Hurricane Volunteers

Independent hurricane rescue operations such as Jane Garrison's NOLA Search-Rescue, Winn Dixie, MuttShack and more call upon Kinship Circle for help with volunteer recruitment. Register with us now, to get updates and assignment to work with a Gulf animal aid effort.

Email Information Below To: (Only send once.)

  1. In your email, state your
    ~  Street, city, state, zip:
    ~  Cell phone, land phone:
    ~  Email address:
    ~  Your experience with animals:
    ~  ARRIVE/DEPART dates:

  2. Type Hurricane Volunteer in email subject line.

  3. If you're an Animal Control Officer, Veterinarian/Tech or Trapper, state in subject line, i.e., Hurricane Volunteer: Vet Tech

Due To Volume Of Inquiries, Please:
  • Tell us your specific destination. You may be able to help with a transport.

  • Do you get Kinship Circle Alerts? If not, separately email Type GULF COAST UPDATES in subject line.

  • Read alerts first, before you call or email us.

  • Kinship Circle helps coordinate transport/foster for 501c3 nonprofits, but not individuals. Contact your local shelter or check our Directory Of Hurricane Shelters.

United For Animals Of The Storm
Brenda Shoss, Kinship Circle
Julia Fischer, Animal Rescue Foundation

Humane Society Of Southern Mississippi

Contacts  ■  Staging Areas
Humane Society Of Southern Mississippi
Tara High, HSSM Board President and Acting Executive Director
cell: 228-669-8272,

Supply Needs
Check HSSM website for evolving supply needs.
HSSM Supplies Registered At Local Home Depot
Home Depot  /  Gulfport, MS on Creosote Road
Buy items by credit card: 228-867-9925 ext. 432

Lowe's, Home Depot, Office Max/Depot, Sam's/Walmart
Mail Gift Cards To: Humane Society Of Southern Mississippi
13756 Washington Avenue  /  Gulfport, MS 39503

Monetary Donations
Secure credit card donations via Pay Pal.
Or donate by mail to HSSM Katrina Relief Fund
Humane Society Of Southern Mississippi
13756 Washington Avenue  /  Gulfport, MS 39503

Volunteer Information
HSSM relies upon devoted volunteers from around the nation. We overcome obstacles daily from extreme damage to our shelter, equipment and supplies to harmful rumors. We've lost animals and staff to the storm and are working to get back on our feet so that we can provide refuge for the homeless.

Michelle Prince, 909-519-1964 or 228-396-2763

St. Tammany Shelter

Contacts  ■  Staging Areas
St. Tammany Parish Dept of Animal Services,
25026 Highway 36  /  Abita Springs, LA 70420

Volunteer Information
Need walkers, TLC for animals. Shelter intake doubled due to hurricane rescues.

Contact Melissa: 985-809-0183

Help For Horses And Cows

Contacts  ■  Staging Areas
Hopeful Haven Equine Rescue
Debra Barlow, 318-286-3116

Supply Needs
  • Critical need for horse vaccines, EEE/WEE West Nile and Tetanus, from veterinarians. No limit. Fed Ex delivery ideal.
  • Cattle Feed
  • Hay, Range Cubes
  • Horse Feed, Sheep Feed
  • T-Posts For Fencing, Barbed Wire
  • Vaccines and Syringes

Send Vaccines To: Dr. Prejean
1101 West Port Street  /  Abbeville, LA 70510

Send Supplies To: Debra Barlow, HHERO
315 Pecan Drive  /  Shreveport, LA 71106

To Send Supplies To Abbeville Shelter, Contact:
Joelle Rupert: 337-277-4239, Larry Rupert: 337-277-1235, Rupert home: 337-893-0235

Monetary Donations:
Hopeful Haven Equine Rescue
P.O. Box 17763  /  Shreveport, LA 71138

Volunteer Information
Cows and horses are still stranded in marshes. We bottle fed a calf born the day of the hurricane. They are so thin. We tried to nurse a cow who has been down 10 days. Please bring supplies and join our convoys! Request dates for convoys: Debra Barlow, 318-286-3116

Best Friends Call For More Animal Care Volunteers

Contacts  ■  Staging Areas
Best Friends Animal Society
Joy Moffat, Best Friends Member Services

Best Friends Hurricane Relief Center
St. Francis Animal Sanctuary
97 Obed Magee Rd  /  Tylertown, MS 39667

Volunteer Information
Best Friends, at St. Francis in Tylertown, takes animals from Lamar-Dixon. We foster out some animals to make room for more. With hundreds of volunteers already deployed, we call upon a new shift to care for all the animals. We especially need to hear from people who can foster pitbulls. Please register to volunteer.

