ARNO Cofounder Jane Garrison

Dear Animal Rescue New Orleans Friend,
3/1/06  ~  I, along with David Meyer and Pia Salk, started Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO) on October 1, 2005 as Lamar Dixon closed down. We could not imagine an end to rescue ops with so many animals still alive in homes and on streets. So despite arrest threats, ARNO formed to continue Katrina rescue. Below are some of the incredible triumphs. Please scroll through entire letter for exciting news near end.

Miracles Seen
  • From Oct-Dec 2005 we rescued 2,000+ animals. All would have died if ARNO hadn't stuck around. They are animals like Bubbles, collapsed in a bathtub after 7 weeks alone in a closed home. She was a shadow when found, as if she'd evaporate rather than die. Bubbles could not raise her head or stand… Today, Bubbles is a beautiful dog!

  • ARNO worked through the list of 5,000+ addresses where known animals were stranded. We searched (and rescued) our way down the entire list.

  • ARNO mapped and managed a food/water program to sustain roaming animals over 650 sq. miles in Orleans, St. Bernard and Plaquemines Parishes. To date, volunteers replenish 2800 active feeding stations.

  • In Jan 2006 we united with Best Friends at Celebration Station. ARNO coordinated trapping, rescue and shelter-in-place while Best Friends oversaw animal sheltering, adoption and relocation.

  • January: Trapped 300 dogs, 200+ puppies and 610 cats!

  • ARNO's amazing reunion team helped bring hundreds of animals and their people together again. Nine cats rejoined their families in just the past two weeks.

Original ARNO Leaders
    Cofounders: Jane Garrison, Pia Salk, David Meyer
    Nat'l Volunteer Coordinators: Kate Danaher, Brenda Shoss
    Supplies: Colleen Kessler
    Food/Water Assignments Director: Brenda Shoss
    Ground Food/Water Program: Cadi Schiffer
    Food/Water Maps & Data Management: Kim Johnson
    Food/Water Assignment Spread Sheets: Judie Mancuso
    On-Site General Admin Director: Jessica Higgins
    Administrative Coordinator: Bettina Rosmarino
    Cat Trapping & TNR, Trapping Requests: Sharon Secovich
    Dog Trapping: Jessica Higgins
    Emergency Trapping (sick, injured, pregnant): Jane Garrison
    Reunion Coordinators: Liz Dubuis, Rose Moonwater
    Reunion Consultant: Donna Schwender, Stealth Volunteers
    Lost Dogs: Sharon Secovich
    Lost Cats: Liz Dubuis
    Lost Animals: Anita Wollison, No Animal Left Behind
    Dead End Guardian Searches: Bettina Rosmarino
    Webmaster: Rose Moonwater
    Projects: Sharon Secovich
We Can't Give Up On Animals
ARNO has made monumental strides in New Orleans, but sadly, much work lies ahead. Animals still wander non-repopulated areas. Dogs and cats breed faster than we can trap them. Some returning NOLA residents shoot or poison animals. And now we face a new problem: Structures where animals find refuge are increasingly boarded up, many slated for demolition. Animals live in the buildings and trailer parks that will get bulldozed. Clearly, Katrina animal victims still need ARNO.

Imagine If ARNO Suddenly Stopped
How many more kittens and puppies would be born? How many animals would starve to death without refilled food/water stations? How many would die locked inside boarded-up homes? How many would perish if bulldozers demolish trailer parks before we trap them? We can't let this happen.

Exciting News!
2/1/06  ~  We held a meeting in New Orleans to recruit residents for ARNO's shift from national to local leadership. Nearly 200 people showed up! Despite their own grave losses, they came to help animals. These people are heroes.

3/1/06  ~  Animal Rescue New Orleans shifts to a locally run organization. Many of you have come to know Jane, Pia, David, Brenda, Kate, Bettina, Judie, Cadi, Jessica…and more ARNO coordinators. Now resident-run ARNO assumes our roles. We've provided info and materials for resident-ARNO to continue food/water, rescue, and TNR programs. (Brenda even assembled a 50-page ARNO Manual with forms and guidelines for Katrina-related animal issues we faced). Resident-run ARNO is devoted to a better future for New Orleans animals – one that exceeds pre-hurricane conditions and gives animals every chance possible.

How You Can Help
Local ARNO coordinators already deal with personal stress in the aftermath of storms. Let's make running ARNO as easy as possible for them! Please become an official member of ARNO to show your support. My goal is to alleviate financial pressure for many months so local leaders can focus on helping animals in need. Will you please send a donation to show the new locally run ARNO that we support them? Just imagine losing everything – your animals (in many cases), your home, your car and your job – and then rescuing homeless animals while rebuilding your own life. It is a daunting task. Please help them help the animals.

