate for the continued care of Katrina animal victims. Their suffering is not over.

Thank you! Kinship Circle
Kinship Circle
Animal Disaster Aid Fund
7380 Kingsbury Blvd
Saint Louis, MO 63130

Kinship Circle is a 501c3.
Donations are tax-deductible
Hurricane Katrina kitten survivors need loving home 492x320

Plea For Nola Kitten Survivors

10/19/06, Reply To: Chris Malkove  ~  I lived in Lakeview, was in my house for Katrina (due to my car breaking down), and managed to survive along with eight of my 10 cats. I heard my porch feral drown from underneath the house when water came up and the semi-feral girl who got out of the house during my rescue was killed months later by dog packs.

The feral colony a neighbor and I tended to for over eight years was mostly wiped out. Dog packs killed seven and 20 others drowned. There are three survivors from 30 cats in a two block area of South Lakeview. I moved back in March and live near City Park. I still return to my old neighborhood daily to feed and trap any new cats. I was also a volunteer trapper. I've caught about 75 cats and kittens since April.

A few months ago, I trapped 3 feral kittens from a house being demolished a block from my old house. After nursing them through various kitten ailments and parasites, they now are all healthy and need homes. They are 6 months old, two black and one a gray with tabby markings. They have been strictly inside kittens and are now used to couches, beds and good food.

Unfortunately, they are still a little scary with strangers but once settled down, love laps and pets. I spoke to Robin about them and she has already told me to bring them to ARNO, however I fear that they might be freaked out so much that they will appear feral. The worst part right now is that 3 of them are black cats, a very big no-no for October adoptions. So I hope for a quiet home setting for these kits. I'm sure there are thousands of other kittens in the same boat, but I am reaching out to you all for any help that you might provide.
This black kitten beauty was the only survivor of a post Katrina feral dog pack attack 195x231
A fourth kitten, just 4-months old, was rescued from a terrible situation in Lakeview. All of her siblings were killed by dog packs and she is the only survivor. She is very sweet, tame and loves turkey-flavored baby food as a treat. They have all been combo tested, vaccinated, and spayed and neutered. Photos Of Kittens

I'd keep the kittens but due to my health status, I can't be sure I'll be able to care for them for the rest of their lives. I also rent an apartment with a 4-cat limit.

Hammond Shelter, Daily Euthanizing

To Adopt/Foster Animals:
Betz Pittman, 985-543-0215
Tangipahoa Parish Animal Control  /  Hammond, LA

10/16/06, Karen  ~  Tangipahoa Parish Animal Control in Hammond is full! The shelter is euthanizing due to space. The staff is wonderful and it breaks their hearts to euthanize. They are uncommonly loaded with small to medium size dogs and pups. They are highly adoptable.

NOLA Cats Poisoned

10/15/06, 44915. Poison At Jeff Davis & Tulane, by ssimons50  ~  Antifreeze has been found in feeding trays at Jeff Davis and Tulane. Please beware crazy person on the loose.

44915.3. Get Volunteers to Stakeout! by gemee1  ~  This criminal can be caught, by people volunteering to stake-out feed stations.

10/14/06, Cody Riess  ~  I'm sending you a post in's Mid City forum. This guy ("RightBayou") posts ugly messages about hating cats and the "lonely" women who feed them. He's a jerk who wants a reaction and I chose not to reward his behavior. But this recent message (below) is more sinister than prior ones. I'm forwarding it in case you know any people working with the Mid City feral cat program.

10/14/06, 3307.2.2.2. be warned, by rightbayou  ~  just as there are folks who wouldn't give a dime to a homeless person, opting instead to give it to a charity that benefits the homeless, i would never be caught feeding a squirrel, a pigeon, or stupid feral cats. the only difference is i wouldn't waste my money on the ASPCA, but i would most definitely give to a charities benefitting mankind. with those massive thanksgiving turkey trays filled with cat chow, you are feeding disease carrying rats. and if i'm driving home late at night and see the 2 women do-gooders at it again, i will follow your entire route and systematically taint each tray.

Anyone With Primate Experience?

10/24/06  ~  Urgent! Anyone who has experience caring for primates please contact me ASAP. People are desperately needed at a facility, Primarily Primates, recently shut down by the Texas AG Dept.

Experienced Primate Caretakers: Email to let me know your experience level and availability. This is volunteer work, travel expenses cannot be reimbursed. There are nearly 800 primates in need.

General Volunteers: We also need general volunteers to help with food preparation, cleaning and behavior enrichment. If you are interested please email me with "general volunteer" in subject line. Please provide a few lines about yourself and the dates you are available to go to San Antonio. There is no housing at the facility but plenty of room for tents. Let me know ASAP. *Kinship Circle does not use the language of slavery to depict nonhuman animals. Owner, owned, it… are replaced with guardian, him/her, caregiven… or other language that doesn't define animals as things and property. Any failure to modify text is unintended.
Dogs Deserve Better founder Tammy Grimes was arrested for aiding a dying chained dog renamed Doogie 293x1022

Arrested Rescuer Tammy Grimes Visits One Happy Dog!

Grimes Rejects Plea Bargain
10/25/06, Dogs Deserve Better, Tammy Grimes  ~  The D.A. offered a deal to Mr. Dickey, Tammy's attorney: Give the dog back and we'll let her go with just ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition). We said, "No way!"

Demand Abuse Charges
Please ask the D.A. what Tammy needs to be rehabilitated from? Caring? Standing up when no one else will? Putting the value of a life, any life, before fear and "property?" Continue to demand that the Arnolds get charged with abuse, tell him to view the evidence that Grimes, the neighborand witnesses all are prepared to give.

Blair County District Attorney
Richard Consiglio, Esq.
423 Allegheny St. Suite 421
Hollidaysburg, PA 16648

Update On The Hearing
We do not have a definitive court date set for when supporters need to come out. We'll post as soon as we do. The Nov 27 activity requires the presence of just lawyers and Tammy.

We are sending a letter to the D.A. once again, requesting he charge the Arnolds.

Kathleen Slagle, the area Dogs Deserve Better rep accused of harassment to a Houtzdale couple for sending them two letters, had her charges all but dismissed outright on Monday, October 23. The magistrate is continuing the case for 60 days, at which time the charges will be dismissed as long as the two parties do not conflict any further.

Doogie continues to do quite well, a big thanks to those caring for him! Tammy Grimes

When Tammy Grimes first saw Doogie from the road, chained and collapsed, she thought he was dead. Her team found him alive but unable to stand, his legs flailing about in mud and his own feces. She documented his condition with video and photos, and took him to a local veterinarian for immediate life-saving care. She was later arrested for refusal to return Doogie to certain death on the end of a chain.

Video of Doogie's condition at his rescue has over 41,000 YouTube views. The case made national headlines, and has been featured on Inside Edition, National Enquirer, Animal People, animal magazines and on Internet blogs.