Hurricane Katrina

Apr 22 2006, In Arms Of Love

Dobie Found In Trash Dies
Jeanette Tanguis: Our Leibchen passed away this morning. It was a quick, but not unexpected death, at home with her family surrounded by a lot of love.

We'll miss her. Her raspy bark. Her wagging nubby that conned us to hand over the human food she so loved. A whiff of popcorn belongs to Leibi. It is a memory of her racing from any part of my home to eat some.

Leibchen had myriad medical problems from years of neglect, compounded by advanced age. She fought to live past the neglect that brought her to us. Her will to live inspired all who heard her story. She leaves this legacy: Take your animals with you during any disaster evacuation. In her memory, spread these words. If they save one life, Leibi's struggle is a lifeline.

Many thanks to Dr. Melinda Knight of Bayou Cane Veterinary. She devoted time to research medications for Leibi and called to check on her. She is handling Leibi's final arrangements. My deepest thanks to Kathleen O'Gorman for visiting Leibi and for loving her.

Leibi will never endure another hurricane again. Kathleen has kindly agreed to take Leibi's ashes with her to hurricane haven in North Louisiana. Leibchen died knowing we valued her life. Her bed was soft, her bowl filled with food and water. Leibi was loved.

Dear Leibchen,
We all knew you, left behind
and tossed in the trash to die.

When you were found, we prayed for you.

When you walked out of the hospital
with your Foster Mom, we rejoiced.

And when you died, we wept
for a world without you in it.

In the end, you were loved for one perfect moment. Then gone.

Brenda Shoss, Kinship Circle
Leibchen, a dobie left for dead in a trashcan after Katrina, recovers at Southern Animal Foundation 436x264
Leibi's Long Road To Love
10/21/05  ~  Channel 6 WDSU New Orleans (NBC Affiliate) aired a story about a "family" who evacuated without their Dobie. When they returned home after 7-1/2 weeks, they found her near death, unable to stand or move. Their reaction? They dragged her to the curb and tossed her in the trash pile for pick-up. A neighbor spotted movement in the trash and told the family their dog was still alive. They said they didn't believe she'd make it to sunrise [presumably oblivious to her agony].

Even if responders had forced these people to leave without their dog, they had ample time to return or at least ask someone to rescue her over the last two months! The neighbor cared enough to take the Dobie to Southern Animal Foundation Clinic, where she stayed for weeks.

Her name is Leibchen, a determined old girl who improves daily. Recently released to GCDR, she exited the vet's office under her own steam. Leibi relished her car ride to Houma to meet her foster mom. We hope her former "family" are prosecuted for animal cruelty, though with post-Katrina chaos, action is unlikely. The DA is broke, the City is broke… Photos that show Leibi emaciated were actually taken one week after treatment began at SAF. Imagine her condition when first saved from a garbage heap, nearly 8 weeks post-Katrina.

7 Days Later  ~  When we visited Leibchen at the hospital, we were shocked and delighted to see her walk (well sort of) up to greet us in the reception area. Still skin and bones, she'd gained enough weight to restore some life in her eyes. Just seven days earlier, the most she could do was bestow a tiny kiss on anyone who bent down to see her. Now she seems to actually have a canine agenda. If someone assists her rear legs, she is happy to paddle her front legs toward a desired destination. Still, her energy runs out after about a block. She is clearly disappointed she can't go further.

11/5/05  ~  Today Leibchen traveled to her new Foster Mom. She walked out of the hospital under her own steam. She enjoyed her ride so much she attempted to bark for joy but no sound came out. It may be some time before Leibi gets at least some of her bark back. Her recovery is ongoing.

A wonderful lady saw the spark inside Leibi and recognized a life of value, thrown out with with trash. We are all eternally grateful to doctors and staff of Southern Animal Foundation and DPCA Hurricane Disaster Team for footing her hospital fees. The thing that everyone gave to Leibi is hope.

They showed her human hands are meant for play and comfort, not pain. And most of all, that she mattered.
Leibchen died in the arms of love with her devoted new family 436x295
Leibchen's new mom takes the dobie rescue to a visit with Santa, a happy time before the abused Katrina dog later dies 464x702

Join Alley Cat Allies For Feline Frenzy

Spay/neuter extravaganza for the stray/feral cats of New Orleans!

  • When: May 8 – May 21, 2006

  • Where: Orientation on 4/27/06 at 6:30-8:00 pm
    East Bank Regional Library, 504-838-1190
    4747 W. Napoleon  /  Metairie, LA 70001

  • Who: Anyone who wants to help Alley Cat Allies meet its Feline Frenzy goal of spay/neuter for 1,000 cats!

  • Information:
    Alley Cat Allies, 601-749-5084
    Diane Blankenburg, 858-395-3677

To Volunteer, Contact:, 601-749-5084
Provide name, email, phone number, area of interest, availability dates.
  • Trapping Team Leaders: Organize and assign trappers.
  • Trappers: Trap cats, deliver to clinic and return to original location.
  • Trapping Depot Coordinators: Oversee traps/gear sign-out.
  • Clinic Facility Leaders: Oversee volunteers at clinic.
  • Clinic Facility Aides: Hands-on or admin assistance to clinic staff.

Feline Frenzy Orientation
  • When: 4/27/06, 6:30-8:00 pm

  • Where: East Bank Regional Library, 504-838-1190
    4747 W. Napoleon  /  Metairie, LA 70001

  • Who: Anyone who wants to help Alley Cat Allies meet its Feline Frenzy goal of spay/neuter for 1,000 feral or stray cats!

