Hurricane Volunteers

Independent hurricane rescue operations such as Jane Garrison's NOLA Search-Rescue, Winn Dixie, MuttShack and more call upon Kinship Circle for help with volunteer recruitment. Register with us now, to get updates and assignment to work with a Gulf animal aid effort.

Email Information Below To: (Only send once.)

  1. In your email, state your
    ~  Street, city, state, zip:
    ~  Cell phone, land phone:
    ~  Email address:
    ~  Your experience with animals:
    ~  ARRIVE/DEPART dates:

  2. Type Hurricane Volunteer in email subject line.

  3. If you're an Animal Control Officer, Veterinarian/Tech, or Trapper, please state this in subject line. For example, Hurricane Volunteer: Vet Tech

Due To Volume Of Inquiries, Please:
  • Tell us your specific destination. You may be able to help with a transport.

  • Do you get Kinship Circle Alerts? If not, separately email Type GULF COAST UPDATES in subject line.

  • Read alerts first, before you call or email us.

  • Kinship Circle helps coordinate transport/foster for 501c3 nonprofits, but not individuals. Contact your local shelter or check our Directory Of Hurricane Shelters.

United For Animals Of The Storm
Brenda Shoss, Kinship Circle
Julia Fischer, Animal Rescue Foundation

Kinship Circle/ARF Effort

Contacts  ■  Staging Areas
United For Animals Of The Storm
Brenda Shoss, Kinship Circle
Volunteer/Public Information Director, 314-795-2646

Julia Fischer, Animal Rescue Foundation
(ARF Mobile) Supply Distribution Director
251-645-8605, cell: 251-455-9377,

Drop/Distribution Site
Alternate Storage  /  5809 Larue Steiner Road
Theodore, Al 36582 (In Mobile off of I-10)
West off 65 onto I-10 take exit 15A.
Circle under interstate and stay on Hwy 90.
Turn right at 2nd stoplight on Larue Steiner Rd.
Travel about .3 miles. We have units 52, 54, 55.

Volunteer Information
Hurricane resources move in and out of our distribution site in Mobile, AL. Kinship/ARF has sent supplies and volunteers to nearly 80 missions in LA, MS, TX, AL – and ARF gives refuge to animals. To volunteer, use sign-up instructions under Hurricane Rescue Volunteers on left.

Supply Needs At Present
To Donate Supplies, Contact Julia Fischer
  1. State your arrival day/time. Describe type/quantity of supplies.
  2. Arrange with Julia for someone to meet you.

  • Flea Control Products (No Hartz. Lethal to cats/dogs. Recalled.)
  • Horse/Cow Fly Sprays
  • Lactated Ringers (fluid bags), Tubing And Needles
  • Dog/Cat Vaccines
  • Equine Vaccines
  • Antibiotics (Calvados especially)
  • Multiple Dog-Walking Devices
  • Grooming Tools (clippers, blades, brushes)
  • Vari-Kennels (for relocation travel)
  • Large Dog Cages, Leashes, Collars
  • Puppy Pads, Doggie Pooper Scoopers, Odorant
  • Bleach, Cleaning Supplies, Trashcans
  • Large "Circus Type" Fly Tents
  • Water, Gatorade, Diesel Fuel

Kinship Circle/ARF Needs Transporters
~ Large vehicles (trucks, horse trailers, SUVs).
Contact Julia Fischer.

Help In Hattiesburg

Contacts  ■  Staging Areas
Sarah-Jayne Brown,

Hattiesburg Emergency Shelter
The Forest Multicultural Center
952 Forest Boulevard
Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Directions: I-10 to I49 just before Hattiesburg, see Forest Multicultural Center.

Volunteer Information
Volunteers may show up. Say you are part of the Gaultier Group with Carol Childs. The powers that be may say they have moved. Just ask where they are. Carol Childs is with the National Humane Society. Just 6 or 7 dog-walking volunteers are on hand for some 1000 dogs in Hattiesburg Multicultural Center.

Urgent: People to walk dogs, water and feed. 112 cots for volunteers, towels needed.

Animal Aid In Waveland

Volunteer Information
Help needed at HSUS rescue unit in Waveland, Mississippi. Bring documentation: your group's nonprofit papers, DART or other disaster aid certs, veterinarian/tech or ACO credentials, etc.

