Hurricane Katrina

Katrina Lifeline: Foster/Adopt

Animal Rescue New Orleans has 3000+ locations in a database. Each represents an animal seen. Underneath a home or porch. On a ledge. Hiding in sewers… Rescues are transported daily to Best Friends shelter in Tylertown, MS. When that facility fills, we have nowhere for animals. Dedicated food/water volunteers sustain animals in and around New Orleans. More can be trapped if sheltering options expand. Please open your home or shelter to a Katrina rescue.

Foster/Adopt Qualifications
  • 501c3 no-kill organization.
  • Fosters and/or adopters have vet references.
  • Can safely transport animals to your site.
  • Will upload each animal's ID information and photo on and track them.
  • Agree to 3-month hold on Katrina animals.
  • Agree to release animal to original guardian.
  • Ideal groups can take at least 10 animals.

Best Friends: Foster/Adopt

Best Friends is moving quickly, due to urgent need. Please apply to foster and/or adopt immediately. Those who qualify will be contacted.

If your organization has worked with Animal Rescue New Orleans or Kinship Circle, and meets qualifications, fill out Best Friends application and email Kathi McDermott for priority attention:
Kathi McDermott
Community Program Manager
Best Friends Animal Society

Those able to travel to Tylertown or Celebration Station for foster/adopt transports, contact:

Amy Hogg
Hurricane Foster Coordinator
435-644-3965 x4186, fax: 435-644-2701
Must provide vet references.

Adopt Via Save-A-Pet

Many Katrina animal survivors wound up in foster homes. Those who who cannot be reunited with their families will soon be up for adoption. Shelters are already in maximum overflow. Yet even more animals need rescue from post-Katrina streets. Please adopt a companion animal today. Adopting any animal, even animals not saved from Gulf Coast hurricanes, opens space for more Katrina rescues!

To view photos and descriptions of adoptable dogs and cats, visit:

For more info or questions about fostering Katrina animals, contact:
Karla Osbeck, 310-800-7011

Still Hundreds, If Not Thousands, Of Animals

They're under homes. Lingering in yards. Starving in the streets. Animal Rescue New Orleans – with Jane Garrison, David Meyer, Pia Salk, Kinship Circle, Kate Danaher, and a dedicated team of organizers – rescues, traps, and feeds Katrina's forgotten. We coordinated teams of ACOs, trappers, veterinarians/techs. They're in New Orleans now, with more on the way.

We transport rescued animals to Best Friends in Tylertown, MS everyday. But their facility is full! Best Friends and Animal Rescue New Orleans are working over time to secure qualified fosters. If you are a foster organization, or know one, please help us so we can rescue more animals in New Orleans.