Hurricane Katrina

Kinship Circle/ARF United
Many were unaware of Katrina's impact on lower Alabama. Bayou Labatre areas were wiped out and Mobile residents evacuated. Kinship Circle united with ARF in Mobile, AL under the banner: Grassroots Effort For Animals Of The Storm.

We've dispatched supplies and volunteers to some 80 rescue missions in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and Alabama. ARF also shelters displaced animals. We now seek requested items. Due to your generosity, some groups are inundated with supplies. Still, key items are needed.

We Need Transporters Now

Contacts  ■  Staging Areas
United For Animals Of The Storm
Brenda Shoss, Kinship Circle
Volunteer/Public Information Director, 314-795-2646

Julia Fischer, Animal Rescue Foundation
(ARF Mobile) Supply Distribution Director
251-645-8605, cell: 251-455-9377

Drop/Distribution Site
Alternate Storage
5809 Larue Steiner Road
Theodore, Al 36582 (In Mobile off of I-10)
West off 65 onto I-10 take exit 15A.
Circle under interstate and stay on Hwy 90.
Turn right at 2nd stoplight on Larue Steiner Rd.
Travel about .3 miles. We have units 52, 54, 55.

Volunteer Information
Hurricane supplies move in and out of our site in Mobile, AL. We send items to storm distressed shelters and staging areas in LA, MS, TX, AL. As the rescue effort shifts from national to local organizations, needs change.

We Seek Drivers To Deliver From Mobile
  • To Abbeville, Lake Charles, and other Rita regions where cows and horses are stranded.
  • To Louisiana and Mississippi where return residents lack resources to feed their animals.
  • To sites where animals live in vacated homes with notes asking they be fed.
Transporters Need:
    ~ Large vehicles (trucks, trailers, SUVs).
    ~ To load/unload supplies at staging sites.
    Contact Julia Fischer.

Supply Needs
  • Flea Control Products (No Hartz products please. Lethal to cats/dogs. Recalled.)
  • Horse/Cow Fly Sprays
  • Lactated Ringers (fluid bags)
  • Tubing And Needles
  • Dog/Cat Vaccines
  • Equine Vaccines
  • Antibiotics (Calvados especially)
  • Multiple Dog-Walking Devices
  • Puppy Pads
  • Grooming (clippers, blades, brushes)
  • Vari-Kennels (for relocation travel)
  • Large Dog Cages, Leashes, Collars
  • Doggie Pooper Scoopers
  • Odorant
  • Bleach, Cleaning Supplies, Trashcans
  • Large "Circus Type" Fly Tents
  • Water, Gatorade
  • Diesel Fuel

    To Donate Supplies, Contact Julia Fischer
    1. State day/time you'll arrive with supplies.
    2. Describe type/quantity of supplies.
    3. Arrange for someone to meet you.