Hurricane Katrina

Oct/Nov 2005
Calling All
Cat People

ARNO Updates From The Field

Animal Rescue New Orleans has united with Alley Cat Allies to save innumerable cats fending for their lives on post-Katrina streets. Some are feral. Others are companions who slipped through windows or blown-out doors in the aftermath of hurricanes. All are starving, dehydrated, scared and alone.

Animal guardians still ask us to trap their cats. Most are so afraid, they hide in mud-filled homes or trash. They won't even respond to voices from their own families. Many huddle in buildings slated for demolition. We are on red alert for these animals.

11/7/05  ~  Three dead cats in separate homes. Two of the cats died on porches alongside empty food and water bowls. The other was found on a back porch. These animals did not succumb to hurricane or flood. They died over the past days from starvation. Animals do not have access to food scraps in the trash. New Orleans is presently a city without its normal population, and thus without its normal garbage output. Puddles are scarce. It has not rained for over one month. Residents cannot sustain these animals because there are simply not enough residents in New Orleans.

11/2/05  ~  We rescued an emaciated cat living amid the debris of a destroyed home. This cat was in liver failure by the time we reached her. Sadly, the cat died while in transit to the emergency clinic.
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Cat Trapping Team

Calling cat people: Come to NOLA now! ARNO is assembling a cat trapping team to rescue and reunite animals with guardians. Once underway, we'll focus on cats in areas marked for bulldozing.

We Need Volunteers Experienced/Skilled In:
Cat trapping
Cat handling
Cat care/health

Join NOLA Cat Team

Alley Cat Allies, With ARNO

  1. Contact Alley Cat Allies:
    Pilara Felgate,

  2. If you can transport or foster, contact:
    Pilara Felgate,

  3. Location: Bogalusa, Louisiana
    Camp established 1 hour north of New Orleans. Electricity available, but arrive prepared to camp.

Volunteer Information  /  We Need:
  • Caregivers for animals at base camp
  • Vets/vet techs
  • Computer/data entry expertise
  • Clerical people for volunteer, animal intake
  • Animal handlers/trappers
  • Handy men/women
  • Photographers
  • Cage assemblers and cleaners
  • Supply inventory and errand run helpers
  • People with rescue skills, disaster training
  • Drivers/vehicles for transport
  • Foster homes and barn homes for feral cats

Help Now, Help In The Future
We are calling for immediate volunteers and anticipate a need for volunteers through the end of the year.

As citizens return to the New Orleans area, Alley Cat Allies plans to help rebuild the caregiver network, remove feral cats from shelters, provide food and water to known colonies, identify more distressed colonies and assess future needs such as spay/neuter services and support for caregivers.

Alley Cat Allies can't run the Gulf rescue/restoration project without hard working, committed volunteers. There's nothing glamorous or easy about this work, but you are guaranteed to go to bed at night knowing your efforts matter!
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*Kinship Circle does not use the language of slavery to depict nonhuman animals. Owner, owned, it… are replaced with guardian, him/her, caregiven… or other language that doesn't define animals as things and property. Any failure to modify text is unintended.