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Your life may be of no consequence to anyone else but is invaluable to you because it's the only one you've got. The same is true of each individual deer, hare, rabbit, fox, fish…
~  Brigid Brophy

All Beings Tremble Before Violence. All Fear Death. All Love Life. See Yourself in Others. Then Whom Can You Hurt? What Harm Can You Do?
~  Buddha
  • Bears Crushed In Cages
    Kinship Circle - He might have stood 6 feet tall, a 260 pound moon bear named for the gold crescent across his ebony chest. But this bear can't rise or turn. His eyes gaze nowhere. Over two decades, the bear grows beyond the bounds of his cage. Friction wounds scar his face, paws, back…
  • Why I'll Never Be A Zoo Mom
    Kinship Circle - Soccer mom. Backstage mom. No problem. But the day my son pleads "Mommy, can I go on the zoo field trip?" the answer will be no. I want my son to see animals. Just not at a zoo, where wild creatures subsist against an urban panorama. But how do you tell a child…
  • Wired To Be Wild: Primates Are Not Pets
    Kinship Circle - Travis once worked in show biz, commercials mostly. But when Travis outgrew his cuteness, he moved in with Sandra Herold as her 200-pound "pet" chimp. One day, a visitor rubbed Travis the wrong way. As Charla Nash exited her car, the 15-year old chimp tore open her face…
  • Bloodprints On Ice
    Kinship Circle - A white furry face with black moon eyes presses against her frantic mother. The pup hesitates before lifting her head to meet the blow of a club. Two more hits smash the fragile skull. The hunter forces a hook into the baby seal's head to haul her across the ice floes to a waiting boat…
  • Saving Whales At The Edge Of The World
    Kinship Circle - So here I am in Columbia, Missouri, a small college town and weird place to meet my globe-trotting friend, Tim Gorski of Rattle The Cage Productions. But there he is: Auburn hair and arty beard under a film-ish beret. And quite serious about the film, At The Edge Of The World. Edge premiers at the True-False Film Fest. It depicts volatile wars between the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Japanese whalers in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary…
  • Death On The Lawn
    Kinship Circle - Homes stand on rigorously cultivated green squares in pastoral Town and Country, MO. One lot flaunts a curious $3,200 asset unlike the other lawns. Katherine Burbott and her family are armed with a clover net and captive bolt gun to kill backyard deer…
  • Notes From Underground: A Philosopher, A Mortgage, And A Deer
    Kinship Circle - When a deer wanders into their yard, Tom shoots it. "I got that deer on my own property!" Tom gushes. The deer's head now decorates his family room. "Yes, it was all working just like it was supposed to," McClellan concludes. This is fate? Picking off backyard wildlife? To me, it's more of that empty flutter, a senseless life-stealing moment. A shot in the afternoon. Gone…
  • Flyaway
    Kinship Circle - Activists, welfarists and everyday people had one simple request: Please do not slaughter the geese. But somewhere within the Missouri Department of Conservation, black words glutted pages. The Canadian Geese Problem, backed by biased studies, rose to kill-level priority…
  • Sport Or Recreational Murder?
    Kinship Circle - Sunlight crossed trees as the hunter silently stalked his prey. He thought of similar treks with his Dad. They'd worn rugged boots and warm flannel shirts to hike in search of squirrels, rabbits or ducks. He still cherished their quiet fellowship in the woods. After shooting his first deer…

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