Tera is a German Shepherd lost in the Katrina animal tracking system 268x308

Lost In System: Tera

  • Breed: German Shepherd
  • Gender: Female (intact at storm)
  • Age: 1 Year
  • Weight: 60+ Pounds
  • Lost ID: PF53660

Description: Tera is black/tan with a black triangle on the top of her head and white/silver fur on her back under the black fur. She was about 5 months old in this photo. She likes her belly rubbed and walks well on leash. She was wearing a rope around her neck with a tag made out of paper and plastic stapled all around it.

Last Seen: Tera was left at St. Bernard High School (St. Bernard Parish) and was in a post-Katrina photo with Sarge there, a male pit bull/chow mix, on Sep 14. Tera was not a victim of the school shootings that left dozens of animals dead. Sarge has been seen in New Orleans and efforts to capture him are underway. Tera has not been sighted.

Contact: Eileen Shellman
Karekay was last seen at Lamar Dixon 9/7/05 where her family temp sheltered her as they evacuated for Katrina 268x208

Lost/System: Karekay

  • Breed: Domestic Tortoiseshell
  • Gender: Female (Spayed)
  • Age: 6 Years
  • Size: Medium
  • Lost ID: PF58848

Description: Karekay was last seen at Lamar Dixon 9/7/05 where her family temp-sheltered her as they evacuated from Metairie (Jefferson Parish, East Bank). They believe Karekay moved to another shelter Sep 13-20. No paperwork was done, so Karekay has no Lamar Dixon ID.

Contact: Eileen Shellman
When the Martinez family was allowed entry to their Violet, LA they found a busted window and their Golden Retriever Sammy gone 268x315

Missing: Sammy

  • Breed: Golden Labrador Retriever
  • Gender: Male (neutered)
  • Age: 7 Years  /  Size: Large
  • Lost ID: PF59027

Description: Sammy is the Martinez family's 7-year old Golden Labrador Retriever. When Sammy's family was allowed to return home in Violet, they found a broken window and both of their dogs gone. The doxie came running, but no Sammy. He has very long legs, is neutered, and thinks he's a lapdog. He is a couch-king, inside dog and enjoyed camping trips. If you see Sammy or have any information on his whereabouts, contact his family. They love and miss him very much and won't give up because they know Sammy misses them as much as they miss him.

Last Seen: 2620 Riverbend Road in Violet, Louisiana.

Contact: Melanie Martinez
504-583-7129 or 504-583-3501
Nana was found in a post Katrina pack of six dogs, she is black Lab Spaniel in search of her family 239x245

Found: Nana

  • Breed: Black Lab-Spaniel Mix?
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Approx 3 Years
  • ID Number: PF63390

Description: Nana is a shy black Lab/Spaniel(?) mix who had puppies while still in Louisiana.

Found: Taken to Putnam Humane on 2/17. She was originally rescued 11/15 when found running with a pack of 5 or 6 dogs.

Contact: Michele Dugan
Putnam County Humane Society

Sylvester, a shorthair black white cat, has been missing since his home was broken into after Katrina 293x203

Found: Sylvester

  • Breed: Domestic Shorthair - Black/White
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 3 Years  /  Weight: 8 Pounds
  • Lost ID: PF32913

Description: Sylvester has yellow eyes, black under his eyes, white markings that loop into the black on his face, very symmetrical. Pink nose, white mouth and whiskers. His chin and chest are white. His front legs are white with a black patch near front of his right leg. He has two white diamond-shaped patches on his back. His stomach is white, his tail is all black.

Last Seen: 4522 Orleans Ave, New Orleans. Sylvester was inside, but the house was broken open. No indications on house to show that he was rescued. His buddy Mikey was found in the home after the storm. There have been no sightings of Sylvester, though he may have used the litter box at some point after Katrina.

My name is Jeannie Kujawa and photos are my cat, Sylvester, lost in Hurricane Katrina. He was last seen in my old neighborhood, 4522 Orleans Ave. If you see him, please hold him, feed him, and contact me.