LA-SPCA in Algiers
Professionals Only

Contacts  ■  Staging Areas
Louisiana SPCA
Volunteer: 504-368-5191, ext. 142
Laura Maloney, 504-368-5191 ext 200

Due to hurricane damage at its New Orleans shelter, LA-SPCA animal control division is based at a warehouse in Algiers, LA.

Volunteer Information
To augment staff, LA-SPCA works with Society for Animal Welfare Administrators in the animal care and control field.

Specifically, we seek people for:
Animal Control Office
Operations Director Backup, 1
Exec. Director Backup, 1 person
Export Assistant, 1 person
Intake/Redemption Clerks

Galveston County Animal Shelter

Contacts  ■  Staging Areas
Galveston County Animal Shelter
Alexis Lott or Gwen Norman, 409-948-2485

Supply Needs As Of 10/5/05
  • Dog Food Dry/Can
  • Cat Food Dry/Can
  • Bowls, Leashes, Collars, Pet Toys
  • Kitty Litter, Litter Boxes
  • Grooming Supplies (brushes, combs, nail clippers, etc)
  • Dog/Cat Shampoos, Oatmeal Shampoo (some stressed animals are losing hair)
  • Flea Control Products (No Hartz products, proven toxic in hundreds of recorded cases and several recalls)
  • Pet Wormers, Flagyl
  • Heartguard (all size doses, especially large)
  • Sentinel
  • Wire Crates
  • Towels

Send Supplies To:
Atn: Alexis Lott, Galveston County Animal Shelter
3412 Loop 197 North  /  Texas City, Texas 77590

Rescue Gas Fund:
Mission Katrina & Rita Rescue
c/o Friends of GCAS
3412 Loop 197 North  /  Texas City, Texas 77590
Make out checks or money orders to GCAS
Write on check or money order: Rescue Gas Fund
Gasoline fund finances transport of animals to new homes.

Monetary Donations:
Mail to temporary address until bank account set up.
Alexis Lott  /  2309 Lees Court  /  League City, Texas 77573
Write on check or money order Attention: Alexis/Vet Services
Make check payable to Alexis Lott

Shelter is swamped with surrendered hurricane animals and unclaimed rescues. Urgent need to release animals for foster/adoption. Shelter will transport animals to nearby areas.
  1. Call Alexis: 409-948-2485
  2. Check Galveston County Animal Shelter website. Not all available dogs and cats are posted because staff is overtaxed with hurricane animals. Adoptions can be arranged with shelter by phone/fax.

Noah's Wish

Contacts  ■  Staging Areas
Noah's Wish
Temp Disaster Shelter: 985-656-4267, Noah's Wish Foundation: 530-622-9313
Pagers: 877-575-0128 or 800-746-9390  /,

Noah's Wish Animal Evacuation Shelter
The Slidell Public Works Yard
1325 Bayou Lane  /  Slidell, LA (next to Heritage Park)

Supply Needs
Check Noah's Wish website for current supply needs.

Volunteer Information
Noah's Wish in Slidell, LA has nearly 1000 animals in care. Volunteers are needed to assist with all areas of animal care: Dog walks, kennel cleaning, cat cuddling and feeding, etc.
  1. Trained Noah's Wish Volunteers: Email your availability to
  2. Untrained Volunteers: Get Convergent Volunteer Form,

Email After 30 day holding period, animals eligible to be fostered. Anyone interested in eventually adopting particular animal has to first foster animal for additional 30 days. Not adopting any animals unless [guardian]-surrendered or have completed their 60 day holding period.

Lake Charles Animal Rescue

Contacts  ■  Staging Areas
Dr. Dick Green, 337-437-3846
Calcasieu Parish Animal Shelter
5500A Swift Plant Road 70615  /  Lake Charles, LA
Shelter: 337-439-8879

Directions To Shelter
Westbound on I-10: Exit at first Lake Charles exit (exit 36). Turn right at bottom of ramp, go over overpass and through first traffic signal, then take first street on right. Go to end of road, shelter is on left.

