Bubbles, the last known animal found alive Oct 2005, was locked inside a Katrina vacated home slumped in a bathtub ready to die 239x946
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ARNO mapped nearly 3000 food water stations across Greater New Orleans area to keep animals alive after Katrina 239x875

Missing: Zeus

  • Breed: Lab Chow Pitbull Mix
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 4-1/2 Years
  • Size: Large

Description: Zeus is reddish-brown and white with brown eyes, black nose, white snout. White mark between eyes extending up to top of his head. One light eyebrow and one dark. White paws, white chest with small patch of brown draping over from right side. Some white on back of his neck.

Last Seen: 3530 Toulouse Street, New Orleans LA 70119. On 2nd floor of business known as A.J. Milwright, in Mid-City New Orleans, right off of N. Jeff Davis Parkway and a body of water called Bayou St. John.

Contact: Zeus' guardian
Carol Blakesley, 570-888-2620
cell: 504-296-2695
Milo is a Jack Russell Terrier missing since Katrina whose guardians offer a reward for his safe return 268x400

Missing: Milo, JRT

  • Breed: Jack/Parson Russell Terrier
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 7 Years  /  Weight: 22 Pounds
  • Lost Numbers: PF55615, PF55590

Description: Milo is a long-legged JRT with a brown eye ring on right and brown ear patch. He wore a red harness and spiked leather collar with rabies and ID tags that said Milo Carollo.

Last Seen: Frank Carollo evacuated his home in St. Bernard Parish, LA with his wife, daughter, newborn baby, in-laws and two dogs. There was no room in the vehicle for Milo, their 6-year old Jack Russell Terrier. Milo was the toughest and smartest of their dogs, so the family decided to let Milo stay with Frank's brother in Arabi, LA. When Katrina hit, Frank's brother was called to duty with Louisiana National Guard and had no choice but to leave Milo at home. Milo had a doggie door out of the house, and Katrina blew down the 6-foot yard fence. Construction crews have cleared all home debris and have not found Milo's body.

Milo is a tough little terrier and excellent swimmer. Frank Carollo is certain he made it out alive. The Carollo's search for Milo has had many heartbreaking episodes, but they won't give up. Frank works for the U.S. Navy. The family's home was completely destroyed. Despite their losses the Carollos posted a $1,000 reward for Milo's return.

Contact: noanimalleftbehind@gmail.com
Alex is a missing lab chow mix last seen after Katrina when a door was broken down 293x675

Missing: Alex

  • Breed: Lab-Chow Mix
  • Gender: Male (unaltered)
  • Age: 5 Years
  • Weight: 65 Pounds

Description: Alex is mostly red with some white around his muzzle. He has black spots on his tongue and black nails.

Last Seen: 1922 North Rampart St, New Orleans. Searching for Alex, lost in Katrina in mid-September when the door to his home was broken down.

Contact: Elaine Sloan, 212-371-4482
Raffie is a missing gray shorthair cat 239x640

Missing: Raffie

  • Breed: Gray/Wh Shorthair Cat
  • Gender: Female (spayed)
  • Age: 12 Years

Description: Raffie is a domestic shorthair cat, gray/white with yellow eyes, gray nose, white chest. White on belly, white paws. Belly fur, where spayed, hangs down a bit further than the rest. She wore a white flea collar with tags from our vet, Magazine Street Animal Clinic.

Last Seen: 515 North Rendon St, New Orleans LA 70119. Cross streets are Toulouse and Lafitte. In Mid-City NOLA, close to where her dog brother Zeus was last seen.

Contact: Carol Blakesley
570-888-2620, 504-296-2695