Contact: Jeannie Kujawa, Alexandria, LA
Laura Cearley, 731-664-8578

Under New Law, Animal Activists = Terrorists

11/27/06  ~  The President signed into law: S. 3880, the "Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act," which expands criminal prohibitions against the use of force, violence, and threats involving animal enterprises and increases penalties for violations of these prohibitions. AETA denies equal protection under the law and limits freedom of speech and assembly. It unfairly brands nonviolent animal protection advocates as terrorists. It unfairly brands as terrorism: Nonviolent civil disobedience, undercover investigations, and whistle blowing. It invokes excessively harsh penalties for comparable federal offenses.

It is broad and vague. It may authorize unwarranted wiretapping of animal protection advocates. It has a chilling effect on all forms of social justice and life affirming advocacy. It keeps animal enterprises (factory farms, animal experimentation laboratories, puppy mills, circuses, rodeos, fur farms, etc.) immune from exposure and penalties under federal law. It interferes with prosecution of real terrorism against the American people…

More Information About Aeta

What You Can Do
  1. Keep the issue alive by contacting your two Senators and Representative periodically to explain why AETA should be repealed.

  2. If any social justice group is prosecuted under AETA, report case to Equal Justice Alliance at 800-632-8688. This will help us demonstrate that AETA enforcement unfairly discriminates against animal activists.

Lil' Bit Is Home!

11/30/06, No Animal Left Beind  ~  Lil' Bit is in New Orleans with his family. He is one adorable dog with a smile on his face and spark in his eyes! Lil' Bit's person-mom, Lisa, had clung to two photos retrieved from her desk at work. Everything in the family's home was destroyed.

Thanks to the continuing determination and dedication of Micci, Lil' Bit found his way back home to New Orleans with Lisa, his grateful [guardian]. Lisa was forced to abandon Lil' Bit at a bus evacuation site along the interstate, after enduring a tragic saga. And this was after forced relinquishment her other pets en route to the bus evacuation site over a period of several days. Throughout this, she and her fiance clung to their young son and Lil' Bit. They then waited several more days to board a bus. While waiting for a bus, due to heat and lack of food and water, they became frantic that their son could die. When finally able to board a bus, they were forced to leave Lil' Bit on the ground.

Lisa's story and Lil' Bit's photo were featured in People Magazine a few months ago, as well as the current issue of Bark Magazine. Micci is a volunteer who maintained the website Katrina Poms and hoped to get Lil' Bit home for Christmas. Last year. But Micci, Lisa and others were stymied by lies and manipulations from Biannca Kellogg, who took Lil' Bit from Best Friends in Tylertown. She took several other cute little dogs too, so stay tuned.

Covered In Kisses
Yesterday an Illinois Sheriff seized Lil' Bit to return him to Lisa. Even after 15 months, Lil' Bit covered Lisa in kisses at their reunion.

Lil' Bit was not posted on Petfinder until 12/11/05, over 3 months after rescue. And then all the information was stripped from the Petfinder record within 6 weeks even though the dog's [guardians] and several volunteers were actively pursuing a reunion.

Now, thanks to Micci and an Illinois Sheriff who did his job, Lil' Bit is with his family forevermore.
Katrina dog larry paints for charity 238x300

Katrina Dog Larry Paints

Lake Pawnchetrain, By Larry
Charity Auction For Great Dane Rescue  ~  Lake Pawnchetrain was painted by dog-artist Larry, a Cocker mix rescued from New Orleans ruins after Hurricane Katrina. This gorgeous original comes already matted and framed.

Larry paints with his paws. This beautiful work in purple, yellow and pink is reminiscent of Spanish Surrealist Joan Miro. Colors swirl like water pooled in the devastated city of New Orleans. Yet brightness of colors conveys hope that one day New Orleans' will be restored.

