Hurricane Katrina

ARNO Updates From The Field

We still do not have enough volunteers to sustain animals with food and water until we can trap them. They survive in packs or burrowed under buildings, some of which are about to be bulldozed.

11/8/05  ~  Today just 24 volunteers comprised food/water teams – in a city with thousands of abandoned animals. We currently have over 3,000 locations in our database where animals have been sighted. Don't assume someone else will go to help. Reserve days, weeks, whatever you can to help New Orleans animals. Please do it.

11/7/05  ~  Three dead cats, separate houses. Two cats expired on front porches alongside empty food and water bowls. The other was found on a back porch where no food/water were available. These animals did not succumb to hurricanes. They died over the past days from starvation. Animals do not have access to scraps in the trash. New Orleans is a city without its normal population, and thus without its normal garbage output. Puddles are scarce. It has not rained for over one month. Residents cannot sustain these animals because there are simply not enough residents in New Orleans.

11/2/05  ~  We rescued an emaciated cat, already in liver failure, from debris inside a destroyed home. Tragically, the cat died while in transit to the emergency clinic.

Volunteers: Sign-Up, Go!

Hands-on volunteers are needed through December, January and into February, at which point we'll update you.

Register With Arno
If you have firm arrive/depart dates, please go. Due to email volume we can't always reply quickly, but have recorded your information for dispatch.

Email Your Information To:
Brenda Shoss or Kate Danaher. Do not send to both, this slows intake!

  1. In your email, state your
    • Street, city, state, zip:
    • Cell phone, land phone:
    • Email address:
    • Your experience with animals:
    • ARRIVE/DEPART dates:
    • How did you hear about ARNO?
    • Do you get Kinship Circle Alerts?

  2. Type Hurricane Volunteer in the subject line of your email.

  3. If you are an Animal Control Officer, Veterinarian, Vet Tech or Trapper, state this in email subject line. For example, Hurricane Volunteer: Vet Tech

What Do Volunteers Do?
  • Food/Water: Keep animals alive until rescue. Replenish food/water in assigned section, document animals to facilitate trapping, reunion.
  • Caregivers: Animal care, walks, cleaning, intake, animal records, etc.
  • Trapping: ACOs, DVMs, trappers, vet techs. Stay in NOLA at least a week.
  • Rescue: Rescue requests and strays who don't need trapping. Experience.
  • Admin: Track animals, ID records, data entry, photography, phones.
  • Transport: Local transport of animals, supplies. Mini-van, SUV, or truck.
  • Vet Techs, Aides: Medical evaluation and ongoing animal healthcare.

Where Do Volunteers Report In New Orleans?
Attend Daily 7:30am Assignments Meeting: Corner of 1585 Magazine and Felicity Streets by empty Star Hair & Nails building. A campsite is located here. Mapquest Magazine & Felicity Streets in New Orleans.

If You Miss 7:30am Meeting: Proceed to base camp at corner of 1585 Magazine and Felicity Streets by empty Star Hair & Nails building. Check in with Holly, Jessica or Stephanie (on-site until 8:00pm). After 8:00 pm, you may set up camp at Magazine site. Attend 7:30am meeting the next morning.

Donate Supplies And Funding

Contribute To ARNO Via Save-A-Pet
P.O. Box 7  /  Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Check memo: Animal Rescue New Orleans

Donate Toward Veterinary Care, Spay/Neuter
Southern Animal Foundation, 504-671-8235
1823 Magazine Street  /  New Orleans, LA 70130

Send Supplies To ARNO
Supply Needs/Delivery Coordinator: Colleen Kessler, 225-298-9513

Send Small Shipments To:
Attn: Animal Rescue New Orleans
Southern Animal Foundation
1823 Magazine Street  /  New Orleans, LA 70130

Large Shipments To:
1585 Magazine Street  /  New Orleans, LA 70130
Call for supplies pickup: Holly, 757-641-4527 or Rob Stone, 253-307-0969

Supply Needs
Rescue, Sheltering, Care
  • Dry And Wet Dog/Cat Food
  • Pop-Top Can Cat Food or Mackerel (traps)
  • Deep Aluminum Trays, Litter Boxes, Basins, Buckets (to hold food/water)
  • Slip Leashes, Paper Collars (intake ID)
  • Large/Medium Plastic Crates (transport)
  • Humane Large Dog Traps and Cat Traps
  • Combo Locks-6ft Chains (traps not stolen)
  • Catch Poles, Crowbars
  • Towels and Sheets
  • Fresh Water (gallon), Pedialyte
  • Grooming Clippers (do not send cordless)
  • Meaty Bones (reduces stress)
  • Bite-Proof Thick Gloves
  • Car Glass Chalk To Mark Rescue Vehicles
  • Spray Paint, Flashlights, Space Heaters
  • GPS Units, Street Mapping Capability

Gift Cards, Volunteer Stuff
  • Wal-Mart, Office Depot, Home Depot
  • Gas Station Gift Cards: BP, Shell
  • Bottled Water, Gatorade, Energy Bars, Snacks, Food Gift Cards

