Hurricane Katrina

ARNO volunteer Ryan Gares with rescued pup found so shaky cold he was named Mr Shivers 239x650 Beautiful Rebekkah, a rescued longhair tri tabby dilute cat 239x275 Kinship Circle volunteer Grady Ballard walks Hank at Animal Rescue New Orleans 239x640 Kinship Circle founder Brenda Shoss helps out at ARNO, volunteer Victoria Clark cradles a kitten 239x640

Jul 25 2006  ~  Take 5 Minutes To Help Animals

Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO), Charlotte Bass Lilly and Cadi Schiffer  ~  ARNO is still desperate for donations and volunteers. Just a few minutes of your time helps so much, no matter where you live or how busy you are. Please read the list below and try any of the suggested tasks over the next week. By doing so, you'll help thousands of animals who struggle to survive on the streets of Orleans, St. Bernard, and Plaquemines Parishes…many since Hurricane Katrina.

For Anyone, Anywhere

Reply To: Meredith McLanahan
ARNO Volunteer Outreach

1. Call local shelters and rescue groups about ARNO. Ask them:

  • Are you a no-kill facility?

  • Do you have space for Katrina animals
    (recognizing that publicity for Katrina animals may boost all your adoptions)?

  • Do you have a minimum/maximum number of animals you can accept?

  • Do you have guidelines on health, age, breed of animals in your care?

  • Who should ARNO phone/email if able to arrange transport to your area?

Email info to ARNO:
Subject Line: Shelter Space Available

2. Get Free Cat Food Coupons

Send Coupons To: ARNO Admin
1219 Coliseum Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

3. Spread An ARNO Chain Letter
Ask friends and family to donate just $5 (or more, if they can spare it) to ARNO.
By Mail: Animal Rescue New Orleans
1219 Coliseum Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
Or PayPal, via ARNO website

4. Call For Volunteers, Donations
Post signs at local vet clinics, pet food stores, grocers, community centers, etc. Use photos/info from ARNO website to create a compelling flyer.

5. Urge ARNO Foster/Adoption
Post signs or classified ads urging people to adopt or foster Katrina animals from ARNO On Petfinder  /  Adopt-A-Pet.

6. Foster An Animal Yourself

7. Adopt A Katrina Animal

8. Give Walmart/Petco Cards
Any denomination gift card you can afford is appreciated! Send cards to:
Animal Rescue New Orleans
1219 Coliseum Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
Brenda Shoss, Kathy Sweeney and Ramona Billot load a Kinship Circle vehicle with carefully crated animals to transport for out state adoptions 268x306
9. Sponsor Key Treatments
Please consider sponsoring spay-neuter and vaccinations, about $100 per rescued animal.

10. Sponsor Animal Meals
Sponsor enough grub to feed 20 rescued cats or 10 rescued dogs, about $200.

11. Sponsor Heartworm Care
Be a dog's lifeline, at about $350.

12. Buy/Sponsor Cages
Buy or sponsor ARNO's purchase of a wire cage or kennel for animals, $50 to $150.

13. Order Pans For Food/Water
Order aluminum lasagna pans for use at feeding stations ($0.31 each + shipping).
Have pans sent to ARNO shelter:
271 Plauche Street  /  Jefferson, LA, 70123

14. Do Mini-Transports
Move animals from a central drop-off location in your area (after they've arrived from NOLA) to their new forever home or rescue group nearby. Round trips are a few hours. You save ARNO from individual transports all over the country.

15. Promote ARNO Fundraisers
Urge schools, churches, community teams, gym members, co-workers, and friends to raise money for ARNO. Organize bake sales, car washes, walk-a-thons, raffles, store jars, etc.

16. Join ARNO Yahoo Group
Sign-up for ARNO's yahoo group here.

17. Donate To ARNO Yourself
Mail a check or use PayPal at ARNO site.

18. Do Hands-On Animal Care
ARNO always needs help! We welcome out-state volunteers for animal care at our shelter or distribution of food/water for animals stuck on the streets, many since Katrina.

19. Spread The Word
Ask friends, family, co-workers… to coordinate any or all of the above.

Louisiana Residents, ARNO Needs You Too!

Volunteer As Little (Or More) As 2 Hours A Week
Any time and kindness for you can give is deeply appreciated.
-  Contact: ARNO Volunteer Coordinator: Robin Beaulieu, 504-913-2328
-  Or Sign-Up Online: Submit ARNO volunteer form

For example, you could…
  • Walk, feed, clean and give love to animals sheltered at ARNO's warehouse.
  • Replenish food/water stations for animals who struggle to stay alive in post-Katrina rubble.
  • Do onsite admin/email/data-entry work for ARNO's Rescue Coordinator.
  • Clean and organize ARNO's warehouse site.
  • Transport animals to vet by 10 a.m., with pick by 4:30 p.m., and return them to ARNO's shelter (easiest for people with cargo van, minivan, or big SUV).
  • Run errands, such as: Home Depot for supplies or donation pickups from as far as Baton Rouge.

Stay Alert For Roaming Animals
For any homeless animals sighted: Record their exact location and phone in information ASAP to ARNO at 504-571-1900. Tell us if animals look sick, emaciated, very young, and/or pregnant. It's also important to note if they're in danger from neighbors, other animals in area, and/or imminent demolition of their refuge building. Take their photo and send it to: LeAnne G.,, to post on ARNO Interactive Maps.

Buy An Extra Bag Of Cat Food Each Time You Shop
Use it to feed strays on your block. Leave a big bowl of fresh water nearby. Place both food and water undercover, keep the site tidy, and make sure to get permission from any applicable property owners.

Spread The Word In Louisiana
Ask friends, family, co-workers, vets, students, church/synagogue, gym buddies, etc. to coordinate any or all of the above. When more people pitch in, more lives are saved.

Reply To: Meredith McLanahan, ARNO Volunteer Outreach

Charlotte Bass Lilly, ARNO Executive Director
desk: 504-522-0222, cell: 504-289-2777
24-Hour Rescue Line: 504-571-1900
Animal Rescue New Orleans
271 Plauche Street  /  New Orleans, LA 70123
Rescuing one-by-one until there are none.