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animals used in fashion
fur, leather, wool, silk, exotic skins…

A probe goes into their rectum and another inside their mouth. When they bite down [the killer] pushes on the juice. Their teeth break off. They go into convulsions and are left writhing in pain until he can pick up the probe to shove it back in. It's done again and again until the animal dies.
~  Undercover cruelty investigator Matt Rossell at typical fur farm in Illinois
  • Fur: The Feel-Good Fix?
    Kinship Circle - I saw the Broadway hit The Producers at an elegant theatre. I also saw enough dead animals to fill a forest. Ankle-edge mink, glossy fox and lavish lynx gushed over the limbs of theatre patrons. At my seat, four women shed floor-length furs with choreographed precision…
  • Bloodprints On Ice
    Kinship Circle - A white furry face with black moon eyes presses against her frantic mother. The pup hesitates before lifting her head to meet the blow of a club. Two more hits smash the fragile skull. The hunter forces a hook into the baby seal’s head to haul her across the ice floes to a waiting boat…
  • Notes From Underground: A Russian, A Mortgage, And A Deer
    Kinship Circle - When a deer wanders into their yard, Tom shoots it. "Hard to believe, isn't it?" Tom gushes. "I got that deer on my own property!" The deer's head now decorates his family room. "Yes, it was all working just like it was supposed to," McClellan concludes. This is fate? Picking off wildlife in one's backyard? To me, it's more of that empty flutter, a senseless life-stealing moment. A shot in the afternoon. Gone. Done.…
  • With My Own Eyes: Activist Undercover
    Kinship Circle - Matt loops a noose around the fox's neck and dangles the animal before Dan, who evaluates the coat. This one's a "kill," so the men carry him past rows of dingy fox-filled cages to the electrocution area. Dan shoves a probe into the fox's rectum and taunts him to bite down on a metal conductor in his throat…
  • The Real Cost Of Fur
    Kinship Circle - As a Northwestern University freshman, I wore recycled rags to appear arty-edgy. My prized vintage possession was Grandma Ethel's fox-fur trimmed sweater. After college I shared a condo with Tikvah, an orange Maine Coon mix cat and Stanley, a white-black Lhasa Apso…

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