Take Route 90 to Route 603.
Follow signs on Route 603 into Waveland.
Continue through several stop lights.
Turn left at blue tarp, Animal Shelter sign.
Follow road until it ends. Turn left.
Follow signs to Animal Shelter.

Plaquemines Aid

Contacts  ■  Staging Areas
Task Force Leaders: Cris Stevens and Terri Kelley, 219-608-4112, 219-326-8887
Sarah Stevens, 219-608-1735

For Volunteers To Obtain Security Authorization Papers: Sharon Gorski
877-727-9343, 586-727-9815

Lansas Kennels, Mandeville: Kendra Williams, 985-246-9388

Mandeville Staging Area
Ship supplies: c/o Kendra Williams
23015 Kilgore St  /  Mandeville, LA 70471

Volunteer Information
We've been helping Pontchartrain Humane Society, plus animals from Pearlington, Mississippi, and Plaquemines Parish and New Orleans in Louisiana. Kinship Circle helped us gain National Guard clearance into Plaquemines for search-rescue. We were one of the first out-state groups in the parish.

Volunteers convene at Lansas Kennels in Mandeville, LA to scout and aid other storm areas. Currently, we are in Plaquemines.

Incoming Volunteers:
  • Wear a dark blue t-shirt.

  • Bring well-treaded, high boots. Up to 4 inches of oil covers ground in Plaquemines areas where Katrina caused an oil spill.

  • If you arrive at Mandeville kennels and rescuers are not there, they are in the field. You may help with Katrina dogs there or volunteer elsewhere and check back.

Plaquemines Animal Rescue Update
We had gained authorization from the New Mexico National Guard for rescue units to enter Plaquemines Parish. Volunteer rescue units work under the auspices of Dr. Habert, the parish veterinarian originally established at Belle Chase Animal Shelter. Dr. Habert has since moved to a Senior Center to accommodate more animals.

The Plan  ~  Three teams of 4-5 rescuers enter Plaquemines daily. A team of baiters joins them. No animals can leave Plaquemines. All are treated. Dr. Habert's crew wants to reunite them with guardians.

The Temp Problem  ~  When Hurricane Rita evacuations were ordered on 9/20, the Plaquemines Parish president denied rescuers entry despite our relationship with the parish vet. Still, rescuers managed a night mission. We are working on this transition. Please check in, especially if en route to Lamar-Dixon. Mandeville is an hour from Gonzales.

Supply Needs As Of 9/21/05
Needs fluctuate. Check with Cris/Terri (219-608-4112) or Sarah (219-608-1735).

  • Plastic Totes (large Rubbermaid types)
  • Transporters, Trailers, SUVs, Trucks
  • Cots, Air Mattresses, Bulk Towels
  • Catch Poles, Cat/Dog Traps
  • Water, Ice, Gatorade
  • Diesel, Unleaded Fuel

Lamar Dixon In Gonzales

Contacts  ■  Staging Areas
Lamar Dixon Expo Center, 225-621-1700

Directions From West, I-10 East to Ext 177.
From East, 1-10 West to Ext 177.
At bottom of ramp take a right.
2nd left into Lamar Dixon Equestrian Ctr.
Ask for volunteer registration area.

Volunteer Information
Comments below are from Jane Garrison, who directs Gonzales shelter's food/water program. We support DawnWatch's excellent presentation and urge you to heed Jane's words.

1) From Jane Garrison  ~  If you want to help please go to the Lamar Dixon in Gonzeles, LA (one hour from New Orleans). Fly into New Orleans or Baton Rouge. There is no one to pick you up so rent a van or car. Call my cell for emergencies only, 843-343-8887.

2) From Jane Garrison  ~  I have been at the New Orleans hurricane scene for over two weeks. In this time I've organized search-rescue and food/water teams (for animals on the streets). I've personally pulled hundreds of animals from rooftops, attics and houses. I got a dog off a roof a few days ago who should have weighed 90 pounds. But marooned on that roof with no food and water, he weighed just 40 pounds. These animals show us they want to live, every day.

We face a huge dilemma right now. There are still 3,000 home addresses where animals are trapped. These addresses come from people who've requested that HSUS or LASPCA rescue their animals. I know many more homes contain trapped animals, but no one has called for them. Consider this: Amazingly, half of the homes we get into have live animals inside. With a minimum 3000 addresses, at least 1500 animals wait behind closed doors. Wait and wait…for a kind hand to finally end their fear and pain.

