Small Bites

News named Small Bites as a reminder to donate small-bite food (or cat food) for Gulf animals.

Help Katrina-Hurt ARF In Mobile, AL
ARF Mobile, Alabama
Julia Fischer,
cell: 251-455-9377, 251-645-8605
Donna Dickson,
cell: 251-510-0227
View Animals: ~ Petfinder

ARF Needs Food, Transports, Adoptions:
  • Dog Food/Cat Food
  • Puppy Food/Kitten Food
  • Cat Litter: Non-dusty brands
  • Transports to no-kill facilities or homes
  • Adopters so we can rescue more animals from hurricane-stressed LA and MS

Most animals come to ARF debilitated and malnourished, They need high-quality food such as Science Diet, Pro Plan, Holistic/Vegan, etc. Tell us size/weight of donations (for storage) and have references for transports. Many didn't realize Katrina's wrath in the lower third of Alabama. Mobile became a drop site for supplies, volunteers and displaced animals. ARF gave refuge to animals from MS, LA and TX in an ARF/Kinship Circle relief effort. ARF still cares for more than 200-300 animals.

Plaquemines Feral Cat TNR Program
Plaquemines Parish  ~  Plaquemines residents, are you feeding or caring for feral cats? Are you willing to join the solution to overpopulation? We are looking for people who care and can help implement a TNR (trap, neuter, return) program in Plaquemines Parish. Resources are provided. Please be part of the solution, not the problem. Reply To: Ramona Billot

Urgent: St. John Shelter
St. John Parish Animal Shelter
488 W. 2nd Street
LaPlace, LA 70068

8/5/06  ~  St. John Shelter euthanized four dogs today because of lack of space. This is a very small shelter with a wonderful staff. The dogs and cats keep coming in. Please help this struggling shelter to reduce loss of life. Fosters, adopters and legitimate rescues are urgently needed. The St. John shelter is located just 30 minutes from the New Orleans area. Please go by today and save a life.

Katrina Memorial T-Shirts  ~  Never forget what happened to Gulf Coast animals in Hurricane Katrina. The cats featured on these products were some of them. All profits go towards the feeding and care of the survivors in New Orleans. Thank you!
Video: I'm With You
8/5/06, Karen O'Toole  ~  Most have seen this brilliant video by Nancy Clifford. I wanted to use the Avril Lavigne's lyrics in my book. I contacted her management company, who said she is very particular and decides usage herself. She watched this video and her aide called to grant permission! Avril cried when she heard her words tied to Katrina animals.

Rise Up: The Animal's Anthem
Welfare for Animals Global, Marijo Gillis  ~  We invite you to celebrate animals with a new anthem, Rise Up – Make This Moment Last. Enjoy the music and lyrics written by England's award winning music composers, Maria Daines and Paul Killington.
NOLA Animals Need Homes!
LeAnne G  ~  Thousands of companion animals still roam New Orleans, stranded since Katrina. They need safe haven with fosters, permanent homes or no-kill shelters. See their faces at: NOLA Pets Roaming. All are are spay/neutered with shots current. Please make a tax~deductible donation to Animal Rescue New Orleans and/or Southern Animal Foundation. Thank you! LeAnne

Be Prepared To Help Animals In Crisis
United Animal Nations  ~  UAN LifeLine Grants help Good Samaritans meet the high cost of emergency veterinary care for animals they rescue from life-threatening situations. Are you ready to help an animal who is lost or injured? You can make sure you are a lifeline for animals by assembling a Good Samaritan kit and keeping it in your car. Include:
  • Leash and collar
  • Strong-smelling food or treats
  • Small carrier or cardboard box
  • Collapsible water bowl
  • Bottle of water
  • Animal first-aid kit
  • Addresses and phone numbers for local animal shelters and emergency veterinary clinics

Check out Kinship Circle's Disaster Preparedness For Animals page, with an animal disaster kit checklist.

