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Freed From Research: 100+ New Iberia Chimps

DEC 18, 2012 - New Iberia Primate Center is among labs Kinship Circle targeted for use of chimpanzees to test human drugs, vaccines. Some 100 chimps now classified as ineligible for research, on the heels of a landmark study that found most chimp experiments unwarranted, will retire to Chimp Haven Sanctuary… FULL UPDATE

Israel: Nationwide Ban On Horse-Drawn Carts

NOV 29, 2012 - Kinship Circle followed CHAI’s (Concern For Helping Animals In Israel) lead on work to ban horse-drawn carts. If Israel’s new ban is enforced, people will no longer see battered horses and donkeys, fatigued and dehydrated, with chronic hoof problems and lameness. Animals lug furniture, produce…

Ann Taylor Sheds Exotic Skins From Fur-Free Lines

NOV 6, 2012 - Upscale retailer Ann Taylor, a one-time Kinship Circle target that deleted fur goods in 2006, goes cruelty-free again with removal of exotic skins. Alligators and crocodiles are knifed in the neck or bashed with metal bats. Live snakes have been seen nailed to trees so skin can be ripped from their bodies… FULL UPDATE

Wild Animal Triumph: Roadless Rule Upheld

OCT 8, 2012 - Kinship Circle opposed efforts to overturn Pres. Clinton’s Roadless Area Conservation Rule. The Supreme Court rejected an appeal to a prior ruling, especially good news for threatened or endangered animals who inhabit 58.5 million acres of unpaved U.S. woodlands… FULL UPDATE

Israel Vetoes Mazor Farm Primates For Research

JUL 20, 2012 - Israel nixed consent for Mazor Farm to ship monkeys to a Texas lab for experimentation. At least 40 monkeys were spared from brutal experiments when Mazor lost its last overseas client. The commercial breeder sells primates in Israel and abroad and has long been targeted by activists… FULL UPDATE

Monkeys Gain Salvation, Researcher Loses Permit

JUL 5, 2012 - Wide-eyed and cute, they’re annually stolen from Colombia’s Amazon jungle and sold to malaria research. But Dr. Manuel Elkin Patarroyo just lost permits to snatch 4,000 night monkeys for his jungle lab, FIDIC. Night monkeys, snared in trees and shoved in mesh sacks, scream as boats take them… FULL UPDATE

Animal Labs Gone From Wisconsin Med College

JUN 5, 2012 - Medical College of Wisconsin’s 2012-2013 physiology curriculum will contain no live animals! Kinship Circle, together with key organization PCRM and others, logged lots of objections to MCW drills, such as exposing a dog’s heart with scalpels and bone saws to inject chemicals and shock the heart with electric paddles… FULL UPDATE

Vick Dogfight Bust 5 Years Later, More Victims Saved?

APR 30, 2012 - Vick Dogs were taken from Michael Vick’s dogfight enterprise, Bad Newz Kennels, where the NFL quarterback helped electrocute, drown and hang those who underperformed. Pre-Vick, seized dogs were mostly killed. A landmark court ruling sent Vick Dogs to no-kill. On the 5th anniversary of the bust, more dogs get to live… FULL UPDATE

Puppy Mill Capital, USA: 1 Year Of Diluted Law In Play

APR 29, 2012 - Voters passed Prop B, Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act, to crack down on Missouri dog factories. It was repealed against their will, then rewritten. The softer law has been in effect 1 year. Do dogs suffer as much? Missouri supplies 40% of all pups sold in the USA, from an estimated 3,000 mills… FULL UPDATE

Biology Instructors Say Yes To Virtual Dissection

MAR 29, 2012 - Nat’l Assoc. of Biology Teachers and virual-lab leader Froguts have teamed up to increase use of humane classroom tools. Dead animals often come from shelters that gas animals, like cats dissected in Miami-Dade high schools in Kinship Circle’s original alert. Earlier, Nat’l Science Teachers Assoc… FULL UPDATE

Class B Dealers Won’t Profit From Cats In Labs

FEB 8, 2012 - Nat’l Institutes of Health plans to "transition from use of Class B cats." As of Oct 2012, a ban on cats from random source B dealers takes effect. Shelter animals are purchased by dealers and sold to labs. Dealers also amass dogs and cats from free-to-good home ads or use bunchers to steal them from cars, yards… FULL UPDATE

Final Adios To Bioculture Monkey Farm

JAN 18, 2012 -  In an ultimate adios to Bioculture’s monkey breeding farm, a Puerto Rico Supreme Court upheld prior rulings and agreed that Bioculture can’t legally operate in Guayama. The high court decision is a final blow to a planned capture of 4,000 monkeys for labs such as Shin Nippon, Charles River, Pfizer, Covance… FULL UPDATE

A Michigan County Ends Pound Seizure

JAN, 2012 - Mecosta County Animal Shelter in Michigan will no longer hand over dogs to Class B "random source" dealers, notorious for selling one-time companions to research labs. Kinship Circle"s original alert asked Mesta County Commissioners to ban the practice of selling pound dogs and cats… FULL UPDATE


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