Current teams can only reach about 300 homes per day. Animals will never survive at this rate. I beg each one of you to get to New Orleans. It does not take a "certified disaster rescuer" to revive an animal with food and water. We have a week at most to save them. We are their last chance. Jane Garrison

Incoming Volunteers: Report to Jane Garrison outside the food tent by barns 1 and 2 for 6:00am briefings.

LSU Wants Volunteers

Contacts  ■  Staging Areas
LSU School of Veterinary Medicine
Email Sharon Ricciardo your: full name, contact information, skills, availability. Volunteer in subject line.

Katrina Animal Shelter
LSU AgCenter, John M. Parker Coliseum
School of Veterinary Medicine
Louisiana State University
Skip Bertman Drive  /  Baton Rouge, LA 7080

Volunteer Information
LSU Emergency Animal Shelter seeks volunteers to walk dogs, care, feed, work reception desk, etc. The facility is starting shift work from now till mid-October. Volunteers need to be self sufficient (food, housing, transportation), adults, and preferably experienced with animals.

Winn Dixie Rescue

Contacts  ■  Staging Areas
Shannon and Mark Martin, 706-769-7701

Winn Dixie Staging Area
Winn Dixie Marketplace
4600 Chef Menteur Hwy
(at N. Louisa Street)
New Orleans, LA 70126-5011

  • I-10 East to 610 East, till it meets back with I-10 East.
  • Exit at Louisa St. North.
  • Turn right on Gentilly Road.
  • Immediate left into Winn-Dixie lot.
    ~ OR ~
    I-12 E to Slidell
    Exit 83 to Hwy 11 over Ponchatrain
    After bridge take a right onto I-10E toward Louisa Street exit

    Volunteer Information
    Need kennel help with rescued animals. Search-rescue. Veterinarians, techs.

    Supply Needs As Of 9/13/05
    • Boats (if inflatable, must hold crates with animals on water)
    • Worm Medicine (especially for cats)
    • Wire Crates
    • Trucks, SUVs
    • Catch Poles, Cat/Dog Traps
    • Water, Ice, Gatorade
    • Cots, Air Mattresses
    • Diesel, Unleaded Fuel
    • Bulk Towels

    Staging In Dothan, AL

    Contacts  ■  Staging Areas
    Staging Director Maria Church
    home: 334-793-3943, cell: 334-685-0522, staging area: 334-615-4620

    Rescue coalition formed by SAVE-A-PET, at Dothan Animal Shelter, Wiregrass Humane Society, and Southeast Alabama Kennel Club. Coalition supported and funded in part by the Florida Association of Kennel Clubs and American Kennel Club.

    Volunteer Information
    Pet Care, Veterinary, Grooming, Transport, Clerical, Laundry, Warehouse, Volunteer Support, Foster.

    Supply Needs As Of 9/17/05
    • Tents, Generators
    • Cat/Dog Food, Treats, Toys
    • Kitty Litter
    • Crates, Adjustable Dog Collars, Leashes
    • Wading Pools
    • Heavy Duty Extension Cords
    • Temporary Lighting
    • Large Garbage Cans & Liners
    • Heavy Duty Hoses with Nozzles
    • Filing Cabinet, Foldup Tables & Chairs
    • Laptop, Office Supplies
    • Hand Sanitizer, Dawn Dishwashing Liquid
    • Water Gallon Containers, Spray Bottles
    • Laundry Soap, Toilet Paper

    St. John Animal Shelter

    Contacts  ■  Staging Areas
    For more information, try
    Sharon Gorski, 586-727-9815

    St. John Shelter
    124 Water Plant Road  /  LaPlace, LA 70068
    Linda Allen, Director
    shelter phone: 985-651-7387
    Volunteer Dina Becnel: 985-210-9422

    Supply Needs As Of 9/21/05
    St. John Parish Animal Shelter will stockpile supplies for St. Bernard Parish.
    • Flea Treatment (No Hartz products, toxic and recalled.)
    • Dog/Cat Toys Toys
    • Dog/Cat Treats
    • Medical/Vet Supplies
    • Vaccines
    • Strongid-T
    • Albon
    • Nutri-Cal
    *Kinship Circle does not use the language of slavery to depict nonhuman animals. Owner, owned, it… are replaced with guardian, him/her, caregiven… or other language that doesn't define animals as things and property. Any failure to modify text is unintended.