Eastbound on I-10: Exit at last Lake Charles exit (also exit 36). Turn left at bottom of the ramp, go over overpass, through first traffic light, take first street on right, and go to end of road.

Volunteer Information
We seek people with experience in search-and-rescue, animal control or humane officer field, veterinarians, vet techs, feral cat/aggressive animal handlers, dog trainers, groomers, Red Cross or other emergency response training, livestock handlers. We also need shelter workers to clean cages, dispense food/water and provide TLC, along with people qualified to manage paperwork and organize electronic records and data. If you are self-contained (have RV or ready to camp) that is ideal.

Staging Area in Dothan, AL

Contacts  ■  Staging Areas
Maria Church, Director of Staging Area Operations
home: 334-793-3943, cell: 334-685-0522, staging area: 334-615-4620

Rescue coalition formed by SAVE-A-PET, at Dothan Animal Shelter, Wiregrass Humane Society, and Southeast Alabama Kennel Club. Coalition supported and funded in part by the Florida Association of Kennel Clubs and American Kennel Club.

Supply Needs As Of 9/17/05
  • Tents, Generators
  • Cat/Dog Food
  • Cat/Dog Treats
  • Cat/Dog Toys
  • Kitty Litter
  • Crates, Adjustable Dog Collars, Leashes
  • Wading Pools
  • Heavy Duty Extension Cords
  • Temporary Lighting
  • Large Garbage Cans & Liners
  • Heavy Duty Hoses with Nozzles
  • Filing Cabinet, Foldup Tables & Chairs
  • Laptop
  • Office Supplies
  • Hand Sanitizer, Dawn Dishwashing Liquid
  • Water Gallon Containers, Spray Bottles
  • Laundry Soap
  • Paper Towels, Bleach Towels
  • Toilet Paper

Volunteer Information
Volunteers are needed for: Pet Care, Veterinary Care, Grooming, Transportation, Clerical, Laundry, Warehousing, and Volunteer Support, Foster Homes, and Donations.

Emergency Aid for Avian Victims

Contacts  ■  Staging Areas
911 Parrot Alert
Jinx Scogin and Steven Thomas

Send Supplies To:
Jinx Scogin and Steven Thomas
625 Bradford Street N  /  Gainesville, Georgia 30501-3214
Accepting donated items for 911 Parrot Alert at our home. Large front porch where items can be left if not at home. If you cannot bring them to our home, call 678-450-5574. We will arrange to pick them up for you.

Send Supplies Direct To Rescue/Donna Powell:
Donna Powell, c/o 911 Parrot Alert
16365 Woodmereh  /  Baton Rouge, LA 70819
If you ship items directly to Donna Powell, contact:
Ellen, Beaks and Noses Rescue, in Massachusetts

Monetary Donations:
Jinx Scogin and Steven Thomas
625 Bradford Street N  /  Gainesville, Georgia 30501-3214

Supply Needs As Of 9/27/05
Avian supplies available at pet supply stores, supermarkets.
  • Paper Towels, Old Towels and Hand Towels
  • Trash Bags (medium and large)
  • Household Bleach
  • Spray Bottles (must be unused, hardware stores carry them)
  • Cage Cleaning Supplies (no household cleaners except bleach)
  • Seed Mixes, Pellets (all breeds, finches to large parrots)
  • Healthy Treats (Nutriberries, lots of varieties)
  • Millet Sprays
  • Cuttlebone and Mineral Blocks
  • Perches, Swings (all sizes, varieties)
  • Toys With Mirrors and Toys, Toys, Toys (have fun with this one!)
  • Cage Bowls and Dishes
  • Cages (all sizes)
  • Carriers For Transport (all sizes, including those made for small dogs and cats)
  • Syringes (all sizes, to hand feed baby birds, administer oral medications)
  • Dietary Supplements (vitamins, Ornabac, Ornalyte, Furazite. Hi-cal grit, molting aids, bird charcoal)
  • Nets (to safely catch birds)
  • Mosquito Netting
  • Cuddle Things (such as Birdy Buddy)
  • Copy Paper Reams
*Kinship Circle does not use the language of slavery to depict nonhuman animals. Owner, owned, it… are replaced with guardian, him/her, caregiven… or other language that doesn't define animals as things and property. Any failure to modify text is unintended.