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Inside Huntingdon Life Sciences, 2005-06
SUMMARY: Two HLS employees from the Beagle Unit leave their jobs distressed over animal suffering seen daily for 12 months. According to tape-recorded testimonial, animals are overdosed on test drugs. Dogs are not fully anesthetized before painful extraction of bone marrow from the chest bone and other invasive procedures.

One employee recalls daily contests to see who draws the most blood before a break. Careless workers transfer blood into the wrong tubes. "One license holder I worked with would go in and out about five times with the same needle, not hitting the vein. Some dogs struggled. I saw co-workers grab them by the scruff, shout and swear at them, swing them by the scruff and slap them… Once a dog had a needle in its neck (to bleed from jugular vein) you had exactly two minutes for blood to be taken and then take that dog back to get the next dog and bleed that one. Necks would be very bruised and swollen and they would still go in and take the blood. "

  • "If you'd forgotten to write a time you were told to make one up. This is falsifying data."
  • "I saw blood taken from a dog and put in the wrong blood tube. It was then poured into the right tube without being washed. A new tube should have been used."
  • "Untrue readings, license holder incompetence. Nothing ever noted, no-one else told. "
  • "Some dogs were put to sleep, and [a worker] had missed taking blood from them. The team leader ran down and took blood from a dog once dead. That blood is NOT a true blood sample."

DEATH: "When a study came to the end everyone seemed happy… There was a kill sheet so you knew which order to take the dogs down in… Every study that I took the dogs down on had to have bone marrow taken. The dog wasn't to be dead, but nearly there. The dog was laid on its back and the bone marrow taken from the chest bone. Two team leaders hadn't given the dog enough anaesthetic and it whimpered and moved. They didn't give more anaesthetic. We had to hold the needle in place so they could inject the rest when the bone marrow was done… One particular team leader didn't clean up the blood between dogs and when the next one was taken in they could smell the blood and anaesthetic and it would panic them. I was always told not to cry, they were doing their job, the dogs bred for a purpose and now they'd done their part and they had to go."

"Someone from necropsy was boasting about cutting the head open and sawing through the bone to get to the brain and how the smell of blood made them hungry."

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