Latest From Mutt Blog
MuttShack Animal Rescue
Donate By Mail: 15981 Yarnell Street #188  /  Sylmar, CA 91342
Amanda St. John,
Or by Paypal:

8/2/06, MuttShack Blog  ~  MuttShack Animal Rescue, under command of the Louisiana State Veterinary Office, is ready if tropical storm Chris develops into a Gulf hurricane. MuttShack will deploy resources and certified animal first responders to evacuation zones where transports will move residents and their pets to Louisiana's first side-by-side pets/people shelters. On conference calls with the State Veterinarian's office, parishes are briefing disaster relief coordinators on the status of preparation and needs.

MuttShack Animal Rescue is a volunteer driven organization that rescued and provided critical care to over 3,000 animals after Hurricane Katrina. We set-up an emergency animal triage center at Lake Castle School in East New Orleans. Muttshack now needs support for flights to the Gulf Coast. Donated air miles or volunteer sponsorships are deeply appreciated. During Katrina, volunteers came from across the U.S. and globe…Alaska, Canada and even New Zealand. MuttShack's Search-Rescue Teams, Medical/Surgical Teams, Shelter Teams and Command Teams worked arduous hours in perilous conditions.
Save Buddy and Chester from death at Roicy gas chamber shelter 241x468 Debbie  ~  I don't know how anyone can dump an animal at a gassing facility, but after this long is unforgivable. Don't let these sweet boys end at Roicy.

Roicy Duhon Animal Control
613 W. Pont des Mouton
Lafayette, LA
337-291-5645, fax: 337-291-7051,
To Foster/Adopt Contact:

Save Buddy And Chester From Death By Gassing

BUDDY: Basset Labrador Mix
  • Gender: Male (neutered)
  • Age: About 7 Years
  • Size: Medium
  • ID: Kennel 7

Description: Buddy is [guardian]-surrendered and he cries for his people. Dogs dumped on death row do not understand what they have done wrong. Buddy is terrified and grieving terribly. I adore this boy. He is calm, loving and laid back, altered and housebroken. However, Buddy is the type who gets overlooked. He is middle-aged, a little portly, and "just a dog." Just-dogs are angels in disguise. Please save his life.

CHESTER: Basset Beagle Mix
  • Gender: Male (neutered)
  • Age: About 12 Years
  • Size: Medium
  • ID: Kennel 7

Description: This poor dog is 12-years old. His breed can live several more years. To dump him on death row is pure cruelty. The shelter is crowded with adoptions way down. Rescues are saturated. Chances of a senior dog pickup are zero. Chester will spend his last days in fear, looking for his family. Please be Chester's miracle. I'm begging someone to save this old boy and his kennel mate, Buddy.

See Roicy Animals:
Roicy Duhon Animal Control is a rabies control (vs. adoption) facility in Lafayette Parish. They kill by gas twice weekly. All animals are on death row.

Out-State Adopters & Rescues
  • Come in person or send a local friend, relative, rescue group. Roicy won't adopt over phone or transport.

  • Rescues must show proof of 501c3 status, spay/neuter and adopt policies. Fax forms: 337-291-7051
A red Shar Pei Shepherd mix was found in Covington, LA 239x200

Found: Shar Pei Shepherd Mix

  • Breed: Red Shar Pei/Shepherd
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 40 pounds
  • Found ID: PF63198

Description: I live in Covington. This dog showed up in early October and spent the day playing with my children and other dog. He has never left. He's been dewormed and got all required shots at the vet. He is healthy now. If he is yours, please let me know. I never intended to keep him and now I am moving and would love to find him another home.

Last Seen: Covington, LA 70433

Contact: 985-502-7050
Petfinder Emergency Rescue
Pralineis a light brown tabby with pale stripes found in New Orleans 239x155

Found: Praline

  • Breed: Brown Tabby
  • Gender: Male (neutered)
  • Markings: Light brown, very light stripes down back, white on chin and below nose
  • Weight: 8 Pounds
  • Found ID: PF63069

Description: Light brown tabby with pale stripes down back. White on chin with bit of white under nose. About 3-years old. Neutered pre-Katrina. Likes people food and spongy cat-toy balls over all other toys. No tags or collar when received via Winn-Dixie in Oct. No "where found" address known.