Send a donation to:
Animal Rescue New Orleans
1219 Coliseum Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

Thank you so much for all of your support! For the animals,
Jane Garrison, Cofounder, Animal Rescue New Orleans
Animal Rescue New Orleans
271 Plauche Street
New Orleans, LA 70123

Directions To ARNO
  • I-10 East to Clearview, go south.
  • Travel awhile, then right on Jefferson Hwy-W. Turn is past Airline Highway 61. A McDonalds with a blown-out sign at corner.
  • Right on Edwards.
  • Left on Plauche St. Then a hard right
    on to Plauche Ct.
  • Warehouse on right.
    Orange sign on door:
    Animal Rescue New Orleans

One Person. One Day. Make A Difference!

It's Not Over And ARNO Needs You…

Volunteer For ARNO
  1. Out-Of-Town Volunteers:
    Send info below to Robin Beaulieu

  2. Resident Food/Water Volunteers:
    Email Susan Blackwell
    • full name and organization (if applicable)
    • street, city, state, zip
    • cell/land phones, email address
    • briefly describe experience with animals
    • arrive/depart dates

  3. Humane Trapper Volunteers:
    Email Robin Beaulieu, 504-913-2328
    • full name and organization (if applicable)
    • street, city, state, zip
    • cell/land phones, email address
    • briefly describe experience with animals
    • can you bring your own equipment?
    • state geographic areas you'd like to trap in.
    • have you trapped for arno before?
    • arrive/depart dates

  4. Type ARNO VOLUNTEER in subject line.

Resident-Run ARNO Procedure
  1. Louisiana Residents
    Contact Susan Blackwell for food/water assignment., 504-218-5090

    Attend one orientation meeting.
    Every Saturday, between 7:00am and 1:00pm
    At Plauche Street Warehouse

    Please work within your assigned section so animals are fed reliably. If you change sections, notify Susan. If you don't, the animals suffer because we no longer have an accurate record of coverage.

  2. All Volunteers
    Attend one orientation meeting:
    Every Saturday, between 7:00am and 1:00pm
    ARNO Plauche Street Warehouse
    271 Plauche Street
    Harahan, Louisiana 70123
    Cross street is Edwards, off of Jefferson Highway.

  3. Humane Trapper Volunteers
    Attend one training prior to work in the field. Your session will be scheduled to coincide with your arrival.

Volunteer Lodging Options

Stay At New ARNO
    • Site open for lodging on Tue, 1/31/06.
    • Bring bedding (cot, sleeping bag, air mattress, tent).
    • Electricity, bathrooms available. No showers.
    • Small kitchenette, but no meals served.
    • Travel self-sustaining.

Resident "Foster Homes" For Volunteers
    ARNO set up resident-home lodging for out-state volunteers.
    Contact: Robin Beaulieu, 504-913-2328

Hotels Volunteers Told Us About

Vacation Rental By Owner

Donate To ARNO

  1. Give Online
  2. Give By Mail: 1219 Coliseum Street  /  New Olreans, LA 70130
  3. Gift Cards: or
  4. iGive: Shop at major stores with 26% of your purchase for ARNO!
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Volunteers, leaders and rescued animals at resident run Animal Rescue New Orleans 330x1089

NOLA ARNO Contacts

Executive Director
Charlotte Bass Lilly, ARNO: 504-571-1900

Volunteer Coordinator/Shelter Manager
Robin Beaulieu, 504-913-2328

Food/Water Assignments Director
Susan Blackwell, 504-218-5090

Ground Food/Water Co-Directors
Teresa Baker, 504-914-6512
Kelly Jenkins, 504-858-6886, 504-894-8590

Plaquemines Parish Coordinator
Ramona Billot, 504-606-3116, 504-393-7432

Supplies & Fundraising Coordinator
Melissa Cruse, 504-908-6068, 504-831-7594

Cat Trapping Admin/Requests
Leigh Schmitt, 504-571-1900
Provide location, animal details, your name/phone.

Emergency Trapping (pregnant, sick, injured)
Leigh Schmitt, 504-485-3671
List location, animal description, contact name/phone. Add details, i.e., limping, bleeding, pregnant, kittens present, etc.

Cat Trapping/TNR Coordinators
Celeste Gilbert DVM, 504-202-7503
Beth Rota

Dog Trapping Coordinator, Interim
Robin Beaulieu, 504-913-2328

Reunion Coordinator
Robin Beaulieu, 504-913-2328

Reunion Consultants
Liz Dubuis (National ARNO), 214-632-3943
Donna Schwender (Stealth Volunteers)
607-589-7231, 607-589-7231

Searching For Lost Companion Animals
Anita Wollison (No Animal Left Behind)