When Larry paints, it transports him back to Harlequin Haven, the rescuer who saved him from Katrina chaos. Larry hopes he is adopted and that any post-traumatic-Katrina-stress fades into distant memory. Larry also begs people to protest Petland and all stores that sponsor puppy mills. Bid generously for Lake Pawnchetrain on Ebay!
Lil Bit is finally home in New Orleans with his family 323x873

FEMA Ordered To Restart Katrina Payments, Again

11/30/06 FEMA Told To Resume Storm Aid, Washington Post, Spencer S. Hsu  ~  The Bush admin unconstitutionally denied aid to tens of thousands of Gulf Coast residents displaced by hurricanes Katrina and Rita and must resume payments now, a federal judge ordered.

U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon said the Federal Emergency Management Agency created a "Kafkaesque" process that began cutting off rental aid in February, gave no clear reasons for denials, and hindered applicants' due-process rights to fix errors or appeal government mistakes.

The decision again spotlights the poorest victims in 2005 Louisiana and Mississippi disasters. FEMA spokesman Aaron T. Walker would not say how many people are affected by Leon's decision, citing "ongoing litigation." Evacuees told the court they received "contradictory and confusing" answers when they called FEMA… More

Guilty: LA Horse Abuser

11/22/06  ~  Concordia Sentinel, By Joey Martin: Debbie Palmer of Vidalia was found guilty on two counts of cruelty to animals, three counts of improper disposal of an animal carcass and two counts of improper testing of animals. Judge Leo Boothe issued the verdict following the six-hour trial in Seventh Judicial District Court in Vidalia.

The verdict involves the Coggins screen for viral disease and Equine Infectious Anemia antibodies in a horse's blood. It verifies if a horse may safely live with other horses. "There is no way Ms. Palmer could care for 47 animals," Boothe said. "And she admitted failure to use the Coggins test."

The cruelty cases involve a 5-year-old stallion named Scamp (also called Geronimo) with a punctured eye, and a 28-year-old mare named Easy (also called Cissy) with one eye at 90% blindness and the other removed.

Case witness Debra Barlow, president of Hopeful Haven Equine Rescue Organization in Shreveport where seized horses received care, said horses live about 30 years. "Justice prevailed," Barlow said. "We plan to request that Palmer not be allowed [proximity to horses] during probation." Smith said she'd like Palmer sentenced with 40 hours of community service.
Lakeview cats need a safe place to go, a second chance 661x350
Homeless animals, an estimated 200 cats, still roam Lakeview, New Orleans 250x383 Jeanette Althans: I first spotted this black-white cat Nov 2005. I just saw the cat again! I will never forget him or what Lakeview feeder Rebbie Levingston said: "This cat is my inspiration." Last Nov, signs of life were rare.

Foster or adopt Katrina traumatized cats 250x369 We face more obstacles than ever before.
  1. People are back and don't want us to feed.
  2. Lakeview raccoons polish off food at night.
  3. F/W site homes are torn down.
Many are pre-Katrina famiy companions. They are forgotten — glowing eyes under gutted homes, a swift blur down empty streets. They need a safe place to go, a second chance.

Lakeview's Forgotten Animals

Homeless animals, including an estimated 200 cats, still roam Lakeview since Katrina ravaged this part of New Orleans in August 2005. Animals have struggled to live since levees broke. Many were much-loved family members. A handful of volunteers continue to oversee food/water stations, trapping, sterilization, veterinary aid and long-term shelter. This system is constantly challenged by lack of money, kitten birth surges, dog packs that prey upon cats, and countless more obstacles.

"I had no idea that looking for my Lakeview sister's cat in Sept 2005 would evolve into this massive task," Kathy Sweeney says. "Each night, I went into the dark deserted streets alone and all I could see were the eyes of cats shining back in my headlights. I have not stopped since then and it looks as if this could continue for years."