Last Seen:
New Orleans, LA 70112

Contact: We're sorry. This record was posted without contact information. This animal may have a duplicate record in the AERN system and may also have moved to a new shelter where they generated a database record. Petfinder Emergency Rescue
Ali is a German Shepherd lost in the Katrina tracking system last seen in New Orleans 268x202

Lost In System: Ali

  • Breed: German Shepherd Dog
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 5 Years
  • Size: Medium
  • Lost IDs: PF61948, PF62303

Description: Ali is black and tan and was was wearing a chain collar, maybe with a rabies tag on it.

Last Seen: 4000 block of Old Gentilly Road, New Orleans. Ali was picked up from [guardian's] office in Gentilly, a NOLA suburb. On 9/9/05, Ali's [guardian] took him outside for fresh air, gave him a big bowl of water and tied him to a "front porch" area of the building. When he returned Ali was gone and the front of his building was spraypainted "SPCA 9/9/05."

Contact: Dana Mayer
Remote Reunion Campaign
Wynnie, a white tan Bichon Frise Poodle, is found and her foster is searching for her guardians 268x205

Found: Wynnie

  • Breed: White-Tan Bichon Frise/Poodle
  • Gender: Female (spayed)
  • Age: 8-10 Years
  • Weight: 12 Pounds
  • Found ID: PF63300

Description: I am fostering Wynnie, the sweetest dog whom someone loved dearly. We believe her [caregivers] were older or a couple. Wynnie is not microchipped. She is 8-10 years old, 12 lbs, spayed, heartworm negative and house trained. She came with gum/teeth problems and has early cataracts in both eyes, possibly undiagnosed at time of Katrina. She gets daily drops for severe dry-eye that my vet thinks she's had for a year (so likely not present at Katrina). I've contacted lost-pet posters for Bichon, Poodle, Maltese and Cockapoo dogs 4+ years, but no match.

Last Seen: Wynnie showed up in a Ft. Worth, TX shelter in late May/early June with no papers or indication she'd been at Lamar Dixon.

Contact: 817-457-8248
Petfinder Emergency Rescue

Batcher Refused To Fight, Was Left To Die

  • Breed: Pit Bull Terrier
  • Gender: Male
  • Size: Medium
  • Age: Young
    (Listed at Vet Adoptions Metairie, LA)

Description: Batcher was tied behind a levee and left to die of hunger and thirst. His former handlers could not force him to fight or be mean. What photos don't show are gashes under his armpits where they hung him (by his limbs) to (unsuccessfully) make him hostile. Equally gruesome: A St. John Parish Animal Control Officer found metal nails in his feces. If we could only find the cowardly scum who did this! LASPCA has temperament tested Batcher and he passed with flying colors.

To Help Batcher, Reply To:
Louisiana SPCA
Kate, 504-368-5191 #131
701 Thayer Street
New Orleans, LA 70114
Cocoa is an Abyssinian tabby lost in the system whose Katrina evacuated people want to find 293x210

Lost In System: Cocoa

  • Breed: Half Abyssinian/Tabby
  • Gender: Female (intact)
  • Age: 1 Year
  • Lost ID: PF62844

Description: The photo is of Cocoa's SISTER (has been reunited ). Cocoa looks similar but has more black stripes.

Last Seen: 618 Phillip Street, New Orleans (Orleans Parish). A note said Cocoa was picked up with PF62123 (Soccerball, above), PF62843 (Killer), and BF1206.

