Hurricane Katrina

Oct 13 2005: As Lamar Dixon
Closes, Rescue Goes On

10/13/05 David Meyer, Jane Garrison and Pia Salk  ~  Due to mandatory evacuation of Humane Society of the U.S. from Lamar Dixon Expo Center on 10/15/05, the prowler trailer will be gone. We must adjust daily protocols to ensure search-rescue proceeds for animals still trapped in homes.

Direct All Questions To David, Jane Or Pia:
Jane Garrison, 843-343-8887
David Meyer, 310-897-6546
Pia Salk, 323-899-4160

On Ground Notes

7:30am Morning Meetings
Southern Animal Foundation (in front)
1823 Magazine Street  /  New Orleans, LA 70130
Each morning (at meetings led by Rob Stone or Matt) sign up with your phone number so we can reach you day-long as needed. We'll assign daily rescue lists that contain a map with specific locations or a city section to feed and patrol.

Maps, Assignments, Briefing
Maps and assignments will be emailed to Rob each evening to print and distribute at morning meeting. Rob or Matt will also read a briefing from us each day. This briefing will keep you abreast of changes to the rescue operation or any other information pertinent to your rescue efforts. This will help prevent rumors and keep you up to date with facts. It is essential that you receive correct information through us about changing legal issues as well as safety concerns.
cats and dogs left behind in Katrina wait in windows and doors for familiar voices 239x650

On-Ground Notes Continued

Jane and David will now conduct dispatch directly. You'll be contacted with specific rescue requests day-long and asked to reply directly with questions or concerns. The prowler is no longer ours to use, and dispatch will occur from land lines and internet/mapquest access.

Critical Care Animals
Animals who can't survive transport to a rescue facility such as Best Friends will be brought to:
SE Veterinary Specialists, 504-219-0444
400 N. Causeway  /  Metarie, LA
We have an account set up so do not pay bills.

Procedure For Other Rescued Animals
All other animals will be dropped off at Southern Animal Foundation daily, no later than 4:30pm. They will then be transported by small truck or van to Best Friends in Tylertown, MS.

Need Daily Transport Volunteers, Contact:
Jane Garrison, 843-343-8887
David Meyer, 310-897-6546
Pia Salk, 323-899-4160

To reunite animals with families, diligently record rescue locations plus info about an animal's guardian. You must also post a door flyer that tells residents where to find their animal.

Food/Water Stations
After animals are left at Southern Animal Foundation, set up feeding stations around the city. Most animals come out after sundown.

Send Donated Food/Supplies To:
Southern Animal Foundation
1823 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

Maps, Logs, Database Entries
To avoid revisiting the same addresses, submit completed maps and logs to Rob each day by 6:00pm at Southern Animal Foundation or his home, so he can fax updates to a data-entry team. All database entries will be done remotely, outside Louisiana.

Volunteer Lodging
Volunteers obtain their own lodging. We're compiling an affordable housing list.

Internet Communication
A website for this operation, currently underway, will post updates and key details to check if able to stop by a Kinkos or other site with Internet. Until we have a downtown base, Rob will truck supplies into the city each morning. We should have a place by the weekend. Thank you and let's stay organized and effective so we can rescue animals still trapped and waiting!
*Kinship Circle does not use the language of slavery to depict nonhuman animals. Owner, owned, it… are replaced with guardian, him/her, caregiven… or other language that doesn't define animals as things and property. Any failure to modify text is unintended.