To Lend Lakeview A Hand, Contact:
Kathy Sweeney, 504-343-3683
Jeanette Althans, 504-430-6477

Critical Needs
Dry Cat And Dog Food: Urgent! Keeps animals alive.

Safe Transport: Immediate need for animal transport vehicles and funding. The more animals who leave for shelters/adopters, the more we can save during this dangerous time of large-scale demolition.

Nonprofit Writer, Grant Experience: An individual or organization to help draft submissions for 501c3 status and grant funding. ARNO needs to submit a comprehensive plan to remove unaltered cats from the streets (trap/neuter/return) to acquire donations from pet food companies. Can you you help?

Creative Fundraising Ideas: A donation box at your holiday party or other events?

Foster And Forever Homes
  • Foster friendly adult cats who survived Katrina, while we search for their guardians.
  • Foster/adopt traumatized cats, formerly family companions. With stability, they can be re-socialized.
  • Foster/adopt kittens from 2 to 8 months, who need gentle attention until they adjust.

Lakeview Residents: Contact Us If…
  • You can manage a neighborhood or home feeding station. To ensure cats are fed regularly, we ask residents to assist with our food/water program.
  • You recognize your own or a friend/neighbor's cat.
  • You can foster/adopt.

Slaughter In The Streets
12/8/06 Capt. Ron, Disaster Response Teams, Pets911  ~  Current indictments are in no way connected to the school shootings. Some people assume they are, but in fact, they cover St. Bernard Parish street shootings alone. These indictments were a foregone conclusion at the first of the year, centered around video [shot at the scene of street shootings in St. Bernard Parish]. What better proof?

But [current indictments] in no way address horrific, cruel death in school shootings. Pasado's has pushed for a civil suit by [guardians] of pets killed at schools and we've supplied some information to the State Attorney office. The school case will be hard to win because no one has placed any officer at the school, gun in his hand, shooting a dog. If shell casings had officer names, we'd have a case.

Street Shootings: Grand Jury Indicts St. Bernard Parish Sheriff's Officers

12/7/06 Nola.com, Deputies Indicted In Dog Shootings. Felony Cruelty Case Based On Videotape. By Karen Turni Bazile  ~  A state grand jury has indicted two St. Bernard Parish Sheriff's Office deputies for allegedly shooting dogs to death after Hurricane Katrina.

The grand jury in Chalmette indicted Michael Minton and Clifford "Chip" Englande on the felony charge of aggravated cruelty to animals. The indictments say the deputies "intentionally tortured and maimed numerous dogs, wandering the streets of St. Bernard Parish after Hurricane Katrina," and that their "actions resulted in the deaths of these animals."

Kris Wartelle, spokeswoman for state Attorney General Charles Foti, whose office investigated and will prosecute the case, said indictments are based in part on a Dallas media video that shows deputies shooting dogs.

St. Bernard Parish Sheriff Jack Stephens said Minton, 43, a sergeant hired in 1991, left the department in February. Englande, 34, a sergeant who also joined the department in 1991, has been assigned to administrative duties since the indictment, Stephens said. Efforts to contact Englande and Minton on Wednesday afternoon were unsuccessful.

"Allegations were disturbing from the onset," Stephens said. "We didn't want anyone to think we were covering up, so we referred the investigation to the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and the state attorney general."

Stephens, who has not seen the video, said: "We stand behind our deputies. Their actions were heroic." Stephens said Sheriff's deputies and parish firefighters forced residents to leave their pets behind when they evacuated people to safety. "We are over a year from the event now. Unless you were here, it's difficult to understand the dire circumstances we faced."

After the indictments were handed down, Minton and Englande surrendered to authorities, and they were booked and released, said Col. Richard Baumy, spokesman for the Sheriff's Office. They were released to their wives on $10,000 personal surety bonds.

Indictments do not address reports that dogs were shot dead in three schools after authorities forced pet [guardians] to leave them during evacuations, Wartelle said. She couldn't comment more in an ongoing case.