Contact: Patty Leonard
Remote Reunion Campaign
Rusty is a red white calico cat, a rare male, whose original guardians are unknown 293x154

Found: Rusty

  • Breed: Red/White Calico Cat
  • Gender: Male
  • Markings: Orange, blk/brown stripes
  • Age: 3 Years
  • Size: Medium
  • Found ID: PF63307

Description: They call me Rusty but that's not my real name. I'm a very rare male Calico. I'm around 2-4 years old and must have been well cared for as I've lived on the streets since the day after Katrina without catching any cat diseases! I'm orange with some black/brown stripes. I have white on my nose and one side of my face. Tips of my paws are white too. A little dark stripe runs right across my nose! I'm a friendly guy in a safe place now, but I miss my family.

Last Seen: I was spotted a day after the hurricane, two blocks off the beach at Division St. and Strangi Ave. in Biloxi, MS 39530. A big storm surge might have floated me there, I don't remember. Since then, a nice man has fed me and others. A few weeks ago I got urinary tract illness. I have to stay inside and eat special food so I don't get sick again. I live with some nice folks who would love to find my family.

Contact: Alexis, 251-680-4530
We're worried my family thinks I didn't survive. If you recognize me, contact Alexis ASAP so we can tell them I can come home! Petfinder Emergency Rescue
> Batcher, a pit bull terrier who refused to fight and was then left to die, needs help 293x580
*Kinship Circle does not use the language of slavery to depict nonhuman animals. Owner, owned, it… are replaced with guardian, him/her, caregiven… or other language that doesn't define animals as things and property.

Katrina Volunteer Fatigue

Dr. Mary Lou Randour  ~  Many New Orleans animals and the people who love them need help. Intensive efforts to rescue, reunite or find new homes for thousands of displaced pets continue.

Since Hurricane Katrina…
  • Some grieving [guardians] return to animal shelters weekly to see if their beloved pet is there.
  • Thousands of animals who elude capture are kept alive by Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO), a group that maintains 4,000 feeding stations city-wide.
  • Many deeply frightened, traumatized animals need positive socialization experiences.
  • ARNO volunteers have worked week-long, 18-hour days since Katrina. Their lives are dominated by a sense of urgency. Building resiliency skills can help them cope with relentless demands.

How You Can Help
  1. Volunteer for a food/water route.
    ARNO supplies food, pans, water and maps. Volunteers replenish stations along an assigned route and collect field data to aid trapping, reunion and TNR. Orientations provided.

  2. Offer Building Resiliency workshops to volunteers.
    Building resiliency is the psychological skill of adapting to adversity, trauma, tragedy, or stress. Resiliency behavior, thought and action can be developed in any individual.

  3. Socialize and help rehab sheltered animals
    Volunteers are needed for the "rehabilitation tent," where special-care animals are housed.

Dealers In Pets For Research

Random Source Class B dealers selling dogs/cats for lab experiments:

Arizona: 86-B-0050 Ranaco Corp
  DBA: Delta Biologicals (Tucson). Dead cats from outside US.
Illinois: 33-B-0007 Michael Cooper
  Triple C Farms (St. Joseph)
Indiana: 32-B-0045 Mark and Penny Lynch
  LBL Kennels (Reelsville)
Kentucky:61-B-0124 Perry and Crystal Foster
  Mountain Top Kennels (Wallingford)
Michigan: 34-B-0001 Roberta and James Woudenberg
  R&R Research (Howard City)
34-B-0002 Fred Hodgins
  Hodgins Kennels (Howell)
Minnesota: 41-B-0017 Kenneth Schroeder
Missouri: 43-B-0032 Danny and Mildred Schachtele
  Middlefork Kennels (Salisbury)
North Carolina: 55-B-0010 Carolina Biological Supply Company
  Burlington) Deals dead cats.
55-B-0081 John H. And Eva Wise
  Hillside Kennel (Four Oaks) Deals dead cats.
55-B-0107 LBS Biological Inc
  (Graham) Deals in dead cats.
55-B-0076 S. E. Lab Animal Farm Inc
  (Raleigh) Deals in dead dogs and cats.
Ohio: 31-B-0104 Robert Perry
(Mt. Sterling)
Oklahoma: 73-B-0130 Henry Lee Cooper
  C & C Kennels (Wewoka)
Pennsylvania: 23-B-0004 Bruce Rotz