Reunion Teams
We've all envisioned it: A girl buries her face in the fur of her found cat. A man cries when his lost dog greets him. Some have seen it. But not enough. As animal relief shifts from hard core rescue to feeding and fostering, we face a dilemma: How many of these animals will see their families again? Efforts are underway to reunite animals and people. They need volunteers.

If you…
~  Can work from your home
~  Have computer, fax, phone
~  Are creative and diligent
~  Willing to phone nationwide
You can join these teams!

Stealth Volunteers


To find displaced people, tell them where their animal companion is located, and assist in reunions. Volunteers, assigned cases on PetFinder, get rescue notes (some not available publicly) and guidelines for search engines, survivor databases, crisscross directories, NetDetective, Lexis-Nexis, ChipTrace, etc. Stealth also circulates animal evacuation information and matches rescuers with resources or people whose animals need rescue.

Volunteer Information
collage of Katrina evacuees reunited with their beloved companion animals 293x652
Kinship Circle
Animal Reports
Record All Known:

  1. Animal guardian's full name

  2. Address animal(s) trapped or last seen

  3. Phone/email for animal guardians and/or any volunteers helping in search

  4. Animal(s) Details:
    • Animal's Name
    • Species (cat, dog, etc)
    • Breed (ie: Shorthair Tabby)
    • Gender (Spay/Neuter Status)
    • Age
    • Color, Markings
    • Unique Characteristics
    • Special Medical Needs
    • Any Details Relevant To Animal ID

  5. If permission is granted to enter home, including break down doors, windows

  6. Where animal(s) hide in home, yard

  7. If guardians can reclaim and arrange animal(s) transport

No Animal Left Behind


Volunteers help people find their missing animals (Stealth in reverse).

Volunteer Information

The Pet Railroad


A volunteer network of state-by-state animal transporters who can relocate Gulf Coast animals to foster homes and rescue organizations. With hurricane impacted shelters and staging areas in overflow, animals need temp shelter quickly (often to save them from euthanasia). Kinship Circle Note: Julia Fischer (Animal Rescue Foundation Mobile, AL) reports the euthanasia rate among Gulf Coast shelters has never been higher due to hurricane rescues and evacuee-surrendered animals. Facilities need to move animals!

Volunteer Information
  • Founder: Laura Sterling, Website:

  • To volunteer, follow instructions at Pet Railroad's website.
    Transport  ~  Determine which geographic region you can transport to and from. This leads you to volunteer information form.

    Foster  ~  Enroll in master list for each state. Lists given to foster groups.

    Volunteer Teams  ~  A great way to help, if you can't travel.
    1) Transport Leaders: Manage state volunteer transport lists.
    2) Foster Leaders: Coordinate list for foster homes in each state.
    3) Attorney: Provide pro bono legal advice.
    4) Rescue Liaisons: Maintain list of humane sheltering groups.
    5) Advocates: Spread buzz about The Pet Railroad via Web, calls, press.
*Kinship Circle does not use the language of slavery for nonhuman animals. Owner, owned, it… are replaced with guardian, him/her, caregiven… or other words that don't define animals as things.