Hurricane Katrina

Sep 13 2005  ~  Rescue Boats Critical Now

Animals who survived wind and water face starvation on empty Katrina streets 239x300

9/13/05, BOATS NEEDED NOW  ~  In our search for the little Yorkie, Spike, we've learned about volunteers on the water who could save Spike and others — but they desperately need more boats!

Jefferson Pet Feed & Garden Center serves as a drop site for boats and has a triage center with a veterinarian. Please, if you or someone you know can bring down boats Call Jefferson Pet Feed & Garden Center: 504-733-8572. This number, like all in the area, may be hard to reach. Do not give up. They are there! Or, better yet, drive down with your boats now:

Jefferson Pet Feed & Garden Center
4421 Jefferson Highway
At Jefferson Highway and Central Avenue between Clearview and Causeway
Jefferson, Louisiana  /  New Orleans phone: 504-733-8572
For more information/questions, contact: Sherry Woodbury, 818-645-7847

Katrina Rescue Volunteers

Email Information Below To: (only send once)

  1. In your email, state your
    ~  Street, City, State, Zip:
    ~  Phone, Email:
    ~  Experience With Animals:
    ~  ARRIVE/DEPART Dates:
    ~  Subject Line: Hurricane Volunteer

  2. Animal Control, Vets/Techs, Trappers:
    Also state profession in subject line.

Kinship Circle/ARF Effort

Contacts  ■  Staging Areas
United For Animals Of The Storm
Brenda Shoss, Kinship Circle
Volunteer/Public Information Director, 314-795-2646

Julia Fischer, Animal Rescue Foundation
(ARF Mobile) Supply Distribution Director
251-645-8605, cell: 251-455-9377,

Drop/Distribution Site
Alternate Storage
5809 Larue Steiner Road
Theodore, Al 36582 (In Mobile off of I-10)
We have units 52, 54, 55.

Volunteer Information
Katrina and Rita supplies move in and out of our drop/distribution site in Mobile, AL. Kinship/ARF has sent supplies and volunteers to nearly 80 rescue missions in LA, MS, TX, AL – and ARF gives refuge to animals.

Supply Needs At Present
To Donate Supplies, Contact Julia Fischer
  1. Describe supplies and day/time they arrive.
  2. Arrange with Julia for someone to meet you.

  • Flea Control Products (No Hartz. Lethal to cats/dogs.)
  • Horse/Cow Fly Sprays
  • Lactated Ringers (fluid bags), Tubing And Needles
  • Dog/Cat Vaccines  ~  Equine Vaccines
  • Antibiotics (Calvados especially)
  • Multiple Dog-Walking Devices
  • Grooming Tools (clippers, blades, brushes)
  • Vari-Kennels (for relocation travel)
  • Large Dog Cages, Leashes, Collars
  • Puppy Pads, Doggie Pooper Scoopers, Odorant
  • Bleach, Cleaning Supplies, Trashcans
  • Large "Circus Type" Fly Tents
  • Water, Gatorade, Diesel Fuel

Kinship Circle/ARF Needs Transporters
~ Large vehicles (trucks, horse trailers, SUVs).
Contact Julia Fischer.

Plaquemines Independent

Contacts  ■  Staging Areas
Task Force Leaders: Cris Stevens and Terri Kelley, 219-608-4112, 219-326-8887
Sarah Stevens, 219-608-1735

For Volunteers To Obtain Security Authorization Papers: Sharon Gorski
877-727-9343, 586-727-9815

Lansas Kennels, Mandeville: Kendra Williams, 985-246-9388

Mandeville Staging Area
Volunteers convene at Lansas Kennels in Mandeville, LA to scout and provide aid in other storm areas. We presently rescue in Plaquemines Parish.
c/o Kendra Williams (if mailing supplies)
23015 Kilgore Street
Mandeville, LA 70471

Volunteer Information
We've been helping Pontchartrain Humane Society, plus animals from Pearlington, Mississippi, and Plaquemines Parish and New Orleans in Louisiana. Kinship Circle helped us gain National Guard clearance into Plaquemines for search-rescue. We were one of the first out-state groups in the parish.

Incoming Volunteers:
  • Wear a dark blue t-shirt to unify rescue unit. Organizers wear red caps or visors.

  • Bring well-treaded, high boots. Up to 4 inches of oil covers ground in Plaquemines areas where Katrina caused an oil spill.

  • If you arrive at Mandeville kennels and rescuers are not there, they are in the field. You may help with Katrina dogs there or volunteer elsewhere and check back.
scenes from plaquemines, upper 9th ward after katrina 661by430