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Thailand Flood Report #9

DATE: November-December, 2011
LOCATION: Emergency Flood Shelter: Bang Pu, Bangkok, Thailand
Thanon Sala Thammasop, Sala Thammasop, Thawi
Watthana Bangkok 10170 Thailand
Rangsit, Pathum Thani Province, Thailand
Ban Kae (Changwat Khon Kaen), Thailand
SUBMITTED BY: Bryan Grant, Kinship Circle
TEAM: Beth Schmidt, Cara Blome, Ron Presley, Cheri Deatsch, Brenda Shoss, Grady Ballard, Adrienne Usher, Bryan Grant Food Is Delivered Across A Watery Sweep

En route to flooded regions, we deliver food to four puppies and a mom at a gas station on Hwy. 3 in Bang Pu. We search for dogs reported near the Chinese Gate along Hwy. 3, whom Darrick Thomson — Director of Operations & Rescue for Save Elephant Foundation (SEF), and lead for large-scale boat rescue/food drops — asked us to locate… But we can't find the dogs or anyone familiar with them. We continue to Bang Kae in western Bangkok.

Flood Food Delivery #1: A woman oversees loose and kenneled dogs atop a bridge. She has no food to give roughly 14 hungry animals. We'd spoken to her days earlier and make good on our promise to return with food.

Flood Food Delivery #2: To reach some 16 dogs on a floating barge, Kinship Circle's Bryan Grant loads a small boat with big food bags. A man lives with the dogs atop a plywood barrel ⁄ barge platform. His makeshift dwelling includes a few kennels and a tub of topical penicillin — but no food. Bryan addresses one dog's wounded paw and examines another incapacitated dog with infected genitals and immobilized rear legs. She aggressively snaps at Bryan, who records a need for veterinary assistance at this site.

Flood Food Delivery #3: We encounter a woman aware of stranded dogs. She describes a hut with 12 pugs and one poodle; a second hut with 15 puppies and two moms; another enclave where six dogs live amid junk heaps… In total, 40 animals are fed at this stop. The woman agrees to check on the dogs and help disperse food. Bryan, Steve and other SEF volunteers, hike through flood waters for more than an hour to access remote areas where people care for companion animals. The team notes that they must return for four 2-month-old puppies raised in a small cooler with no room to walk around.

In photo above, a man recovers many dogs on his barge, but has no food for them. Save Elephant Foundation and Kinship Circle bring food to hundreds of animals, including these "barge dogs," along Thanon Sala Thammasop, Thawi Watthana, Bangkok. (c) Kinship Circle, Thailand Flood

Kinship Circle's Bryan Grant joins Save Elephant Foundation volunteers for food delivery to animals in Rangsit. The team recovers 5 dogs, 4 pups and 1 young dog with a broken hip. (c) Kinship Circle, Thailand Flood 2011-12 / Bryan Grant
Flood Food Delivery #4: Twelve dogs trail a woman across wide floodwaters. One of two yellow Labs has severe fur loss and a grapefruit-size abdominal tumor. Though we can't rescue caregiven animals, we give the woman food and advise her to keep her dogs out of the water as much as possible.

Flood Food Delivery #5: A man who looks after four dogs on a large bridge gets our remaining dog food.

Flood Food Delivery #6: Two kittens are discovered behind a store. The team gives a man who feeds them a good stash of cat food.

Flood "ponds," are scattered throughout the area, with ample opportunity to deliver more food. Bryan notes that "we may not have scratched the surface here." He also recommends an additional pick-up truck with at least three to four medium size kennels, blankets (to stabilize the immobilized dog during transit), more food, and a veterinarian or tech to accompany the team.

Thailand Photo Diary

Nov-Dec 2011, Bryan Grant

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Photo (C) Kinship Circle, Thailand Flood 2011-12

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