[Guardians] of some dogs have filed suit in federal court against St. Bernard Parish government, Parish President Henry Rodriguez, Parish Council, Stephens, and deputies.

Susan Michaels, co-founder of Pasado's Safe Haven, a national animal welfare organization that helped pet [guardians] file the suit, said her group paid for necropsies on 33 dogs gathered at three schools. "They weren't shot directly in the head. The way they were shot indicated prolonged suffering," Michaels said. "These people scrawled messages on the walls, 'Please don't shoot my dogs.' They had plenty of food and water for animals."
Minton And Englande Indicted
Pasado's Safe Haven is pleased to announce that a Grand Jury indicted St. Bernard Sheriff's Officers in the dog street shootings after Hurricane Katrina. According to Mimi Hunley, LA Asst. State Attorney General: "The St. Bernard Parish Grand Jury indicted former Deputy Mike Minton and still employed Deputy Chip Englande for aggravated cruelty to animals related to the street shootings. We are still working on the school shootings."

Excerpts From Dallas News Video
St. Bernard Parish is home to many dogs left behind in the Katrina exodus. Dallas News photojournalist David Leeson has covered Katrina's aftermath…

Sgt. Andrew McRae tells Dallas News reporters: "Unfortunately a lot of people's pets are wandering around here. We're trying to gather them up, give them food and water till [rescue groups get them].

"They're shooting 'em three blocks down," a reporter says. "Not us," Sgt. McRae replies.

Reporters are next seen in their truck as a dog who looks like a gold lab mix crosses their path. We see another vehicle approach, with two armed men.

"They just killed that dog man," one reporter says [about a gold lab they'd just seen]. "This place has gone crazy," reporter Leeson mutters. "They followed him all the way up and shot him."

We hear a gun shot. One reporter says: "They shot that one too [referring to a different dog]."
The video cuts to an interview with Sheriff Mike Minton, who says: "This is really better for that dog. Where's he gonna find food? It's more humane for that dog."

A reporter asks: "So how many dogs [have you shot]?" Minton looks away, laughs: "Enough."
Dogs Deserve Better founder Tammy Grimes was arrested for aiding a dying chained dog renamed Doogie 293x775

Grimes Rejects Deal That Orders Return Of Doogie

11/27/06  ~  Tammy Grimes, founder of Dogs Deserve Better, was at a Blair County, PA court pre-trial conference for theft and receipt of stolen property charges related to aiding a dying dog on 9/11/06 in East Freedom, PA.

Grimes and her attorney rejected a plea bargain which stipulated the return of Doogie in exchange for Advanced Rehabilitation for Grimes, and elected instead to go to a jury trial. Mr. Thomas Dickey will concurrently file for a motion to dismiss all charges against Grimes. Grimes states, "All evidence in the case clearly points to abuse and cruelty neglect on the part of the Arnolds. Pennsylvania anti-cruelty law is not upheld in this case, and with eyewitnesses, video, photos, and vet testimony, there is more than enough evidence to convict the Arnolds."

"The Arnolds have shown no remorse. They have not been charged with a crime in Freedom Township and Blair County, PA. I could never in good faith return Doogie, presently flourishing with his caretakers, to a situation which would lead to his most certain demise."

Kim Eicher, the Arnold's neighbor, said Doogie had been unable to stand for three days, and that she'd had no response from the local humane society after calling them and 911.

Grimes, upon first seeing Doogie from the road, thought he was dead. Her team found him alive but unable to stand, his legs flailing about in mud and his own feces. She documented his condition with video and photos, and took him to a local veterinarian for immediate life-saving care. She was later arrested for refusal to return Doogie to certain death on the end of a chain.

Doogie's rescue has 41,000+ YouTube views. Later videos show Doogie's much-improved state. The case made national headlines, Inside Edition, National Enquirer, Animal People, magazines and blogs. Another pretrial conference is set for 2/5/06 in Blair County Courthouse.