Veterinary Items
  • Dewormer (Strongid)
  • Capstar, Frontline, Revolution
  • Any Heartworm Preventive
  • Any Antibiotics
  • Gauze, Vet Wrap

  • Print Cartridges, Copier Toner, Copy Paper
  • Laminated Maps: Mississippi (Gulf Coast) & Louisiana (New Orleans)
  • Pens, Note Pads, Spiral Notebooks
  • Tape, Paper Clips, Staples, Staplers

Wish List
  • Notebook Computers, Laptops, Generators
  • RVs, SUVs, Vans, Pick-Up Trucks
food/water maps, stranded cats, Jane Garrison 293x563

ARNO Contact List

On-Site  ~  Louisiana
Long-Term Food/Water Program, LA Residents
Brenda Shoss,

On-Site Organizers
Holly Quaglia, 757-641-4527
Rob Stone, 253-307-0969

On-Site General Admin Director
Jessica Higgins, 925-209-8813

On-Site Volunteer Coordinator
Stephanie Houfek, 225-298-9519

On-Site Food/Water Director
Cadi Schiffer, 225-298-9518

On-Site Trapping Coordinator
Jessica Higgins, 925-209-8813

ARNO  ~  National
ARNO Cofounders/Directors
Jane Garrison, 843-343-8887
Pia Salk, 225-298-9508
David Meyer

Nationwide Volunteer Coordinators
Kate Danaher
Brenda Shoss

Food/Water Program Assignments Director
Brenda Shoss

ARNO Trapping Coordinator
DOGS  ~  Pia Salk, 225-298-9508
CATS  ~  Jane Garrison, 843-343-8887

Trapping Questions/Concerns
Pia Salk, 225-298-9508

Supply Donations
Colleen Kessler, 225-298-9513
Priscilla Gargalis


Best Friends: Adopt  ■  Foster
Adopt-A-Pet: Adopt

Transport from Tylertown to foster/adopt locales:
Amy Hogg
Hurricane Foster Coordinator
435-644-3965 x4186, fax: 435-644-2701
Must provide vet references.

tortie cat hiding under gutted home is fed and documented in Upper 9th Ward West, NOLA 330x320

Volunteer Travel, Lodging

Please try to arrange yourself. If you need help, email: Shanah Lia Richardson

Directions To Arno Staging Area
From Baton Rouge or New Orleans Airport:
Take I-10 East into New Orleans.
Merge on to US-90 BR W via Exit 234A on the left.
Toward Westbank - Superdome - Claiborne Ave. Go 1.7 miles.
Take Tchoupitoulas St. - South Peters St. exit.
Turn right on to Annunciation St. Go 0.2 miles.
Turn right on to Euterpe St. Go 0.1 miles.
Turn left onto Magazine St. Go to Felicity St.
Turn right at rundown Star Hair & Nails shop, corner of Felicity and Magazine.
If you see vet clinics on left, you passed Felicity!

Driving in New Orleans can be difficult, as street signs are still blown down or wind-spun. Many streets are one way or suddenly change names. In harder hit areas, street lights still do not function.

Air Travel
Fly into New Orleans or Baton Rouge. Rent vehicle with room for supplies. Vans and SUVs are best. Direct contact with airlines may yield best rates. Check for deals, but also ask for a Katrina-related volunteer rate.
*Airlines known for discounted flights

Trains And Buses
Amtrak: Now operating into New Orleans. Weekly low-cost Hot Deals at their home page.
Greyhound: Limited schedule into New Orleans.

Vehicle Rental
Check for existing deals, but also ask for a Katrina-related volunteer rate.

Lodging Options
    Bring tent to camp on fenced lot adjacent to 1585 Magazine property.

Resident Homes

Vacation Rental By Owner

    Call Holly, 757-641-4527
    • In St. Bernard, 20 minutes from NOLA
    • 1 Melvin Bernard Hwy  /  Chalmette, LA 70043
    • Cots, laundry, food, first aid
    • Electricity, bathrooms, showers
    • Say you are with Animal Rescue New Orleans.
    • Sign in/out of FEMA tent daily or we may lose privileges there. Must check into to FEMA tent by 8:00pm.

Amenities Only, Battalion Army Base
    No lodging. Volunteers can get meals, showers, laundry.
    Directions To Army Base:
    5 blocks from Magazine Street.
    From Uptown, take Tchoupitoulas St. toward city.
    Right on Henderson St. to Convention Ctr.
    Services behind Convention Center, Port of New Orleans Place (road not open to traffic).
    Park on Henderson, walk to back Convention Ctr.

Hotels Volunteers Told Us About

Hotel Directories And Travel Packages
*Kinship Circle does not use the language of slavery to depict nonhuman animals. Owner, owned, it… are replaced with guardian, him/her, caregiven… or other language that doesn't define animals as things and property. Any failure to modify text is unintended.