  • ACA Contact: 601-749-5084, 858-395-3677 (Diane Blankenburg)

Diane Blankenburg  ~  Please attend our Volunteer Orientation on Thur, April 27 to learn more about the process, understand your role, and get your volunteer package, including a Feline Frenzy t-shirt. Help us spread the word and bring a friend. Animal welfare group leaders: Please attend or send a rep from your organization.

From West Bank: Take Huey P. Long Bridge (US-90), which becomes Clearview Pkwy, stay for 3.2 miles till you come to a stop light at W. Napoleon Ave. LT on W. Napoleon. Library entrance on RT.

From East: Take I-10 West to Baton Rouge, Exit Clearview Pkwy South. RT at 1st traffic light (W. Napoleon). Library entrance on RT.

From West: Take I-10 East to New Orleans, exit Clear Clearview Pkwy South. RT at 1st traffic light (W. Napoleon). Library on RT.

Small Bites

News named Small Bites as a reminder to donate small-bite food (or cat food) for animals on the streets since Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Get ARNO Stuff!
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LA Governor Shout-Out
Request Kinship Circle's sample-letter campaign urging Governor Blanco to give her utmost attention and financial support to SB-607, Louisiana Pet Evacuation Bill:

Lobby SB-607 With The Right Stuff

Want some impressive facts to send to Louisiana legislators when advocating passage of The Pet Evacuation Bill? Pia Salk, original ARNO co-founder, forwards these helpful animal disaster resources.

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Search For Missing Animals

Mid City Cat: Sylvester
4/15/06, Posted at
Petfinder ID: PF32913

Last Seen: 4522 Orleans Avenue, New Orleans

Details: Missing since Katrina. Black/white neutered male tuxedo cat.Lure him with catnip!

Slyvester's Guardian: My name is Jeannie Kujawa. If you see Sylvester, please hold and feed him. Contact me at Alexandria, LA

Lakeview Cat: Ash
4/18/06, Posted at
39582. Still Looking for my cat

Last Seen: Lakeview area

Details: Gray cat with tipped ear.

Ash's Guardian: I lived in Lakeview and I go several days a week looking for my kitty Ash. Are there any new pictures of Lakeview cats? Please if anyone has new info on Lakeview cats, email me: Deb, Thank all of you so much for all the endless love ya'll have for these animals.

Blk/Wh Shih Tzu, Uptown: Sylvester
4/13/06, Posted at Craigslist

Last Seen: Around Uptown/University In Carrollton

Details: Black and white Shih Tzu (one of two), 9 yrs old. While playing in our enclosed backyard with our children, he went out a screen left open by a repair person. He just completed a bath and did not have his collar on. One of our neighbors said she found him, kept him overnight, and released him on the street. She did not contact SPCA. She said she posted something on this site, but I haven't seen anything. I am terrified to think of what he may experience.

Shih Tzu's Guardian: If you see him please call 606-8830. Our black and white shih tzu (one of two) is 9-yrs old. He has been a part of our family since he was 6 wks old. Our hearts are breaking. We are worried to death, his brother is depressed and the kids are really sad. Reply to:

Dog On Meds, East NOLA: Baxter
4/13/06, Posted at
39437. Lost dog on medication, by stillwaiting

Last Seen: On 4/13/06 around 3:30 pm in Eastern New Orleans near Haynes and Crowder Streets

Details: Grey/silver schnauzer, blue collar/SPCA tag

Baxter's Guardian: Please help us find our dog Baxter. Lost 4/13 in Eastern New Orleans near Haynes and Crowder. Grey/silver schnauzer with blue collar/SPCA tag. Text on tag is not updated but we've contacted the SPCA. Baxter is sick with a stomach bug and just had several shots. Contact us if found: Lyle 452-6260, 529-9949 or Nadine 214-2048
*Kinship Circle does not use the language of slavery to depict nonhuman animals. Owner, owned, it… are replaced with guardian, him/her, caregiven… or other language that doesn't define animals as things and property. Any failure to modify text is unintended.
puppy Mandy models her Animal Rescue New Orleans tee 293x629

Katrina Resources

How To Help ARNO

Animal Rescue New Orleans, 504-571-1900
271 Plauche Street  /  New Orleans, LA 70123

form: ARNO Volunteer Form
  • Feed: Food/water stations, field data.
  • Animal Care: Walk, feed, clean…
  • Foster: Animals awaiting adoption.
  • Data: Field data, phone, recruit…
  • Trap: Stray, injured, newborn, pregnant animals

ARNO's volunteer food/water network replenishes animal stations in Orleans, St. Bernard and Plaquemines Parishes. Feeders sustain animals stranded since Katrina (or born to Katrina parents) and document their movement to facilitate trapping, rescue, TNR, reunions. With 4,000+ feeding stations, ARNO urgently needs volunteers. We supply food, water, pans, maps and addresses. If you have a car and a camera, you're set to volunteer once a month, week, or more.

Foster/Adopt From ARNO
View Animals: Petfinder  /  Adopt-A-Pet
form: Application/Information

ARNO needs safe, loving foster homes until transport, reunion and adoption arrangements can be made. We urgently need puppy fosters. Can you open your heart for about 30-60 days?

Donate To ARNO
  1. Give Online
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    1219 Coliseum Street  /  New Olreans, LA 70130
  3. Gift Cards: or
  4. iGive: Shop, with 26% for ARNO!
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