Hurricane Katrina

Oct 30 2005
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Contacts  ■  Staging Areas
Sharon Gorski, 877-727-9343
Martin St. John, 866-718-1001

MuttShack New Orleans Location
Lake Castle School
8400 Hayne Blvd (at Crowder/Hayne)
East New Orleans, Louisiana
I-10 East (from Superdome)
Exit at Crowder
Left towards Levy, on the corner

Roles On Ground

Volunteer Information
MuttShack operates a rescue/triage/short-term care facility in East New Orleans. Ideal volunteers are prepared to stay a minimum of 5 to 7 days. We have rescued and cared for so many animals, but there are many more who need us. We are prepared to stay in New Orleans. Please join us!

Shelter/Animal Care Workers: Cattery and Dog Shelter Workers, Kennel Workers. Feed, clean cages, TLC, etc. The dogs love walks along the Lake Ponchartrain levee.

Veterinarians, Vet Techs: MuttShack Triage currently operates two Veterinary Clinics.

Search-Rescue People, Trappers: Animal Rescue, Dog Trappers, Cat Trappers, Experienced Animal Control Officers, DART Certified, and Animal Behaviorists/Trainers. Urgently needed to help bring in the runners and animals roaming in packs.

Administrative People: Administrators, Computer Database Operators, Operations Specialists.

Cooks: MuttShack Refectory. Cook to handle breakfast for volunteers, etc.

MuttShack Staffers: Transporters with Vehicles, RNs, Paramedics, etc.

Please bring your strength, compassion and determination, but please check your ego at the door – we promise to return it. MuttShack Animal Rescue Foundation, a registered 501(c)3 and 509(a)1 Charitable Project, National Heritage Foundation.
Amanda St John
Rob Stone, animals, ARNO base camp 293x563
Travel & Accommodations
  • Fly into New Orleans or Baton Rouge.

  • Rent a vehicle with room for supplies.

  • Lodging: Lake Castle School is safe and clean. It's been called one of the best run facilities in the region. On site sleeping accommodations can be arranged. Inquire when you call contacts above. Volunteers have access to hot showers and meals (at nearby location) every night.

MuttShack Mission Katrina  ~  To rescue and lovingly shelter pets displaced by Hurricane Katrina. To find them safe foster homes until reunited with families, or rehome them with new forever families. MuttShack is a registered 501c3 and 509a1 charitable foundation.